Italian Dictatorship admits big fail on DeathVaxx rates

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

For more than a year, the Main Stream Media in Italy has bombarded the airways and internet with the propaganda that the noVAxxers were a small minority.

Those opposed to the experimental lethal serums designed to poison you with graphene (hydr-)oxide, murder you with spike proteins produced by mRNA satanic technology, and infect you with DNA altering hydras, were supposed to be a tiny minority, no more than 10%.

But in today’s report from Palermo Today (click image above to read it in Italian), the Government admits that no more than 48 million residents received the first and second shots!  That would make the resistance 20%.

They further admitted that only 64% got the 3rd shot, and still have not done so, despite the Feb. 15th deadline making all work, public and private, illegal without a DeathVaxx Passport showing full poisoning.  That means the opposition is 36%!

Added to this the number of the poor souls who were jabbed and have regrets, and that means the real opposition may be closer to 50%.

So you see, the whole Scamdemic is a pack of lies. And this conclusion can be drawn even from the official propaganda.  Thus we can be on solid grounds if we presume that the numbers are not even 50% of what the Government has claimed.

If my analysis is true, the Rothschilds will remove Mario Draghi imminently and put someone more diabolical in his place.

I hope I am not correct.

in the report above, more concessions are admitted possible, with the abolition of the DeathVaxx passport by April if Italians submit to the 3rd shot.

It does not look like the latter is happening.

The obligation to wear DeathMasks in the open air will be abolished this Friday, though the personal non-compliance of 90% of Italians, nationwide, already did away with it. Likewise with the Passport, with numerous stories, verified on the ground, of it not being asked in shopping malls, bars, and workplaces spreading.

That means, as of Friday, the Resistance needs to push the envelop and begin entering closes public spaces without the DeathMask or DeathPassport. For the Lord knows, that we Italians need to start imitating Canadians!


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6 thoughts on “Italian Dictatorship admits big fail on DeathVaxx rates”

  1. Dear sisters and brothers;
    What everybody in Italy should do is to stop paying any fine,
    and put a cardboard panflet outside the homes, in terraces
    and windows with the caption:
    …is an old and cheap (5,50 euro) anti-hypertensive drug
    that reduced mortality in Intensive Care Units in Argentina,
    from 24% to 4%, and recovery time from 15 days to 9 days.

    Other useful drugs are:
    2) QUERCETINE (contained in BLUEBERRY and other food)
    3)MELATONINE, (a lot of preparations in all the World)
    4) NIMESULIDE, (AULIN in Italy)

    (And vote for GIORGIA MELONI)

  2. One thing I learnt early on in life was there are only ten laws I need to lead a decent moral encompassing life which doesn’t impinge on others… I have and will continue to learn from my mistakes… the older I get the less mistakes I make which has to be a good thing… man made laws are laws which in my opinion are laws that need to be bent and even broken to keep the politicians and their masters honest…
    I am the resistance…!

  3. Sorry my english isn’t very well: you said you hope Rothschild will put some-one even more diabolic than The Drake?

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