USA: Biden Government is MASSIVELY bribing Hospitals & Schools to push Scamdemic

The scheme exposed for bribing hospitals ($166,000 per patient to kill them) and School systems (100s of millions of dollars) for masking and terrorizing your children.  Biden has actually granted legal immunity to doctors and hospitals for killing Covid patients with bad protocols!

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7 thoughts on “USA: Biden Government is MASSIVELY bribing Hospitals & Schools to push Scamdemic”

  1. The depths of evil in this world are inconceivable to those who love God. Having become active in the prolife movement at the beginning, I have felt that way for decades. But even with an awareness that the bad would get worse and the worse would get worse still, I am gobsmacked by the enormity of darkness and evil done by humans in this world.

    No wonder God regretted ever creating human beings (Genesis 6:6) . How awful, to be the only thing in all of creation that has broken the heart of God.

  2. Our government making America a communist country.!!!! Give us back our freedom and rights

  3. How do you get people to toss aside any morals or ethics they may have previously held??? Pay them lots and lots of money. I never realized until this scam was pushed out onto the world that we had so many members of humanity who were this morally bankrupt!

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