New Zealand Dictatorship attempts to arrest every Freedom Convoy Protester

It’s not a hoax, Dr. Luc Montagnier has passed away, at 89

Editor’s Note: While FromRome.Info reported yesterday, correctly, that Dr. Montagnier had died, I corrected the report mistakenly on the advice of several French contacts. However, it turned out they were wrong, not I. The problem of confusion arose from the decision of the family to refuse to confirm the death to any other news outlet but France Soir. — So I have pulled the erroneous correction and now publish the authoritative report.

Br. Bugnolo’s Monthly Appeal

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

First, let me thank the great number of truth lovers who read FromRome.Info and have made it what it is today by their support. I am a Franciscan brother by profession, and journalism is something I do out of necessity. I would really prefer to live in a quiet hermitage and pray, in some solitary place. But as humanity is under the greatest satanic attack in world history, I feel out of charity obliged not to remain silent.

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This new year I hope to bring you live daily coverage of the events in Rome, which transpire as Bergoglio leaves the scene. Thankfully, it seems that the Dictatorship here will move to soften means of manipulation in the future, and there is much talk of even abandoning the DeathVaxx Passport.  Globalists are doing a strategic withdrawl to regather their forces and hope the masses never walk up and/or, as the case may be, go back to sleep.

For this reason, 100% uncontrolled opposition media is necessary for the true liberty and security of humanity, and I hope, through FromRome.Info to contribute my part.

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