Exposing the Rothschild-Skull & Bones Alliance in the 5G compatible DeathVaxxes

In this video, A. J. Baalman and Br. Bugnolo investigate the strange censorship on Twitter and Facebook and how it directly reveals the co-investment strategy of the Rothschilds and Skull and Bones interests in the 5G nano-router DeathVaxxes. The Revelations here are notable, but the conclusion is explosive.

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14 thoughts on “Exposing the Rothschild-Skull & Bones Alliance in the 5G compatible DeathVaxxes”

    1. me too. A little off top br. Al….. during the Russian Revolution, the soviets used Operation Truth to establish a counter revolution .. where they established the opposition… only to use that as a means of rounding up all those who stood in opposition. How are we to distinguish what is true opposition now..? Is Tucker Carlson, or Rand Paul etc.. legitimate or staged? as i believe all media is corrupted.

      1. This is a serious concern. In Italy, at least 95% of the opposition is controlled by the Lodges.

  1. Hi Alexis, Alfred Milner’s wife Violet was cousin to Lord Balfour!!!!
    You’ll find that on Wikipedia.
    Thus she’s probably Jewish like Yuri, so another link to their connection?

    1. There are strong indications that Alfred Milner was Jewish. But I ask all geneological experts to dig back into his lineage, especially maternal. Both Brittannica and Wikipedia are hiding the lineages of Yuri Milner and Albert Milner, and there has to be a reason, because they are not unimportant men. It could be that Yuri’s grandfather is Albert.

  2. Fra Bugnolo buongiorno e grazie del tuo lavoro, puoi mettere i sottotitoli in Italiano? I tuoi video sono molto interessanti, purtroppo non tutti capiscono l’inglese.. Un caro saluto da Italia

  3. I read wearing a tin foil hat, or lining the inside of your baseball cap with tin foil, will protect you from the 5G nano-router activation of the DeathVax.

    1. Haha. Actually your entire body is radiated by 5G, 4G etc. so a tin foil hat wont stop ic. But if you took the vaxxes, then no worry, as your brain has already dissolved…

  4. Dana Ashlie made a great video about the Travis Scott concert where 8 young people died of cardiac arrest. Entry was restricted to the vaccinated.
    The entire concert was like a satanic ritual.
    5g has two critical characteristics;
    1. Beam forming – where the signal power is directed in very finely controlled directions from the tower and not evenly around the tower. That way the signal power is not wasted and results in much higher power at the intended direction/location.
    2. Higher Frequencies – where much higher frequencies then ever before can be used. Even though current 5g mobile phones cannot yet operate at the extreme end of these Frequencies, it’s likely that the towers can operate in the full range. Including what I am told is the resonant frequency of oxygen, ~60GHz.
    With multiple towers surrounding a stadium a lot of power can be directed to a single location, ie where a particular person is located.
    Can they locate people using “metallic like substances in their blood stream”? Maybe. They definitely can via their mobile phones.
    Can they induce cardiac arrest in the vaccinated? Can they do it to the unvaccinated because of the 60GHz?
    Certainly looks like it going by the concert.
    If they can induce cardiac arrest in individuals using 5g (maybe only if they have taken the vaccines) then they are able to invisibly “pick-off” individuals at will.
    Any individual who starts “waking up” to the truth could be an ideal target before they start “waking” others up.

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