A Little Catechism on Our Lady

In this short video, Br. Bugnolo explains what Catholics believe about the Blessed Virgin Mary. — Please share this video to help souls know their Heavenly Mother!

Note: Br. Bugnolo mispoke when he named, St. Margaret Mary Alaqoque. He meant to say, St. Catherine Laboure.

Versione italiana:

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17 thoughts on “A Little Catechism on Our Lady”

  1. That is a beautiful icon of Our Lady of Kazan. It reminds me of the Virgin of Vladimir. God bless you Brother!

  2. Brother Alexis, thank you for the video. Did you mean to say Saint Catherine Laboure rather than Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque pertaining to the saint having rested her head on Our Lady’s knee?

  3. Charming story Br Bugnolo. i hope you can see these are allegories to connect with Alchemy and Astrology and not to be taken literally.

  4. Brother absolutely shines when He speaks about Our Lady You can see how much he loves Our Heavenly Mother A Mhuire Mathair as we would say as Gaeilge

    1. I totally agree how Brother Alexis face shines with elation when speaking of our Blessed Lady. I have noticed this many times in Priests, Fr Malachi Martin was perfect example how his face shone and the passion and devotion in his voice when speaking of Our Lady. When I attend a Novena Devotion, saying Rosary, any dedication to Our Lady I always notice and taken back that it’s always the men who out number the women in devotion to Our Lady. I think it’s beautiful to see but I’ve always wondered why (in my opinion & observation ) it so.
      Thankyou Br. Alexis for such a beautiful video said with so much passion and devotion with light shining from your face.

  5. Thank you Brother for this lovely summary about the Lord’s precious Mother. I was not raised a Catholic but your wonderful site and video’s have me pondering the RCIA program most intently. I hope the Lord will guide me in this decision this year. It is certainly on my heart. Thank you again Brother and God Bless you. From Jayne in Australia.

  6. This little catechism is a great blessing. May God richly bless you as you continue to bless so many in His name.

  7. It is interesting to compare the different responses of Sarah and Mary when told they will have a baby appearances to the contrary—that is, Sarah being too old and Mary being without man. Mary’s response is reminiscient to that of King David before he fights Goliath. In Luke 1, Mary praises the Almighty God for all he as done to her, to Israel when it serves God, and to all people of good will, that is to say to those who fear God. Mary puts the attention onto her kinsmen and the entire world rather than just herself vis a vis God. This is already displaying queenly attitude, a person of dominion addressing the people of the world.

    It is also notoworthy to compare the response of the angel Gabriel (in Luke 1) to Zacharias and to Mary, bpth of whom ask the angel “how can this be?” Zacharias is taken as being insolent and gets swiftly rebuked by the angel. Then angel boasts of his stature in heaven, and then Zacharias is stricken mute for having not given the angel its due respect. By contrast, the angel has quite the different attitude towards Mary. The angel demures and provides a rational explanation. . . . Such is an indication that Mary if held in high esteem by the angel’s boss, i.e., God. And persons know to treat the boss’s favorites differently than the the other employees. Or is this an indication that the angel is conducting himself with due respect to his queen?

    We should pay heed to what happens when Mary visits Elizabeth, and at the sound of her voice (viz., her soul vigration) the baby John yet within the womb of Elizabeth jumps for joy. John is sanctified by the Holy Spirit upon the communication of Mary, the bride of the Holy Spirit, as it were. We should, therefore, look to Mary for ways to develop our fellowship with the third Person of the Trinity. Otherwise, the Holy Spirit is too mysterious therefore difficult for us to endear fellowship.

    Mary is a remedy to the dilemma posed by 1 Samuel 2:25. She is our arbiter for those times when we have ostensibly irreperably upset God.

    The first miracle of Jesus is performed at the behest of Mary. He says he doesn’t yet want to begin his minisitry. This is indicative of her influence with her Son. This is not influence as though she had persuasive powers, but rather that He is quite fond of her for choosing freely to be his mother. He is less fond of ourselves because we are much like antediluvian men whose thoughts are usually upon doing sin (Genesis 6:5).

    The Bible says in many places that the prayers of the holy or righteous are typically heard, but not so those in sin. St. James says that you don’t get what you want because you continue to sin. So, this begs the question how does a sinner’s prayers ever get answered. . . . One consideration is that since Mary is full of grace, her prayers get heard. So when she takes compassion upon those who in the state of sin yet pray, she herself can pray and garner an audience with the Lord for that sinner. Though God can and does hear anyone at His choosing, this involvement of Mary is likely how a drunkard’s or an addict’s prayers most usually gets heard. Much of the time, anyone who gets sober from drugs and alcohol has benefited from Mary praying for them when they could not do well by praying for themselves since they were in habitually bondage to sin.

    Mary tells us in Luke 1 that “her soul magnifies the Lord”. And thus, Mary provides a way for us to see God in new, meaningful ways that are practically useful to our daily life. If you want to make doing the dishes a superb experience, try saying the Rosary while you work. Not only will you do a better job of it, but you will enjoy the dreary work. And afterward, you will experience a sensation of peace.

    Unlike most who had proclaimed themselves to be bornagain, Mary did not abandon Jesus at the Calvary.

    One first prophecies of the New Testament is made by Mary when she proclaims that all generations shall call Mary blessed (Luke 1:48). This prophecy is confirmed by Elizabeth (Luke 1:42) and also at the trial of Jesus (Mark 14:61, “are you the Son of the Blessed One?”) for every son has two parents.

    Those who never call Mary blessed are heretics. Avoid such people though usually they otherwise profess to being bornagain, saved. They are snakes.

    Syntatical resonance. The creation by God and its re-creation by the Christ:
    Genesis 1:3 – – God says let it be, and light shown forth.
    Luke 1:38 – – Mary says let it be done to me, and the angel (a being of light), and with that the angel (a being of light) went forth to announce to heaven that the Incaranate Word (aka Light of the World, Jesus) shall now enter the world.

    Jesus refers to Mary his mother as “woman”. We should look to Revelation 12 and consider Mary’s role during the End Times.

    According to scientists, the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe similarly mysteriously created as the Shroud of Turin.
    La Guadalupana from Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass
    at Beverly Hills, California:

    1. Your comments are well written and reinforced by scripture, May it bear good fruit with those who stop by this site to read and hear Brother Bugnolo’s insights on a wide range of topics! Well done!

  8. A wonderful presentation Brother Alexis. Our Lady is the most important woman in history as she bore the savior in her womb ,raised him , and was with him as he died on the cross to redeem mankind from sin and death.

    The life of Our Lady is proof that God always works his greatest miracles through simple people who will say yes to his plans. He is not interested in the rich ,the powerful or the mighty.

    Fast forward to Our Lady’s apparition at Fatima in 1917 . She did not appear to the high and mighty, but to three illiterate shepherds in Portugal . She gave a warning from heaven to the world ,and to the Church about the coming wrath of God on this earth unless we change our ways, repent and consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart .

    The Church leaders in the Vatican ignored Our Ladys instructions , refused to divulge the third secret of Fatima, or to consecrate Russia. Instead , they created Vatican II that led to a loss of faith and apostacy across the the catholic world ,and will lead to a Third world war. . This proves yet again why God works through simple people and why Our Lady should be revered.

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