People’s Grand Jury on Scamdemic, Day 1

1 hour 35 minute Video (Click to watch):

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8 thoughts on “People’s Grand Jury on Scamdemic, Day 1”

  1. Those who trust in Fuellmich are lost. For nearly two years he promised to stop the insanity. He collected money for his trials. Und what happened is nothing. The only thing he dit is bringing a lot of experts telling what’s going on since almost two years. But there is no trial at a court. All you see is just a simulation of a court trial. Btw. the committee is still on YT, while a lot of other channels are deleted. And remember that Brother Bugnolo told you, that all courts, all judges are bought.

    1. Liberty won’t be won in courts, because there is too much money behind the Great Reset to keep them from buying, threatening or murdering judges and witnesses and lawyers. Liberty will only be won by revolution, perhaps only by bloody uprisings.

      1. This is exactly what I’m afraid of. They are just right now constructing the collapse of the economics, finance, sozial infrastructure. And those who studied the so called collapse of the Sowjetunion knows, that this alone will cause millions of casualties. They died from hunger, cold, not available medicare, criminality. This is what we are facing.

    2. How on earth can one single lawyer, even with a team, possibly change the course of a worldwide events? Really.

      Fuellmich is doing useful, credible investigative work. That’s plenty.

  2. The only thing that would make me interested is what kind of legal strength is behind the so-called “People’s Grand Jury” and how mandatory its decisions/verdicts might be for the global government’s institutions. Would be sad if the procedure that had been prepared by Dr Füllmich for two years gives just a quiet hiss.

  3. Fuellmich et al have gathered sufficient evidence from credible experts. There’s enough to indict and enough to prosecute. It’s all there. What’s needed is to get past the censorship.
    If the public could perceive the data that’s been amassed by the Berlin Coronavirus Committee the public would become informed, convinced and outraged.
    Under current publishing efforts the public continues in the dark shadow of the official narrative. Thus there will be no effect from the Grand Jury Investigation UNTIL the data can be seen by the public.
    Considering the apparent failure of Sen Johnson’s Second Opinion presentation, considering that the US Senate seems still ignorant of the situation, it looks like some entirely new approach needs to be invented. Any ieas?

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