Experts now warn in MSM that DeathVaxxed are in grave danger of death

Editor’s note: As there is no virus, there is no way to get the spike protein or graphene (hydr-)oxide without being injected. So in part this story is a cover for Big Pharma, as they attempt to explain Vaxx injuries and deaths on the mythical virus. But they are now admitting the deaths as related to the spike protein.

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20 thoughts on “Experts now warn in MSM that DeathVaxxed are in grave danger of death”

    1. GrapheneOxide (hydroxide) is also contained in and transmitted by the test swabs and paper masks (made in china) as well.

  1. Vaxxed ones can shed the spike proteins on non-vaxxed ones!
    So not just via the vaccine we can get spread on us the spike proteins.

    1. I agree with you! Too many incidents of injuries that unvaccinated people have had when in close contact with very recently vaccinated people. A deliberate coverup of all of this.
      Just got banned by Facebook for 90 days and Twitter also for posting about the recently vaccinated people shedding the spike protein which is a danger to unvaccinated people. Haven’t been banned before now but the response was very quick by both companies within one day. I think I am getting too close to the truth and they confirmed it by banning me.

  2. I find it impossible to continue to live with people who’d lie and harm people at such a singular scale – everyone from the politicians to the media to all the people who just went with the flow. It’s painfully clear that we live in a morally & intellectually bankrupt society. I (we) need to find a desert to escape to like the early Christian monks.

  3. What I’d like to know however is, if the virus indeed does not exist, then how can so many people contract upper respiratory ailments that attack the lungs and cause them to fill up with fluid causing lung failure. In the month of January, on the same day, I lost my best friend and my cousin’s husband to “covid” 4,500 miles apart. The issue of them being intubed and killed off intentionally by diabolical hospital staff is highly plausible and furthermore, the fact that a proven anti-viral like Ivermectin exists but can’t be used due to WHO protocols to treat “covid” should say a lot too. I also had a cousin who, according to him, nearly died of “covid” in December with the supposed “Delta” variant in the US. He, like the other 2, was unvaxxed and suffered from severe asthma going to back to childhood. As a historian, we say, to find the truth of events, one must always go to the origin before the official propaganda disinfo campaign can take root and divert the narrative. With this said, when the “virus” broke out in Italy, the third country to be affected after China and Iran, both sworn enemies of the US, who came to assist the Italian authorities in fighting the outbreak? Russia, who sent NBCR(Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Radioactive) warfare teams to northern Italy. Even Montaigner in early March 2020 stated the virus was not a virus that existed naturally in nature, but a bio-engineered one. Then, I would like to highlight what retired Russian GRU colonel, Vladimir Kvachkov stated in his interview to Russian media in March of 2020 as to who was behind the outbreak. The video, obviously, has long since disappeared off all social media channels, but I do have an Italian transcript if anyone would like to read it.

    1. The iniitial deaths were all those who were vaccinated for the flue, and thus exposed to graphene (hdr-)oxide or to a bad winter cold, like I was, who took the Sanfi Pasteur Yellow Fever vaccine in May of 2019, which set me up for a serious bout in January. If I had not taken antihistimines or rather if I had gone to the hospital, I surely would have died, by suffocaation or by murder. And I think that the PCR tests give false positives to get persons under the care of doctors or hospitals who will kill them on bad WHO protocols. That is how I explain it. Dr. Delgado is of the same opinion.

      1. OK, I wasn’t aware of this correlation to a prior vaccine history. Many have been postulating 5G exposure which supposedly produces flu-like symptoms. Honestly, it’s the first time I’ve heard mention of it. I have never taken a flu vaccine in my life and have preferred to let my body’s own immune system build up the anti-bodies necessary to fight of flus and colds. From the few advanced biology courses that I took in secondary school and university, I can remember professors saying that a fever was good in cases of a flu. Fevers, in effect, weaken and debilitate the viral load. To illustrate the official evil committed in Italy, the health ministry has killed thousands with its forced Covid protocol of “Tachipirina and vigile attesa.”

      2. I saw an interview a few years ago with a woman discussing her husband’s ordeal after he received the yellow fever vaccine. He went insane and was put in an asylum, he even tried killing himself. The wife did a documentary about their ordeal. I don’t recall what country they were from, but they were from Europe. She said that about 400 people in Europe go insane every year from the yellow fever vaccine. That is the official number so the real number is probably higher.

      3. It is so sad that I could not get my husband Jeff into the Hospital when his “covid” infection or “spike protein” infection dragged on into the third week because of our fear of what the Hospital would do to him and that they would kill him.
        We took the chance and self-treated and I also treated him and myself at home with ivermectin, but I really wanted him to be checked out for his bad headaches if we could get it done honestly. I was well in less than a week but his symptoms, though relieved some, dragged on.

        Unfortunately, that fear about the Hospitals and Doctors killing Covid patients when they went to the Hospital kept us treating ourselves at home and he, unfortunately, passed at home at age 57 in January.
        I will never forgive the Doctors, Hospitals, and Governments for killing so many people and destroying the health care system here in the US. I truly hope that justice will be done to them.

      4. Alas, your tragedy will become the tragedy of millions, as the Elites have decided to effectively deprive us of health care. That is why it is absolutely important for EVERYONE to get into contact with doctors, nurses, dentists, etc. who are in the Resistance and work in secret.

  4. I’m trying to find out about chemtrails. Dr Campra has found traces of gr@phene in rainwater puddles. I believe a friend of mine may have ingested gr@phene particles as she has two of the symptoms described for oral ingestion, and they are a mystery to her. Gr@phene nanoparticles are so small they can be suspended in the air, so maybe breathable face masks aren’t a bad idea after all. I think I inhaled a particle last October. Sudden very sharp prickle in my throat that caused paroxysms of coughing. Next day I felt like I was getting a cold. Took masses of vit C.

  5. There might be something I am not understanding here in the editor’s note because as I said before (my comment wasn’t published), the article says that those who ‘survived’ Covid and are unjabbed have a much higher risk of cardiovascular problems.

    “New research has found that people who have survived Covid-19 are 63 per cent more likely to suffer a heart attack – irrespective of pre-existing conditions and age.”

    It goes on to say how important it is for everyone to get triple jabbed. It is yet another way of ignoring the numerous studies showing how better the immunity is after people have fought off Covid with their natural immune system than those who have been death jabbed. But what else can we expect from the bought and owned MSM?

    However, what I do not understand in the editor’s note is: “EXPERTS NOW WARN IN MSM THAT DEATHVAXXED ARE IN GRAVE DANGER OF DEATH” and “But they are now admitting the deaths as related to the spike protein.”

    In no way can I see the article as a warning of death awaiting the jabbed or an admittance that deaths are related to the spike proteins. I cannot understand why the editor can interpret the article as saying this because it would be very strange for any MSM source to admit the actual facts and address the real science!

    1. They admit implicitly that the spike protein causes heart disease, but that us found only in thise vaxxed.

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