Sebaceous glands firing up

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In May of 2019, I took the Sanofi Pasteur Yellow Fever Vaccine, in prepartion for a missionary trip to the Ivory Coast, which never materialized.

Before taking the vaccine, I felt a strange impulse to not to take it, a foreboding sense of hesitancy. But I went ahead anyhow for the sake of the salvation of souls and lives. I wrote about that here on June 9, 2021. The Sanofi Pasteur Yellow Fever vaccine was not authorized in the USA, but the FDA had granted an emergency use authorization because of shortage of supplies of the normal Yellow Fever vaccine. They made me sign a waiver to that effect, granting them some sort of immunity.

On June 10, 2021, I reported about how sebaceous glands in the skin naturally exude a kind of sticky substance, known as sebum, something between oil and wax, which can cause metal or smooth objects to stick to the skin. This phenomenon has been known for ages. It has nothing to do with magnetism.

This morning, I experimented on myself again, to see what changes might have occurred.

Now a metal coin not only sticks to the sight of vaccination, but also to my shoulder up to my neck, and to nearly my entire left pec.

Whatever is going on is causing the sebaceous glands to fire. I put flour on the coin, and it stuck in no place, thus proving it is not magnetism.

Following Dr. Delgado’s advice about bluetooth scanning for implanted 4G/5G routers, I detected no such signal emanating from my arm.

However, the expansion of sebaceous gland activity has me concerned.

What could it be?

Some toxin in the vaccine, perhaps.

Or perhaps it is just that I prefer to sleep on my left shoulder, and that is aggravating the vaccine injury.


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