Why the Globalists are lying through their teeth on the Sovereign Debt Crisis

In this video, Br. Bugnolo explains why the Narrative, promoted by the Globalists, of the coming sovereign debt crisis, does not require a new economy or a shift to digital currencies or social credit.

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9 thoughts on “Why the Globalists are lying through their teeth on the Sovereign Debt Crisis”

  1. Literally every good or service has gone up in price. A “family size” bag of potato chips costs $5.19 at the moment for goodness sakes! So everything has gone up in price quite dramatically except.:Gold and silver. Lol! Gold and silver have fallen in their official jp Morgan controlled price. Uh globalists, I think you’ve overdone it maybe just a little bit.

  2. Yes, things are going to become much more difficult as the monsters fear losing control of the monetary system.
    Unfortunately, it seems we live in a world of sheep.
    Life is pretty normal here where I live in Michigan now and most people I know have NO IDEA what is going on in the rest of the world. My family and extended family live about 1.5 hours from Canada and my family has no idea what is happening there right now. Now, some of my family is now sick and another one is dying from the death shot, so I understand how they wouldn’t know what is going on in the world, but the rest of them? They have no clue.

    People in my family are also preoccupied with inflation and food. Nobody is starving, but it’s difficult for everyone to survive in this world. I suppose that’s another benefit of inflation for the monsters in power.

    I lost my job in 2008 and although I tried, never really recovered or found a new job. I did my own thing and continue to do my own thing to survive, but without my family, I would be homeless. I’m so grateful for them.

  3. If Dr Delgado is right about about no mRNA being in the killer jabs apart from some, why have many people died from heart problems? Is he saying the graphene oxide also causes this along with the other illnesses? Why would some contain mRNA but not others? And how does he explain the things found in the jabs by other scientists which appear to have a life of their own? I wish I could ask him these questions as I’m confused with what he says.

    I agree that national debts owned by the globalists should be cancelled and that they could be cancelled in the way you suggest, but I wonder if there are enough people with awareness of what’s going on to make this happen?

    1. Dr. Delgado did not say there is no mRNA, but that it is less than 1%. However, the quantity is not so much important as the lethality. In the entire armament stock pile of the USA, atomic weapons are less than 1%, but they are nevertheless the most destructive.

      1. I didn’t hear him say the mRNA is less than 1%. What he said was the most dangerous thing is the graphene oxide and that two vials can contain the same amount of graphene oxide but one could be more dangerous to a person close to a cell tower than someone else far away from one because of the radiation emitted from cell towers.

    2. Ti consiglio di visitare il sito del dottor delgado “la quinta colonna”, li avrai le risposte. Siamo difronte ad un arma batteriologica di cui sappiamo poco. Sono presenti grafene, silicio, e nano robot autoassemblanti mai visti prima. C’è chi parla di tecnologia aliena ( un ricercatore italiano nel misurare il peso atomico ha confermato non essere della terra) e chi parla di tecnologia sviluppate nelle basi sotterranee di Los Alamos. C’è anche un brevetto in coreano di vaccini per coronavirus a base di ossido di grafene.

  4. What I read was that the Oceans were handed over to the United Nations… that is, who controls that behind the scenes that no people elect.

  5. Fiat money is backed by economic activity or work. It was a fairy tale from the Rothschilds that it should be backed by gold or something else. So in reality if we would reject their money and use the money of the people which is already existing since 2014 they would lose everything within days.

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