Governments move to shut down Free Speech in next phase of Great Reset

In the UK:

In the Netherlands:

And if similar laws were just passed in your country, please posts links in the notes here, so they can be added to this report:

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9 thoughts on “Governments move to shut down Free Speech in next phase of Great Reset”

    1. I was just about to post this, glad to see it is already here. Free speech is dead now in the US and it is only going to get worse. A woman I know who use to work for FEMA has been saying for over a year now that government wants us to stop worshiping God and instead see them, the government, as god. I am sorry but just no, I will never be able to do this.

  1. I know I am not saying anything new, but it bears repeating. We, who have a heart of goodness should keep fighting to the end. There may soon come a time when our actions will have to be more stealth. If, again, if the totalitarian tipping point is reached,sometime this year, we should consider doing what past light bearers have done. Go underground. Life in the “internet of things” NWO system will be unbearable. Many will be as clueless as they are today. Others, those who awaken, may seek death but not find it. And many others still, will simply seek death because their soul will be squashed by full-spectrum tyranny. . The rich will become even richer, and the poor have much less than today. Dissent of any-type will not be tolerated. . We will not be able to eat, trade, sell… without having received the passport mark. However, this time was foretold by our savior. It is also not the first time in history the controllers of darkness tried to enslave all of humanity. The harvest has began.

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