Experts now warn in MSM that DeathVaxxed are in grave danger of death

Editor’s note: As there is no virus, there is no way to get the spike protein or graphene (hydr-)oxide without being injected. So in part this story is a cover for Big Pharma, as they attempt to explain Vaxx injuries and deaths on the mythical virus. But they are now admitting the deaths as related to the spike protein.

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On the coming Cellphone Retrenchment & its role in the Great Reset

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

No one I know of is reporting on the next big change in daily social media culture, which will take place in the next 2-3 years: the 5G retrenchment.

Yes, I said, retrenchement, not rollout.

Because while it is true that 5G is being rolled out in the developed world, simultaneously, because of the haste of the Globalist project, the Globalists through the Rothschild Banks are forcing cellphone companies to end Internet access thorough 2G and 3 G and soon even 4G networks.

This will cutoff access to social media for nearly everyone in the country side.  And thus will cut nearly all opposition leaders, who have fled the 5G zones, out of the sources of information they use to support the Resistance, thus giving globalist puppets like Draghi, Macron and Trudeau, a 12-24 hour tactical advantage on all new attacks on humanity in their nations.

Nearly 60% of all internet users in Europe rely on their cellphones to do so. Many apps only work on cellphones. It is not clear to me, how many work on WIFI networks.

It also means that the Globalists are now going to focus on the DeathVaxxed loyalists and nurture or kill those whom they have selected for their diabolic experiments.

Already here in Italy, major carriers are ending internet access (Data) to 2G and 3G networks. WIND did that in December, and TIM will be doing that in April.

In the USA, ATT will end all 2G and 3G service, and big banks are ending all online banking for those who do not have a 5G compatible cellphone.

This means in practice that 20-45% of the residents of most larger western nations will be forced to live without cellphones and return to landline communications, or use radio or walkie talkies.

That in a way is a good thing, but it gives an intelligence advantage to the enemies of humanity.

Evidently they have recognized and evaluated their weaknesses in the DeathVaxx Genocide Program, which was step 1 of the Great Reset.

5G coverage in Italy is confined to the cities, and along the major super-highways. Many small towns are lucky to have 4G coverage.

It is not clear how a social credit system based on cellphones or a injectable nano-router control-system based on graphene (hydr-)oxide will work if 40% of the population is outside of cellphone coverage.  While there is some talk of 5G satellite coverage, I doubt this is technically possible due to the facility at which a 5G signal experience interference.

Italian Dictatorship admits big fail on DeathVaxx rates

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

For more than a year, the Main Stream Media in Italy has bombarded the airways and internet with the propaganda that the noVAxxers were a small minority.

Those opposed to the experimental lethal serums designed to poison you with graphene (hydr-)oxide, murder you with spike proteins produced by mRNA satanic technology, and infect you with DNA altering hydras, were supposed to be a tiny minority, no more than 10%.

But in today’s report from Palermo Today (click image above to read it in Italian), the Government admits that no more than 48 million residents received the first and second shots!  That would make the resistance 20%.

They further admitted that only 64% got the 3rd shot, and still have not done so, despite the Feb. 15th deadline making all work, public and private, illegal without a DeathVaxx Passport showing full poisoning.  That means the opposition is 36%!

Added to this the number of the poor souls who were jabbed and have regrets, and that means the real opposition may be closer to 50%.

So you see, the whole Scamdemic is a pack of lies. And this conclusion can be drawn even from the official propaganda.  Thus we can be on solid grounds if we presume that the numbers are not even 50% of what the Government has claimed.

If my analysis is true, the Rothschilds will remove Mario Draghi imminently and put someone more diabolical in his place.

I hope I am not correct.

in the report above, more concessions are admitted possible, with the abolition of the DeathVaxx passport by April if Italians submit to the 3rd shot.

It does not look like the latter is happening.

The obligation to wear DeathMasks in the open air will be abolished this Friday, though the personal non-compliance of 90% of Italians, nationwide, already did away with it. Likewise with the Passport, with numerous stories, verified on the ground, of it not being asked in shopping malls, bars, and workplaces spreading.

That means, as of Friday, the Resistance needs to push the envelop and begin entering closes public spaces without the DeathMask or DeathPassport. For the Lord knows, that we Italians need to start imitating Canadians!