Vladimir Pozner: How the United States created Vladimir Putin

This talk is from 2018.

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6 thoughts on “Vladimir Pozner: How the United States created Vladimir Putin”

  1. Have the same “Nomenklatura” who controlled the former Soviet Union remained in control of the Russian Federation?
    Jan Sejna – We Will Bury You: The Soviet Plan for the Subversion of the West – 1982
    Tomas Schuman (Yuri Bezmenov) – Love Letter To America – 1984
    Anatoliy Golitsyn – New Lies For Old – The Communist Strategy Of Deception And Disinformation – 1984
    Anatoliy Golitsyn – The Perestroika Deception – 1995
    Stanislav Lunev – Through the Eyes of the Enemy: Russia’s Highest Ranking Military Defector Reveals why Russia is More Dangerous Than Ever – 1998
    Stanislav Lunev – CIA Files: Defector Reveals Russia’s Secret War Plans – 2001

  2. He’s an atheist, married three times, supports same sex marriage, euthanasia, and believes everyone should be vaccinated against Covid-19. So we should listen to him why?

    1. Well, what he said back in 2018, during this conference, is of interest today with tensions in the Ukraine, to put everything in historical context. Obviously, this talk being given at Yale is fundamentally misinformation, because Putin was not made through a fault of American foreign policy. Bush, who is skull and bones was told to act as he did, and Putin was told to act as he did, because the Masons need a political theatre to distract the masses when it suits them to do so, like now.

  3. Good report! But I wish this speaker would have explained more of mountains of reasons stretching over the entire 20th century that explain the Russians and Putin’s distrust of American leaders. Why would not the Russian’s hate the fascists of Wall street, and the US bankers who ran our nation since the assassination of Pres. McKinley in 1901 who wanted to connect the New World to Russia through a trans-Pacific rail system through Alaska. Destruction of Tsarists Russia, then containment of a freed Russia, and now real threats of war with Putin’s Russia for its break with the fascist Anglo-American banking and monetary Whore! Russia’s deep hatred for the Anglo-American banking and financial Whore, running DC could not help but have been indelibly fixed when US bankers funded Lenin’s communist Revolution in Russia beginning in 1918. I wish the speaker had made clear that US Beast has never been interested in any peoples’ freedom but in only gaining full control over the entire world. This was glaringly proven in our betrayal and sell out of China to Mao in 1949 and the betrayal of General Douglas MacArthur in the Korean war giving North Korea to the communists! While he does give adequate reason why Putin, and now even the Russian people themselves have every reason to distrust us he seems to blame this on mere poor policy choices not on our Deep State rulers diabolically evil intentions. We also cannot forget that it was the US that wiped out two large Japanese cities with atomic bombs, one of which had no military importance whatsoever, and even though the Japanese had already offered to surrender!

  4. All the world is a stage….
    Putin was KGB.
    xin Jin Pin’s father was right hand man to Mao. Also was called a princeling.
    Obama was CIA. Grandfather was CIA officer, mom married CIA Indonesian(Soetoro) that was 15th richest man in world when he died. Leaving Obama as richest president ever.

    Mao was part of ‘Yale in China’ .

    Bush Sr is most responsible for setting in motion all this (with Kissinger). Involved in JFK, US Ambassador to UN, Envoy to China (after Kissinger/Nixon), CIA director – drugs, oil, coups, VP involved in assassination attempt on Reagan (Hinckley Sr. Was having dinner with Marvin Bush in Denver on that day. Blamed on Hinckley Jr ), As President gave NWO speech on Sept 11th, 1991 (imagine that), set Clinton up, stole presidency from the Last American President Al Gore via Florida Governor Jeb Bush (amazing), installed his son- ran 911 for the greater Israel Project against Al-CIAda and installed Patriot Act while cranking housing crisis then planned GFC, installed CIA asset Obama…. Blah, blah, blah.

    Bush Senior passed away but his machinations are still in play. Kissinger is now mentoring the greater Israel Project/China Belt and Road plan. All put in play in the 70’s with Kissinger/Nixon/Bush Sr .


    At any rate, stay informed, stay healthy and unvaxxed. Pray, pray, and Pray.

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