ex-BlackRock Investment Expert opines on Coming Financial Collapse

Editor’s Note: Worth listening to, if you understand something about the financial sector, but the real gold nugget here, is at 9:48, where Bannon, who sports Catholic images to his own right, on stage, calls the investment manager, “Brother”, which is a Masonic greeting. I have long suspected that Bannon is a Skull and Bones collaborator. In fact, in his war room subtitle he sports a Gettr account, which is a skull and bones controlled platform.

The reason Bannon did this show is to keep the globalist narrative going: 1) that there is a virus etc., 2) that there is a real financial collapse coming which CANNOT be avoided.

I will explain in my next video, tomorrow morning, how the financial crisis can be avoided, and why digital currency and social credit systems are not necessary, in order to counter the propaganda subtly introduced in that discussion.

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5 thoughts on “ex-BlackRock Investment Expert opines on Coming Financial Collapse”

  1. Everyone calls everyone brother. It’s slang in the US from the African community. U are a brother. The Mennonite use brother also.

    1. I have lived in the United States nearly all my life, and no white man calls another white man, “Brother”… As for Bannon, he is not a Mennonite, nor a black…

  2. Right now we have to support anyone throwing big pharma under the bus. Dowd’s angle is right on. If he can get the hedge fund community to turn on big pharma it should start a cascading destruction of these companies. It’s a start.

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