Scientists from ’round the world weigh in on Long Clots in DeathVaxxed

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One thought on “Scientists from ’round the world weigh in on Long Clots in DeathVaxxed”

  1. So happy that many scientists are now following up on the long white fibrous clots found in the veins and arteries by the embalmers. Truly believe it is the body’s immune system attacking the spike proteins and the cells that produce them due to the covid shot. Just too many sudden deaths are happening in the world and that mechanism is only the tip of the iceberg of what is going on in the covid shot inoculated human body.
    I had wanted a blood sample of my husband from the funeral home before he was sent to be cremated, and the funeral home director/embalmer told me they opened the aortic but were not able to get any blood out since it was all solidified inside – that seemed very strange to me, but who knows for sure!

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