CANADIAN Truckers called “Insurrectionists”, Ottawa put in State of Emergency

In related news, Ottawa Police begin armed robbery of Truckers:

And here is 3 hours of footage from Sunday, Feb, 6, 2022, in Ottawa:

In related, news, it appears the savage and angry MSM reports against the Truckers are sponsoring acts of terrorism against them:

Finally, a suggestion for resistance, for those heroes in Canada an around the world:

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6 thoughts on “CANADIAN Truckers called “Insurrectionists”, Ottawa put in State of Emergency”

  1. For two years this Govt. has placed clear PRESSURE upon the population of Canada and created endless difficulties and outrageous, unconstitutional DEMANDS. The STRATEGY and ‘Group Think’ Words-of-the-Day clearly match that of the whole world originating from the PLAN formulated by Globalist WEF/CCP Communist Cabal. Since Schwab’s Puppet Trudeau has implemented this Unconstitutional PLAN; he is a TREASONOUS puppet to Klaus Schwab against Canada’s Constitution that he made an oath to follow and PROTECT and is not. TIME FOR THE PROTESTERS TO STAND FIRM and file to have Trudeau Indicted and Tried for Crimes Against Humanity and Treason to Canada and it looks like they can and will. The Globalist Nazis have bit off more than they know how to chew. Time to pray hard as escalation indicates Govt. aggression against their own population and this is NOT going to end well or without blood since the Treasonous Puppet Trudeau’s hero is said to be Fidel Castro and according to gossip; Castro is his real biological Father. Trudeau WILL COPY his hero; no doubt and the cost will not matter. There is NO DOUBT this arrogant, POWER STARVED wimp will order the Military to fire upon Canada.

  2. I live in Ottawa and attended the first official day of the protest, and returned a few times afterwards, and know many people who have spent dozens of hours there. The extent of lies and slander that the politicians and media are spewing is beyond anything ive ever seen. On the first day there was 1 guy, face covered, who came out of a van with a confeserate flag. Walked down the sidewalk with a professional photographer following him to take photographs and then he left right away. The photographer was later identified by keen eyed observers as one of Trudeau’s photographers. Coincidence? Haha.

    Then on that same day there was a dmall geoup of less than 10 people and one of them had a nazi flag. It was all over the media. The strange part however is that out of the several tens of thousands of people there, NOBODY saw these people at the protest. But then, those of us with a good knowledge of the city’s geography and architecture were able to figure out where these people were. I look at the photos and i can tell anyone exactly where they were standing and it was NOT anywhere where people were protesting. In fact, it was in an area where they were essentially hidden from public view in a staircase that leads down to the Locks bt the Chateau Laurier. It is the last place you’d go if you wanted to be seen and be part of the protest. It is quite obvious that these also were there, briefly, for the sole purpose of being photographed. These people were never seen any days thereafter.

    Also, media reported about a few arrests, without providing details. Turns out that a bit of investigation revealed that 1 arrest was an antifa guy who went there for the express purpose of getting arrested and then was dumb enough to brag about it on Twitter. The other was a mischief charge and once again was an antifa infiltrator who threw a brick through a window. Which, btw, a misterious pile of bricks had been found beforehand and the cops were called to remove it. Took them forever to respond and didnt seem in a rush to prevent such things from happening. Almost like they wanted such things to happen. Other than this, there was a lie about urination on a war memorial (never proven) and that’s about it. This is among the most peaceful and least dangerous place ive ever been. Downtown crime rate has dripped dropped significantly since the protesters have been there. Streets are clean as could be. Food is constantly cooked and offered to literally anyone who comes by to ask for any. There are bounvy castles for kids and other activities….yet they are supposedly terrorists.

    Also, on day 1, some people kneeled in praying a rosary and even protestants came by to thank them profusely for the public prayer.

  3. How crooked are these police? Do you think they are taking the fuel, selling it on the black market, and pocketing the money?

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