Royal Mountie, in Trudeau’s Personal Service, explains his resignation

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9 thoughts on “Royal Mountie, in Trudeau’s Personal Service, explains his resignation”

  1. All credits to this GENTLEMAN: he is a role model for everyone in the world, in particular for justin trudeau and his gang.

    Compliment also for trudeau’s brother Kyle.

  2. In order for this global tyrannical overreach to cease full stop, it requires the civil disobedience of both military & law enforcement agencies refusing to unlawful mandates.
    The military & law enforcement are the last line line of defense
    in the battle between freedom & tyranny. Without their protection, the globalists fail.
    First, they began using race as an issue in order to divide us.
    Then they began using political parties as a divisive tactic.
    Now, it has been escalated
    into a campaign of harassment & intimidation … vaccinated against the unvaccinated. When will the military & police officers who are hardworking middle class people like the rest of us, finally wake up & realize they are being used as pawns by the elites to wage war on their fellow citizens?
    It takes courage to stand up
    as this man did & speak the truth.

    The truth isn’t pretty.
    Often it is very painful
    both to speak it & to hear it.
    But better to embrace the
    sharp edges of a painful
    truth, rather than the
    soft temporary comfort
    of lies.

  3. Here’s not only a man, but a noble man with courage and integrity. Canada has every right to be extremely proud, of this man and the people who are fighting for their freedom.
    M Jeso is correct here. Law enforcement and the military are the key. Will they go against the people and nation they serve.

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