32 thoughts on “MAGA is the 5th Degree of the Church of Satan”

    1. Now that we understand these Satanists uses of terms and numbers, everything is becoming clear.

      1. Amen. And there is still much we do not understand–yet. Abba will reveal when the/His timing is right. I finally understand why the X is so important to them, e.g. What I find really interesting is that Good and evil use some of the same symbols. Ah, yes, evil can’t create–only imitate/copy THE Creator.

  1. This channel has good information, but it also has anti-Catholic content if you see all their videos.

    1. Maria….can you give me an example of anti Catholic content? I don’t have time to look at everything on here and would like to see what you have seen?

      So much stuff out there and it is getting crazy!
      Thank you!

      1. I know him as Stranger than Fiction Channel which I have been following for years. He seldom makes videos solely regarding the Catholic Church. He includes it here and there in many videos. A large number of Protestants have been influenced by the ideas in Hislop’s Two Babylons, even if indirectly. The idea is that early Christianity was a simple religion with no hierarchy, just the books of the Bible to guide them. Then once Christianity became the state religion and influenced by Constantine, the evil Catholic Church took over. And we worship Our Lady as a hidden form of worship of Semiramis/Astarte/Isis… That the Eucharist is really a symbol of the sun god. That the mitre is really a tribute to the fish god Dagon…. If one does not know history well and has not studied the Church fathers, it can be convincing. Then of course the Jesuits as evil controllers. Sadly many in the Vatican have become devotees of the evil one, and they think it was always so. It is always interwoven in talk of the Illuminati, mystery religion, etc. To give you every reference would take many hours and include many videos. So I just listen but rarely share and then with a caveat.

    2. Yes! They do not understand. If they only did. I pray for them. That channel is even confused about Jesus. I keep praying for them. You are correct; they do a lot of fantastic research and have an excellent way of putting it out.

  2. Other than the coincidence of an acronym being similar to a word, what else is there to connect the two concepts? I’m not seeing it at all.

      1. I have no positive proof, but there are strong indications. Freemasons are Satanic clubs, you may know.

    1. There has already been research videos on this. If one researches Freemasonry and occult organizations, one of the levels is magus or maga, from the same root word from which we get magi. A mage can be defined as a wise man but also as a magician. So a level of illumination can be that of mage. In the Bible you have Simon Magus, a magician. Unless one really studies history, one imagines that there was a world before Jesus, then a Christian persecution and eventually a Christian era in which paganism was a thing of the past. This is not true. Old pagan ideas and magic survived underground in many cultures. Examples are the idea of the evil eye, “lucky” objects such as horseshoes, rabbits feet, pennies (copper, Venus)… Fortuna or Lakshmi…..are pagan goddesses of fortune or good luck which is the sin of superstition. A Christian is to believe in Divine Providence, not luck. Astrology has hung on. Elizabeth I had an advisor John De who was a black magician. So these things stayed on underground and are now resurfacing in neo-paganism. Basically, there are 2 religions: the true Church of Jesus, and all the cults Lucifer used to entice people from the true God. They all end in his worship in one way or another.

  3. It’s not a very optimistic view, but realistic. They haven’t finish with us and perhaps trump will come back as the great Saviour. My italian friends adore him like a half-god. I wasn’t convinced. Like someone said: Q is part of the plan to absorb oppostion. I think David Icke.. he understands so much of what is happening.
    But the answer is love, for everything worth of it. We have to try to be strong and loving to show our young people some orientation-point.
    Not easy, but there is no choice I think.
    We have to “love them away “.

    1. LAURA; Love is in the truth of Jesus our saviour and His Gospel.. A lot of what is called love today is the universal New age Love ..It is Satanic, just as is their peace of a coming New Age..

      john B

  4. OK.
    Let’s stay with BIDEN… (a puppet of Obama-Rodham Clinton)

    Friends of John & Tony Podesta (have You seen the paintings
    in his home about torturing little children ?)
    Friends of Anderson Cooper (CNN anchorman and son of a
    Vanderbilt, that has an underground pool under his mansion
    that seems the place that inspired those paintings).


    America is a Freemason’s founded and “guided” nation.
    Probably Donald John Trump belongs to the WHITE EAGLE
    lodge, the same lodge of RONALD REAGAN (a president
    that did not begin new wars, except Panama and Grenada).

    Do You prefer the BONESMEN from YALE UNIVERSITY?
    (did You remember the 2004 Presidential Election with a choice restricted between two Bonesmen candidates?).

    Do we want a war with Christian-reborn Russia?
    Corrupt Hunter Biden has a deep interest conflict in Ucraine.
    Trump president again (maybe DICTATOR after a COUP)…
    but his double will be killed in PARIS, probably near the TRIANON.

      1. All American Presidents have doubles, bodyguards, etc.
        There is an interview in YouTube with an Italian that
        closely met a double of president George Walker Bush.

        When President Donald John Trump went to Scotland,
        one of His “TASTERS OF FOOD” was poisoned and
        died, eating from president dish in an official banket .


        Tasting the food of the president is a task that is accomplished only by the most devoted body guards.

        Trump “double” could be killed near TRIANON theater
        by the SEINE river in Paris. (predicted also by the card
        “Enough is Enough” of Illuminated Card Game in the 90’s)


      2. If you are referring to a body double, this is an old tactic of royalty, the rich… for safety. In times of danger, someone who looks like the elite person will draw off attention while the elite person escapes to safety. One only had to look ok from a distance before modern times. However, with zoom cams and such, the double has to be more convincing. Entire face masks moulded to look like a person can be used and are used in film industry often. There are always clone center ideas going around. I do not think this is true as stated. Clones usually are not strong or long lived. I do think people have seen “clones”, but they are nto truly clones. Firstly, with in vito fertilization, one often has a twinning effect, even more multiples. Were this done intentionally, the babies could even be implanted in different mothers, and even at different times. Thus one would have what appeared to be clones, and I think a lot of “stars” have been replaced this way when they became uncooperative. Another 2 possibilities are robotic semblances of the person, which would be expensive, but could be afforded by top elite, and holograms. Doubles can be used in a variety of ways. Say Biden, if unable to appear, could have a double to make appearance. If someone is dead, they can be replaced. Just having them is a threat that guarantees compliance in most. To avoid danger to the real elite…. Many things are NOT as they appear.

  5. This guy makes good content but also does anti Catholic stuff so beware. He starts by mentioning how the leaders are satanic (well many likely are, can’t disagree with him there) but then he goes in to the tired old “Catholics worship idols and Mary nonsense”.

    1. He is a very good researcher, but sees the Catholic Church as what is happening in the Vatican recently, which is often demonic, admittedly. I have been following for years but rarely share because of this.

  6. I just pray and pray for a new Pope. That is the only ‘head’ that can counteract all of these things weaponized against us. Most constitutions are zionized/protestantized, going back to 1776 won’t save us. Even if you rid the freemasons that is 1400 years of accumulated enemies pre their existence, you still have judaism and islam and protestant revolt. This time has to be for all the marbles, end mystery Babylon itself.

    1. Truly protective gear is very expensive. There are more than one kind of waves, and short of lead encasing your house like a Faraday cage, different waves need different protections. I found this out when I was trying to help a targeted individual. However, to have any on grid presence, one would have to allow some to come in by a hard wired system, or one would have to go off grid, or possibly have a separate building for electronic communication. Going off grid has one major flaw few address. Government can take your land for not paying taxes, which might be impossible in a reset economy. Some one needs to have a land patent on one’s property. It gives protection against most use of eminent domain, tax seizure…. That could be changed, but that is best possibility for now.

  7. Jill, I have downloaded on my computer a video showing how Trump speaks of his daughter Ivana as hot, and some pics of them look incestuous. This made me back away from him first time he ran. Also, videos exist of him taking both sides on abortion, homosexual marriage…. He has provable ties to rich Jews who are very pro-Israel, many of them dual citizens. He was financially loaned money by such people. He associated with Jeffrey Epstein and originally joked about him as a friend. He is a follower of Norman Vincent Peale, whom I am old enough to remember. His book is basically low level magic dressed up as pseudo-Christianity. And Peale was a mason. So Trump’s spiritual hero was a Freemason, so….. I have not voted for a number of years because I research too much and can not be morally complicit with any of these politicians.

  8. I am born again, I’ve been blessed with discernment and when President Trump started PUSHING the vaccines, over and over again, I was upset with him, the genius, who didn’t know about all the science that has been above board about the injuries, long time disabilities and death that came with the shot! I decided then, Trump is probably not one of us, he’s one of them.
    Come, Jesus come!

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