22 thoughts on “Without Christ there will be no victory over the Globalists”

  1. It is completely true to say that Western civilization was made possible through Christianity. I also agree that Satanism and Freemasonry and other secret groups of the same kind want all the benefits of Christianity but without Christ. They want to BE Christ/God but are not capable of creating the benefits which are inspired by Christianity. They are a parasite feeding off the hard work of others required to build civilizations.

    It is also very true to say that even if the current globalist scammers are defeated they will come back again with another agenda to gain power and control over the world. Yes, we really do have to look at how the scamdemic has been a long time in coming, how it was made possible and the role all of us have unwittingly and ignorantly played in it.

    1. “if the current globalist scammers are defeated they will come back again with another agenda to gain power and control over the world”

      “ The price of freedom is eternal vigilance “

      1. Once soundly defeated this time, the current globalist scammers won’t be seen again until the Age of Peace ends and their Antichrist comes. But before that we get the battle and the victory, then our Age of Peace.

  2. Br. Bugnolo thank you for what you are doing! God bless you! greetings from poland. I just want to say that there is no west civilization. On the west there are few civilizations fighting each other. Please read a book by feliks koneczny. title “On the plurality of the civilizations” written 100 years ago. one of the greatest Polish thinker in 20th, . Huttington copied some of his work. Link: https://leszeksykulski.pl/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/On-The-Plurality-of-Civiliations-Feliks-Koneczny.pdf

    The one civilization you talk about it is called Latin by him, others are byzantine, jewish and turanian, he also wrote books about each civilization. Best regards Lukas

  3. Do you think one book overturns thousands of years of Christian inspired civilization?

    Felix Koneczny believed what he called the Latin civilization to be the highest and most developed type between the four: Latin, Jewish, Byzantine and Turanian. As we know, the last two no longer exist.


    In the book you quote, the introduction is written by Anton Hilckman, a concentration camp survivor, who detested German Socialism but supported Italian Fascism.


    The preface is written by the well known Socialist Fabianist Arnold Toynbee, an upper middle class leftist activist. His son of the same name became the Director of Studies at the Chatham House/Institute of International Affairs. It is also very likely he was a Freemason. Most people involved with that organization are.


    Another of Toynbee’s sons was the Communist writer Theodore Toynbee. The daughter of Toynbee Jnr is the leftist writer Polly Toynbee, famous for her journalism in leftist newspapers and espousal of Fabianism. Some would say her fame also comes from her support for the Marxist hatred of the ownership of private property while living in a mansion herself and owning a number of expensive cars. For people like her and her family, only the poor should not be allowed to own anything while they themselves can own any number of things. What does that bring to mind? Oh I know, the Great Reset where we will own nothing and be happy… You can almost hear the “or else!” in the background.

    1. “Latin, Jewish, Byzantine and Turanian. As we know, the last two no longer exist.”
      Of course they still exist they are fighting between each other in almost every country, dont look at civlization as a connection to a some country or empire in the past but look on them from point of view how every society is structure, long story short, after collapse, the byzantine civilization (the structre of society) moved to germany and current Europen union is exemplification of that, where law is above ethics (lot of bureaucracy) etc, in latin civilization is other way around, that is way we value truth so much. About Turanian civilization, you can see that civ in Russia, where chiefs word is more important then law or truth. Very broad topics.

      1. No the last two do not exist except in their artifacts and no I am not looking at them in terms of a country or empire from the past. This is not to say all their ideas no longer exist, some of them do, such as Babylonia.

        As for the EU it is simply a power grab totalitarian organization in its fundamental form with various divisions jostling for influence.

        I find it surprising why the Polish writer whose book you quote would use the two people named above to write the introduction and preface given the kinds of ideas they espoused as I outlined above.

  4. 2 Years ago now powerful Jewish groups-the Anti-Defamation League, American Jewish Congress and American Jewish Committee-recently backed a brief trying to prevent Colorado state scholarship money from going to conservative Christian schools.
    The plea was denied. Freedom won! Influential church-state authority and federal judge Michael McConnell said Colorado couldn’t refuse scholarships to religious colleges.

    Pushing Homosexuality In Schools
    Some people are thrilled and say it’s “an important step toward government neutrality toward religion.” Jewish
    groups are dismayed. Jewish activism in this case is an important story. It reveals a double standard in American politics that is predictably unreported.
    American Jewish activists wish to withhold government money and public airtime from Christian conservative

    “fundamentalism”-scouring the public sphere for any signs of anti-homosexuality, creationism, Christmas symbols, or evangelism. Simultaneously they work overtime, and successfully, to grant federal funds and media loudspeakers to Jewish fundamentalism.
    The ADL Demands A Special Committee
    The Jewish Anti-Defamation League powerfully promotes its own extreme religious values in our government, classrooms, police academies, and even international bodies (see the rest of this article).
    This organization enjoys such influence it can parade as a protector of civil rights and church-state separation while forcing strong, religious truth claims down the throat of our society.
    Abe Foxman, head of ADL, wrote a piece for the Jewish Daily Forward, to share the Jewish concern he most wants our next president to address.Foxman chose separation of church and state.
    “The next president must ensure that government money is not used for discrimination, that beneficiaries are not subjected to unwanted proselytizing, that secular alternatives are available, and that grants are not doled out to programs that promote a pervasively sectarian atmosphere with religious icons or sacred texts.” Yet his organization, ADL, has power to push its religious agenda on society at all levels-local communities, academia, police training and media!
    The Talmud Should Be The Book Of The Land
    This dark, hypocritical agenda succeeds because most Americans
    (especially Bible-believing Americans) deeply fear and avoid an honest examination of Talmudic Judaism.
    Of course, we aren’t wise to the religious agenda and beliefs behind Jewish activism; if we pry into Judaism’s most sacred texts, the Talmud and Zohar, and report unfavourably, we will be tarred “anti-semitic!”
    This gives tremendous advantage to Jews in media, academia, and government.

    They Give Us The Candidates
    As the Democrats rise to power in this election cycle, Jews’ identity and agenda couldn’t be more important.
    In a recent story on the number of rabbis slated to speak the Democratic convention, the Jewish Telegraph Agency comments, “The pervasive rabbinical presence at the convention in Denver reflects the disproportionate role Jews have played in Democratic Party politics for decades.” Many Christians are deeply concerned about the “liberal agenda,” yet accept the “secular” label and fiercely refuse to examine the religious loyalties of their most powerful opponents!

    Massively Over-represented In Government
    It’s indisputable that Jews are massively over-represented
    (considering their numbers in the general population) in powerful positions in the US. Largely thanks to impressive post-Holocaust propaganda, Jews enjoy freedom from scrutiny. This immunity lets them push their own values while defining Christian values as religious “fundamentalism,” believed blindly and irrationally.
    Debate is shut down before the show can even start. You wouldn’t pay much attention if an illiterate truck driver tried to debate Einstein on relativity.

    The Same Filth
    This set-up, of course, is a lie.
    There is no “secular truth” about moral questions. All answers are metaphysical and based on beliefs about God; all answers require faith. T
    he great issues of every age are religious.
    There are no questions more important than whether God exists, is there life after death, and how human lives should be lived.
    Modern Judaism presents one set of answers; Christianity offers another.

    If Christians truly want to spread the gospel, the “good news” of our Savior’s answers, they must have the courage to face their main antagonists. As long as Christians remain too afraid to examine and speak the truth about Talmudic Judaism’s frontal assault on their values and liberties, those values and liberties will continue to be pirated.

    Jewish Community Action Groups Are Trained

    ADL’s “No Place for Hate” program pervades America.
    Communities join this program by accepting ADL’s definition of “bias” and welcoming ADL to teach them how to stamp out hate.
    What is hate, according to ADL?
    It includes opposition to homosexuality, parts of the New and Old Testament, strong criticism of Israel, and many aspects of Christianity.

    Only a revived Catholic Church can oppose The all pervasive TALMUDIC WORLDVIEW

    If a community does enough to oppose everything ADL says is hate, they could earn a medal after a year and declare their town “No Place for Hate.”

    Training Police
    ADL doesn’t just instruct local communities and city councils; it preaches to your local police!
    It lectures them that criticism of homosexuality is “hate;” tolerance of it is “love.” ADL law enforcement training programs work with the very people who can silence your “hate” with tasers and handcuffs.
    So while ADL mourns the feds funding a college student’s experience at a conservative school-they indoctrinate police across America with their own religious values!

    Educating Teachers
    “The First Amendment mandates the separation of church and state,” ADL says piously. “This principle means
    that government institutions, including public schools, are prohibited from promoting religion or religious beliefs.” It would be great if ADL went on to say that its own religious beliefs about homosexuality
    shouldn’t be pushed in schools. But, no. It’s only concerned that students might be given an alternative to evolution.
    ADL’s “World of Difference” program influences the public school system. While Christians aren’t allowed
    public religious symbols, witnessing or sharing creationism in schools-this religious organization, ADL, can train teachers.

    Brainwashing the World


    It isn’t enough that this religious organization influences the most powerful sectors of American society;
    it wants to indoctrinate the planet. In May, ADL was one of two US representatives helping the 56 member nations of OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) define and criminalize “hatred.”
    OSCE “has 19 missions or field operations in South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.”
    Truth Silenced out of Fear
    Martin Luther said,
    If I profess with the loudest voice and clearest exposition every portion of the Word of God except precisely
    that little point which the world and the devil are at that moment attacking, I am not confessing Christ, however boldly I may be professing Him. Where the battle rages there the loyalty of the soldier is proved; and to be steady on all the battle front besides, is mere flight and disgrace if he flinches at that point.
    Many, many evangelical Christians in America will wear Jesus’ name on T-shirts, attend Christian rallies, even (more rarely) speak against homosexuality or abortion.

    They Rule Our Government Officials
    But the dominance of Jews among American elites, and their power to falsely describe their values as truth, is a
    reality most Christians won’t dare to speak or even recognize. The ongoing collision between Talmudic Judaism and Christianity is thoroughly described in the New Testament, but not even whispered in 99 percent of churches.

    1. It would help the world if good Jews would stipulate what is a Jew. Nobody seems to know. The last attempt at an explanation was that of French Existentialist philosopher Jean Paul Sartre decades ago when he wrote a little book; its synopsis on wikipedia.

      There’s no point in asking a rabbi this question because rabbis are like taoists. They answer questions with questions. And if you are a Gentile, then they don’t feel the need to answer your questions anyway; but, alas, they give their congregants a similar run-around.

      Since Judaism never has had an evangelistic characteristic, but an inherited one, there is not a method for outsiders to gain understanding of who they are and what they are. By comparison, it is incredibly easy to visit different churches in America and get an explanation of what is the church of a different denomination up the street, & etc.

      Without knowing what is a Jew, good people like Dr. Z inevitably get lumped in with George Soros, Jeff Zucker, Epstein, and Al Goldstein, Hollywood moguls, mainstream media moguls, banksters, Federal Reserve, etc.

      1. Orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro when asked what is a Jew, said that to be a real Jew is to believe in God, observe the Holy days, pray and go to the synagogue regularly and try to live Jewish beliefs in your daily life.


  5. Thank you, dear Brother Alexis, for being one of God’s most faithful warriors for truth. He must love you very much. And so do we!

  6. Please rest Br. Bugnolo. We look forward to your videos full of hope. Thank you. B. Gatto.

  7. Absolutely correct. You will know them by their fruits. A study of a culture is their Religious beliefs. The Catholic Church built western civilization. Great Art Music Literature.
    What has the Masonic Cult created complete ugliness. The Masonic Globalist are Satanist. They worship Satan and are obsessed with ugliness.
    No great literature, no great music, no great artist.
    They only promote ugliness, disease. Satan can’t create. Creativity comes from Love. God is Love.
    Christ is King!

  8. Without Catholic there is no ‘civilization’, you will not get there by reason alone. All other ‘religions’ are fundamentally flawed. The Jew that did not convert is an anti Christ and they were there from the beginning and warned by the prophets (there is no other way to see it). Synagogue of satan. Luther is an anti Christ. Islam is an anti Christ. They all work against the Catholic church and only in the modern corrupt world would any Pope consider ecumenism as a good idea. You can’t harm them but you can not allow them to pollute or dilute the faith and you must work toward and accept nothing less than a Catholic formed society. Even Catholics balk at that because that includes no divorce on demand. At the top of the pyramid is a talmudic/zionist and that is who rules the world, freemasonry is a Jewish zionist proxy and they will eliminate the ‘mason’ when necessary. If you understood what they really think of you and plan for you (way beyond just a mere infidel) you’d have no qualms about not accepting their ‘peace’ pipes.

    Some very interesting analysis done by a pastor, non catholic, but I think there are things very valids for all Christian and Jews. It seems that the catholics just forgot a little about the importance of the Jews situations at the End Times, that will show us the exact moment in the escathologic time we are….. I could be wrong, but some of them are more attentive at the ‘signs’ around the world.


  10. Is Christ going to be restored by us, or are we going to be restored by Him? He said it. Without Me you can do nothing. So far, it looks like He is absolutely right. Things have not turned around for the better despite all the talking heads, protests, and truck rallies. The liars, traitors, and thugs are still in charge, and they still impose and enforce their illegitimate tyranny on all of us. Has anybody asked Christ for His help yet? If so, where is the evidence for it?

  11. Dear Brother Bugnolo-

    It does my heart good, and it amazes me, after listening to 4-5 of your articles, to find that I am still in 99% agreement with everything you have to say, especially since I know that we are diametrically opposed regarding the solution to the present day apostasy.

    I hope you will allow reasonable debate on that subject.

    Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly support you in retaining the focus on the divine in the church at large, as opposed to the efforts of the freemasons and their ilk to shift the focus of the church and society at large to the glorification of man.

    All I can say is, if a person wishes to get to heaven, it would behoove him to listen to One who has already been there!

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