On the coming Cellphone Retrenchment & its role in the Great Reset

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

No one I know of is reporting on the next big change in daily social media culture, which will take place in the next 2-3 years: the 5G retrenchment.

Yes, I said, retrenchement, not rollout.

Because while it is true that 5G is being rolled out in the developed world, simultaneously, because of the haste of the Globalist project, the Globalists through the Rothschild Banks are forcing cellphone companies to end Internet access thorough 2G and 3 G and soon even 4G networks.

This will cutoff access to social media for nearly everyone in the country side.  And thus will cut nearly all opposition leaders, who have fled the 5G zones, out of the sources of information they use to support the Resistance, thus giving globalist puppets like Draghi, Macron and Trudeau, a 12-24 hour tactical advantage on all new attacks on humanity in their nations.

Nearly 60% of all internet users in Europe rely on their cellphones to do so. Many apps only work on cellphones. It is not clear to me, how many work on WIFI networks.

It also means that the Globalists are now going to focus on the DeathVaxxed loyalists and nurture or kill those whom they have selected for their diabolic experiments.

Already here in Italy, major carriers are ending internet access (Data) to 2G and 3G networks. WIND did that in December, and TIM will be doing that in April.

In the USA, ATT will end all 2G and 3G service, and big banks are ending all online banking for those who do not have a 5G compatible cellphone.

This means in practice that 20-45% of the residents of most larger western nations will be forced to live without cellphones and return to landline communications, or use radio or walkie talkies.

That in a way is a good thing, but it gives an intelligence advantage to the enemies of humanity.

Evidently they have recognized and evaluated their weaknesses in the DeathVaxx Genocide Program, which was step 1 of the Great Reset.

5G coverage in Italy is confined to the cities, and along the major super-highways. Many small towns are lucky to have 4G coverage.

It is not clear how a social credit system based on cellphones or a injectable nano-router control-system based on graphene (hydr-)oxide will work if 40% of the population is outside of cellphone coverage.  While there is some talk of 5G satellite coverage, I doubt this is technically possible due to the facility at which a 5G signal experience interference.

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8 thoughts on “On the coming Cellphone Retrenchment & its role in the Great Reset”

  1. Dear Br. Bugnolo,
    Very good article, thank you. A few minor remarks:
    a. 2G will stay for years (maybe not all providers), is still vital for InternetOfThings, smart meters etc., can be used for low-data apps, see also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2G#Phase-out ;
    b. WIFI-stations linked to landline can provide broadband hotspots in villages (personally I am no fan of WIFI, due to health concerns);
    c. European Commision plans to roll out 5G in rural areas, this is rather worrisome: no escape from the matrix.
    d. Possibly part of the plan is to herd all people from the rural areas (except some operators of robots for agriculture/logging/mining) into “smart cities”, e.g. by making transport in rural areas impossible (road detoriation, shutdown of railwaystations, expensive fuel etc, is already happening in France), or under the guise of nature conservation (Amazon-area: debt-for-nature-swaps, World Bank, source: https://www.worldbank.org/en/programs/amazon-sustainable-landscapes-program )

    1. This is very worrisome. We have to change everything but for the younger people it’s difficult to be cut out from tecnology. And indeed we get less info without cell-phones.
      The problem is that the people don’t know anything about 5G and EMF smog.

  2. We rid ourselves of the smart phone. We have a flip phone 3G, for travelling in our Farraday bag. The battery is easily taken out for added protection. If they cut the 3 and 4G out, we will do without. We are in the country and have connections for food, and other services. We are relying on wood for heat and cooking now, and propane for emergency use. We feel we are 75% outside the system now, and have vowed to go full out if necessary. Have planned now for ten years for this coming.

    God Bless us all today, our focus in the end, Our God and Savior.

  3. I hate to bear bad newz but the PSN (public switched network) for the EU will be abolished by 2025…since everything is glowbully coordinated I have no doubt this will be the case for the USSA.
    If you have an opt out for the “smart meter” do so now. Some states in the USSA will let you go back to analog for a hefty fee. I was only able to get a non-transmitting by removal of the NIC card. I still have a digital wave hitchhiking on an analog sine wave. GROI “get rid of it” if you can. Wireless is deadly & slow.
    If you can still procure a wired connection through all this, VOIP will be your next best option for voice/data. Dump the cell.
    Check your bank statements…the verbiage has already changed on mine from deposits/withdrawals to debits/credits.

  4. Can someone edify about shortwave with a S.W.O.T, please. The equipment price and regulation seem prohibitive.

  5. Met a guy at feed store recently who breeds and trains carrier pigeons. I’m good with that. But am far more disconsolate about the fear language. Fear attracts demons- laugh them off and live in the present moment. The present moment has enough troubles. No need to borrow more and some are approaching despair – serious sin against the Holy Spirit.

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