Leading Italian Lawyer calls for end of Draghi Government

In English, Dr. Taormina says:

Please. Make this liberty-killing dictatorial government fall! May a political force remove its support and cause this technocratic system, which serves high finance, fall! Let it all collapse, because only in this way can politics return, even if incompetent and corrupt. Better than overlords!

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3 thoughts on “Leading Italian Lawyer calls for end of Draghi Government”

  1. Attorney Taormina has been consistent in his attacks against the government since almost Day 1 back in February/March of 2020. Another possible sign of the changing elite narrative is that the other day, the Council of Europe declared Green passports illegal and counter to official science in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. They added it functioned only as a coercive instrument in forcing people to take a mandatory vaccine which can not be imposed on any EU populace. Well, will someone please inform some of the politicos and media heads in Italy about this???

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