Br. Bugnolo asks you for Feedback

Editor’s Note:  I am trying to understand better how readers and viewers are using FromRome.Info, so I can get the truth out to even greater numbers. If you are a regular reader or viewer here, please leave your feedback in the comments below. Thank you!

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161 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo asks you for Feedback”

  1. Thanks for all you do. I don’t use social media, so From Rome is a daily go to. Great info, I pass on info verbally, even though its to a very small number. Keep up the good work Brother !!!

    1. Brother Bugnolo,
      Thankyou for all you do to expose the lie and promote the truth!
      I have found From Rome to be my #1 source of news during these times. I have been sharing articles of from rkmes with approx a dozen people nearly daily. Why the numbers are what they are who knows? Could be messed with by the left? Know that what you do is helping greatly!

    2. Brother, truly enjoy hearing your updates. You’re straight forwardness is SO appreciated. What still baffles me and I’m sure many people are the vaccines. Please continue to share your thoughts on this topic. Thank you and god bless you,

      1. Hi brother, I get this from rome info, I would have liked to share this with others through social media,instead I tell people to google from rome info and watch your videos, please continue to make them, especially in the days ahead . We need good men to speak the truth. Your videos give me hope and knowledge. God bless and keep you well.

    3. Hello from California. I found you by other channels mirroring your video. Unique and clear, your voice is divine inspiration. Thank you.

  2. Dear brother,

    I read almost daily. Give some links to friends.

    Thank you for your effort.

    Patrick Geryk

  3. You are doing a great work to keep us all informed, we are watching and waiting for the next development/s in the unfolding of Biblical prophecies concerning the USA, which you cover very well, which we appreciate greatly. It will never be forgotten, what you have exposed during the past 26 months, for there is a real connection to all of your reports. The truth will soon be revealed in its fullness and every person on earth will be able to see what has been done to them, and the lies that they have been continually told for so many years. We watch every one of your emails come in and look forward to all that you share.

  4. Sia lodato GESU CRISTO e AVE MARIA ❤️
    I read daily your posts and send the most of them to my catholic, orthodox and penticostal friends that are interested în the issues of Salvation !! I used to copy and paste them in the comments of certain articles written by important orthodox journalistes or influencer, because we are în Romania and the majority of the Christian are orthodox. With a lot of sorrow, I have to sau that the less interested in them are the catholic ones…. 😟 😟 😟 All because of the Masses UNA CUM Bergoglio…. The blindness…
    Others are more awake about this issue:

  5. Dear Br. Bugnolo:
    I am a new (1-2 months) listener and reader of your web site. I really appreciate what you have to say and the articles you post. I consider your content as top notch. I follow your site with a program called RSSOwl which provides me a link to your web site to view content. I have a core group of 8-9 people I message after I locate important content. I have shared 2-3 of your messages in the past month. I expect them to track you themselves after I give them links because they are not paying attention to all my SMS content now.

    How to get more viewers/readers? I would have interviews with other content providers that you think are important. My favorite content provider is Clif High. He has a collection of people around him that he interacts with online and goes to new people also. In short, get interviewed. The audience of your interviewer may watch you after that.

    One idea I heard from Clif is to be online when debuting your videos. You would record the video. Launch it at a certain time. You would be online to answer questions in the chats.

  6. Thanks Brother for getting the truths out. I am one who lives in New Zealand and reads your site daily and I pass on many of the interviews and articles etc. to many others. I share regularly on Facebook to hundreds on my share lists as well. What is happening here in NZ today is so overwhelming. The good news that needs to be passed on though is that RICCARDO BOSI from Australia is boldly working on and recommends that we try and get our GOVERNOR GENERAL to bypass our parliaments and get the criminal POLYS out. He suggests that they work towards dissolving their PARLIAMENTS and appoint a new EXECUTIVE COUNCIL to heal and clean up and get rid of the political corruptions and politicians that needs to go and APPOINT THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST to be a part of this new council. Then work for 2 – 3 months to clean up and prepare for a new election. Please can you help get this word out to the masses. Consider having Riccardo Bosi on your webiste or interview him. So yes. we are reading you and support you and your work. Kind regards, Mary

  7. Dear Brother,

    Thank you for you visions on the this time we are living in.
    I read and hear your publications daily.
    I support your website by pointing to it regularly.
    This helps a lot, because after that I see more people pointing.

    Some feedback:
    I can remember that I got mails when I reply was given on a subject where I gave a reply.
    It seems that option is gone.

    May God bless you and kind regards,

    1. Yes, I used to employ a plugin which allowed commentators to follow responses to their own comments or a topic or even a post. But it caused security issues, and I had to remove it, because hackers were using it to send emails to other persons.

  8. Dear Br Bugnolo

    Thus far, your work has been characterised by the following:

    1) Absolute integrity and commitment to the truth;

    2) Very high editorial expertise; and

    3) Extremely high level of courage.

    I have shared many times links to FromRome in other telegram groups.

    When it doesn’t seem to ‘catch’ or resonate, I suspect it’s because of the sometimes heavy religious points that are part of your message.

    You are ABSOLUTELY ENTITLED to make all the religious points you wish to make. You ARE a religious friar, after all.

    However, for all kinds of reasons, sometimes too much religious points obfuscates the pandemic message for lay people.

    So if you’re looking to reach an audience that is not primarily Catholic or Christian, perhaps you could tailor the message slightly?

    I am in no way suggesting a dilution or compromise of religious values.

    Overall, even if you continue your approach, I think you’re doing great. Thank you and am grateful for all you do.

    1. I think that might be why people give a link to a youtube video you might have first alerted them to, rather than direct others to your link – especially the image that comes up is of the Vatican! People who see the Vatican more and more as part of the NWO are probably put off?

  9. I am not on social media, I use SMS to share and almost only to the few unjabbed friends that are left.
    The rare times I sent links to my jabbed friends I got ‘info not wanted’ responses.

    A suggestion.
    The relatives of the jabbed that die are totally silenced by the main stream media and I am convinced that many want the public to know.

    Make a central spot that these people can post their funeral pamphlet. Searchable by name, and/or date, and/or country … ?
    I hope the trolls do not kill it.

    1. Brother Bugnolo,
      You are a God Send. Your site is the first site I go to for any news.
      Please keep up the good work. I have learned so much about our Catholic Faith and what is truly going on today.

      Blessings to you, I can not thank you enough !

  10. I only use Telegram and have noticed a big reduction in account holders stopping video sharing in comments section or chat sections of their accounts which has meant my sharing capacity has reduced alot over last few months using Telegram. But I do share privately with the small amount of friends I have left…

  11. I am amazed at the depth of your research and have shared some of your articles to my Facebook page (where I am currently banned) and have managed to get your website mentioned on my Pinterest page on occasion.
    God bless you Alexis Bugnolo.
    Amen. 🙏 x

  12. 1). There is a poem by an American woman, Amy Lowell (1874-1925), entitled “Patterns”. You should read it.

    The modus operandi of most people today is like a train rather than a bird, as it was before 2000 when there was no wide use of the internet. If they are accustomed to using youtube (or some other) to watch videos, then that’s where they watch videos, rather than watch them on a hosting site.

    2). the internationally famouse Canadian philosopher/rhetorician and prophet of the internet age before there was an internet is the Canadian Marshall McLuhan. He said “the medium is the massage (message)”. I.e., the mode of delivery is every bit, if not more sometimes, important than the message itself. Furthermore, it may not be possible to discern seperably each.

    As Jack Nicholas told Tom Cruise in that Hollywood movie, “you can’t handle the truth”. You as in most people cannot handle everything coming at them at once, which is the case of your website. Your website is not just, to borrow McLuhan terminology, hot media (being the internet) but it is very hot content too. . . . So, probably lots of people feel the need to watch the videos or essays on other platforms or places in order to reduce the rhetorical/semantic energy.

    3). By comparison to Evangelicals, most Catholics never have considered eschatology. Indeed, priests since Vatican II have instructed the faithful to ignore Revelations. Priests and radio apologists often tell Catholics Revelations is too difficult for anyone, or most to understand. EWTN is notorious for dumbing it down like this. . . . And so, many Catholics who come into contact with your information likely are reticient about forwarding it to other Catholics.

    The exception among Catholics are the traditionalists and those who say the Rosary on a regular basis, for they are usually familiar with Our Lady of Atika and other apparitian messages.

    4). You would improve your vocation as a Christian journalist by intersplicing all the gloom & doom with some happy talk or music. How about some Tazzi group chant from Spain. And speaking of Spain, the pilgrimage of St. James should be a big deal this year, 2022 compared to two years previous. . . . Franciscans probably never made beer, but you must know some Trappists monks in Europe who can talk about that.

    Another suggestion is providing a saint page. St. Anthony of Padua and St. Therese of Lisieux are incredibly active in the world today. We know of an atheist who have lost his wallet full of money and after much resistance agreed to ask St. Anthony to assist them in finding it, and hedid. It scared the begeezus out of him. Another secular person who after being told about St. Terese later found themselves shopping and happened to purchase a bottle of French brandy only it was a calvados. They later while drinking the brand happened upon a web page about St. Therese and read that she died in Calvados region of France . . . There are lots of numinous annecdotes the audience would have to add to this or that saint if you had a page of saints. This gets audience involved more in the website. But really the human person on a spiritual path needs to experience exaltation from time to time.

    If one reads Isaiah then one sees it is not always fire and brimestone. Thomas a’Kempis (1380-1471) writes that Christ visits His chosen with trials AND consolation; and this is very different than what God tells Cain in Genesis 4:7 where there is no consolation only trials.

    The Gospel is said to be the good news. So, what good is God for the world here and now? Because the devil is constantly making us offers. . . . All the religions have been infiltrated by the Masons. And it seems God is far away leaving us to wander about the stage like Vladimir and Estragon.

    5). Many of those with youtube channels are always saying or having a video graphic popup indicating that the audience should like and subscribe. So you probably need to always remind people to forward your videos if you want them to.

    And one thing about pre-Obama American culture is that one must always have an actionable idea. Ideas by themselves are considered superfluous by Americans. . . . Remember, the first philosopher in the United States was William James who basically invented the school of philosophy known as Pragmatism.

    6). You could consider a page in Espanol. Some video platforms offer translation in captions. Youtube does this with many videos. A lot of Mexicans in the USA are into End Times. And they often end up talking to Jehovah’s Witness because the Watchtower magazine is always on point with that. And because Vatican II priests tell the flock not to read Revelations, or say Rosary or read about Marian apparitian messages. There is a HUGE void in outreach to Hispanics by Catholics on the sort of topics Bugnolo is expert. . . . You could enlist a Spanish speaker to moderate that page, etc.

    7). Perhaps network with the likes of Dr. Taylor Marshall, Rules for Retrogrades, Church Militant in USA. These are on youtube or elsewhere.

    8). internet statistics are not always correct. Google, Amazon and others do a lot to manipulate view counts and other indicators. Your web data may be awry.

  13. Dear Brother,
    This daily visitor enjoys your excellent site.
    Shared at least five videos you’ve produced to (one getting over 12.5 thousand views)
    Wish I could support you financially but am enable to at present.
    Please keep up the good work!

  14. Never stop I will share more now that you said so …your amazing all the blessings to you and may all angels protecty you 🙏

  15. Also, I want to thank you for All the issues that you put in debate on your website. All of them are important, because they are all related. You cannot ignore one of them, they are forming like a puzzle : if you want to really SEE the Big picture and understanf it, one can analyse any of them.
    By the way, a video which is illustrating the very relation between the ‘puzzle’ pieces:

    Very interesting that the final message that magistrato Angelo GIORGIANNI is requested to send to the romanian public is about the ‘Pope’ Francis, the fact that thé ‘dismission’ of Papa Benedict XVI is NOT valid !!

  16. Don’t leave us. Need your information and connection to the Creator of the Universe and His Son. Your daily notes are a comfort even though the information is sorrowful but necessary to know. My relatives are all religious unbelievers so you are a brother to replace that loss in my life. They rewarded me evil for good so I need a brother in faith with a daily message to feel like i have a brother and a friend who puts his life on the line to tell the truth. Stay safe under the wings of the Almighty Father. In the name of Yeshua the Messiah Son of Yahweh. Amein.

  17. Dear Br. Alexis,

    I am very interested to your News Blog. I can read your Editor’s Notes by Chrome function “Translate to italiano” because I don’t understand english well enough. But when you make a video in english I cannot understand nearly nothing. Then, please write a synthesis of the videos in the post, either in english or in italian, so I can understand your video speech . Thank you very much.

  18. I follow daily but I cannot share from your site; unfortunately there is almost no one I know who’d not cringe from the religious overtone.

  19. I visit your site almost daily. Both Br. Alexis and AJ are a great duo when it comes to setting our current events in historical context. Keep up your great apostolate and may God bless you for your valuable service to the Church and State.

  20. Please don’t stop your videos! I’ve only just discovered you but you have taught me SO much. I’ve recommended your site in lots of places. Maybe that’s what people are doing? Sharing your whole site rather than a specific video?

  21. Your site is a great source of information- excellent – but I’ve noticed one or two videos that struck me as outrightly Masonic in tone.

    1. There are some masons who are against the Great Reset, and if they speak well, I will publish their video. I make distinctions and hope my readers understand that I do not publish videos to recommend the speaker, but the majority of his message.

  22. Dear Brother, I appreciate all you do in getting the truth out to those whose souls are in most need of it . I share your articles with my small network of the non transhumanized remnant, and my immediate family that are I’m afraid of the great nano botted falling away , I will not give up on them even though it is discouraging that they will not listen, even in the midst of two of our mutual childhood friends so far coerced to their deaths by these injections and the supporting role of the death camp hospitals. Brother your preserving of Truth is a great inspiration an oasis of light and truth in these arid and dark times.
    We must endure to the end . I will continue to share forward the truth here as often as possible.

    God Bless you Brother.

  23. Br Bugnolo …

    I think you answered your own question. You get thousands of views on YouTube because YOU intentionally post your videos on YouTube and people like what you post. Your FromRome website will never come close to having that much traffic.

    So … YOU must find other ways of expanding the places where your content will be accessible like getting your own GETTR account and post YOUR own videos … your own Rumble account … your own Telegram account … your own BitChute account … etc.

    You and your perspective and thus your content is unique especially from Rome. You are different from many other providers of content. So, do what so many other new media personalities do to expand their viewers … find ways to become a guest on shows like WarRoom with Bannon … reach out to platforms like The Conservative Brief to post your content that my good friend Eugene Garen founded that gets millions of hits a day. The Republic Brief is another good platform. Have them start posting YOUR videos just like you post other content from other personalities on your FromRome website.

    Since you are not commercializing FromRome then be happy with 500 hits a day and explore ways to get a million hits on other commercialized platforms who get income from a source of content that grows every day. They benefit financially while you benefit apostolically.

    What this means is that YOU need to be a constant source of unique content from a unique personality. You have a wonderful presence in your delivery of your own videos! The world out there respects a Catholic centered point of view on damn near everything today. Don’t think that people especially the young don’t enjoy being educated from a Catholic perspective from a Brother and learn the difference between a Brother and a Priest, etc. This is how the majority of people get educated on most issues today. Find issues that are different from the main issues like vaccines but intersect with each other. Your 3 minute homilies will be well received.

    While this puts a burden on you, it is your apostolate in life so run with it. Pray to St. Josemaria Escriva who encouraged all of us in The Work to find ways to re-evangelize the media in these modern times.

    You are doing great work! I watch YOUR content because I am well aware of other people’s work that gets posted on FromRome and dozens of other platforms.

    May Notre Dame Our Mother intercede for YOU!

  24. As one whose old and unsupported laptop can view ONLY the written word, I get fewer usable messages. In times past, I found valuable information on the Church but that percentage has been severely diminished. I would unsubscribe, but hesitate to do so for fear of missing important truth of the Church, recognizing that such truth will be distorted by other media sources.

  25. Dear Br. Bugnolo,
    I appreciate your hard work very much. Your electronic journal Fromrome is highly informative, the website is well designed and, most important, your voice is a unique one on the internet.
    Humbly, I can make one (trivial) suggestion to increase your audience. Most people nowadays visit the internet on their smartphone, and not via a mobile-browser, but via an “app” of one of the big social platforms. Portability, ease of use and push-notification keep people addicted to the apps on their smartphone. (This, by the way, may explain the higher number of visitors on youtube, wich also has a popular “app”). Have you already tried a social platform? I am not an expert, but Telegram has advantages above Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.:
    1. no censorship (So far. There are rumours that one of the founders may have ties to the WEF and ofcourse there is venture capital in it. Some leftwing politicians in UK and Germany want to shut Telegram down.)
    2. popular among the alternative-news followers
    3. longer texts are possible than with Twitter
    4. there is a limitation on the size of video’s in the Telegram posts themselves (2 GB, but I am not sure), but embedding links to external video’s is well done.
    Problem with all social platforms is how to deal with comments (authentic, but also spam, bots and trolls.) I think in Telegram you can run a “channel” without comments, but I am not sure what are the options for (delayed) moderation. It is always good to consult a real expert before trying something new on the internet!

  26. Hi Bro!

    I’ve just found your Telegram channel. is the right one, I guess/hope.

    Well, I think this will improve your views. Many have moved to Telegram. Easier to share stuff. Pls update it!

    Another tip: many of your news are already in other channels, so I suggest to share really important news. Ppl are flooded with way too many news and there is less and less time. So, inevitably there is a filter….

    Bod bless you!

  27. Since a longer time your articles are forwarded to other in a good number of cases, since they are really important for anyone.

    Too bad not ALL articles are received in the email here and that the last few days resubscription has to be done every day……..

    Recently you got send the latest message from dr Astrid Stuckelberger: that the WHO is the worldgov’t and plans to take over on May 1 ’22 + that the lifting of measures that is going on now should not mislead us.
    Dr Stuckelberger is a fmr WHO-MD.

    Please keep up the good work!
    God will protect you and everyone of good will.

  28. Dear Brother in Christ,
    May the Triune God bless you.
    I listen, here in Poland, to you podcasts in English mainly thru FromRome.
    They are very important for me as a catholic.
    Very often I would like to share your podcast.
    However, sharing them in English does not make any sense since most of my “contacts” will not be able, in fact, to understand them.
    It is very good that your podcasts are open to be downloaded.
    I would like to prepare and then to share a Polish version of them (some of them).
    In one case I started to prepare a Polish subtitle version but, since I was not sure about some parts of it (they were unclear or incomprehensible), I decided not to finish it.
    For me it could be good to may download your podcast with your “official” English subtitles.
    Best regards,
    Miroslaw Ambroziewicz

    1. Go to the telegram channel of Konrad Stachnio. He made several Interviews with Br. Bugnolo in Polish. You can share them.

  29. Dear Br. Bugnolo,

    Reading your electronic journal is part of my daily routine, and I am only too happy to share the information that you post. I use email and am on Facebook (although I do not care for it, it is one way to reach my family, and I have noticed some positive results from using it). I do not know, though, how much longer I will be on Facebook because my account has recently been tampered with by the powers that shouldn’t be. I have had my account restricted a few times, can only comment so many times in a day, and I’ve been warned that all of my posts are going to the very bottom of newsfeeds, which means, unless friends and family go directly to my page, they may not see my posts. Clearly, facebook is from the devil, but I know that God turns evil to good for those who love Him, so it is one of my greatest prayers (with confidence) that, with God’s grace and our Lady’s help, some good fruit will have resulted from my being on the FB platform for the past 2 years. I do know for sure that some have seen your information on my page and have checked out your site (now there’s some good fruit!), and am certain that those who are truly seeking the truth will find or be led to your website in time.

    When it comes to my closest friends, I can assure you that they frequently read your journal and share info. In fact, if it weren’t for one of them, I would not have known about your website.

    Also, I have an elderly priest friend (he is like a grandfather to me) who has visited your website, and has even shared at least one of your articles that I know of! Hopefully, there’ll be more shared by him. I will ask him to do so.

    Please be encouraged to continue doing what you’re doing, brother! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to open my eyes to many things. You have truly been a spiritual brother to me and my friends. I look forward to going to your journal daily, and I thank God and pray for you every day when I pray the Rosary. You are a true soldier of Jesus Christ! May our Lord continue to use you as one of His instruments. Keep up the good fight, brother!

  30. I read everyday and shared your famous video about when the flu season starts the chaos will begin on Facebook and other articles and such on group chats and to people I know via text messages. I share your stuff to people I know at least a few times a week.

  31. Thank you for instructions. I am thankful to you for spreading the truth. I will share the content and links. God bless your work.
    Andrej from Slovenia

  32. I look forward to every email that you send informing us of what’s occurring around the world. I send those links to like minded people who are concerned about keeping abreast of the rapidly changing events. Thank you for all you’re doing to keep our faith & sanity alive.

  33. Dear Brother,
    I’m a daily base watcher and I share all of Your Videos. Regrettably the are only very few people I know, that understand English. Therefore my range is limited. For myself I have to thank You for all of Your work and please don’t shut this website down.

  34. Hello Brother,
    Thank you for all you do for humanity. You can do what Steve Cunningham does. He makes a short video for YouTube telling people that he has a new video up and posts his the main videos on rumble and places like that. You can just tell people to go to the website.
    I thank you so much for all your hard work, believe me! I’m in the US.
    God Bless

  35. Dear Brother,
    I’m a daily fan of for more than a year now when I found your articulated, inquestionable defense of the truth I was already absolutely convinced of since Oct. 2016, that Pope Benedict kept beeing the pope. Antiglobalist, trying to resist the plandemic and above all and after all my faults willingly trying to honor Our Lord JC, I really feel at home here and have been sharing some of the posts in my Fb page and among family.
    Thank you so much and please keep fighting this war.

  36. I became a daily reader of this website about 6 months ago, and was introduced to your website by TradCatKnight, who shares all your articles to his group. Since his group is by subscription, you would not be aware of the hundreds of people who read your articles there. I am on Facebook and will start immediately to post your articles on Facebook as often as I can. Thank you for your holy work here. Please continue to post to the English speaking world! Tradition is blessed by your efforts.

  37. Br. Bugnolo,

    Thanks for producing these videos on the from Rome dot info, I find most of them quite interesting and worth viewing entirely.

    In response to you request for feedback about why people are not sharing your videos more often.

    In my case it is quite simple. First of all I only have a small number of fiends and family to begin with. Secondly those that I did share videos with (which was all my friends initially) would rarely if ever take the time to watch them. I got the impression they found my sending videos to them annoying.

    Granted most of the videos I had been sending to them were before I came across your videos.

    However, once I realized that all but one of my friends actually welcomed me sharing videos with them including many of the ones you do make I stopped sending videos to anyone else.

    It was clearly a wast of my time to keep sending videos to people who even told me that they didn’t watch any of them and so I stopped sending videos to them and also to ones who I knew weren’t watching them even if they didn’t tell me so.

    I had to finally realize that some people either don’t have the intelligence to look at more sides to a story than what is being presented by main stream media or that they just couldn’t understand the degree to which evil in this world exists and fall into that category of sheeple and people who refuse to be woken up. So this applies to videos from anyone not just the ones from from Rome dot info

    You’ve made many excellent videos.

    Luke 17: 35-36 “…two (men or women) shall be……one will be taken, and the other left. This chapter is about people who don’t want to listen I think.

    Looking forward to more of your videos!


  38. Dear Br Bugnolo,
    The Franciscan Friars have always held a special place in my heart so it was to my great delight when one day I heard your message referenced by Greg Hunter in another video he was doing. He had posted a YouTube link to one of your videos on his page so I found it and watched it. I’ve been following you ever since, praying for your protection, and sharing your links.
    In these dark times of spiritual warfare, thank you for having the courage to bring forth the original, genuine, and powerful Catholic teachings which have been hidden for quite some time in the latest version of shallow, Walmart-ized Catholicism (dumbed down purposely in advance)….
    As for your daily links, many news items have already been seen on Telegram by the time you email them but some are new or haven’t been seen so I share those. I agree with the other commenters that you’d do best to circulate your content on telegram, bitchute, rumble, etc, and also have interviews and thought-provoking conversations with other content providers…people will love it and benefit from it. Your personal videos and commentaries are the most valuable aspect of your content. Your spiritual and historical insights into the die off have been immensely valuable, psychologically preparatory, and spiritually strengthening to both my Catholic and non-Catholic Christian friends.

    I always look forward to your videos for spiritual guidance as well as for understanding present effects through your connecting them back to their original history and explaining how things depreciated to the present state which then shows us a way out of this mess through Jesus Christ.
    I cannot overstate how important these videos of yours are….your knowledge is so desperately needed and is greatly appreciated. You are teaching people the underlying spirituality of how things work. Please keep the videos coming, keep teaching and shepherding. You are doing more good than you can ever imagine….
    May God bless, keep, and protect you, Brother Alexis!

  39. Brother Alexis, I have shared your videos with my private email list many times. Disliking social media in general (while, yes, recognizing its value on the upside), I have yet to ever share any video by uploading to any of the sites I visit… partly because I am technologically ignorant without much interest in changing that. [I increasingly long for pre-Internet times… cyber world & technology have begun to feel akin to a flesh-eating (soul-eating?) virus.] But I will look into sharing some of your videos on Rumble, Bitchute, BrandNewTube, etc. Your contributions are so valuable and important, and I would love to help them become more accessible to more people. Infinite blessings!

  40. Dear Brother, I live a very isolated life and am not on social media, but I do share links to your videos with a couple of friends, one of whom is on social media and shares them. Your website is one of a few I check every day for what I believe is some of the most accurate news I can find. You are in my prayers every day.

  41. From Rome is the first site I check every morning! And throughout the day.

    I agree with most of everything that has already been said. I have very few associations who are willing to consider insights outside what they have already decided is the “truth”. Between my husband and I there are 14 siblings. FOURTEEN! That translates to dozens of nieces nephews, etc. ALL are vaxxed. And none listen.

    So, perhaps, your audience ultimately is the faithful remnant.

    God bless, and thank you

  42. How about a video interview with Bishop Gracida or Lenga on Benedict’s invalid resignation? Somehow, you must get this message out! How about an interview with Ann Barnhardt? She agrees with your canonical arguments and analysis.

  43. I have a bitchute channel that I have uploaded a few of your video’s to. It has generated about 10000 views on my small channel. I have seen many others do the same on bitchute. One of them had over 100,000 views. I have no other social media. The covid response has squashed my family and church contact. Thank you for your efforts.

  44. Hello brother,

    I mostly use telegram, but in French and for only a few people.
    Posting italian or english without subtiles is practically useless.
    And there is so many articles between yours and the others.
    I select mostly french ones and according to my heart.
    I’m sure the few with subtitles I found among yours have had their impact.
    This one is my favorite, but I just saw that it is relayed indirectly on odysee. I no longer use facebook, or twitter, and avoid youtube links as much as possible.
    I trust our lord for the rest.

    Come Holy Spirit, visit the souls of your faithful.
    Fill with the grace of above the hearts you have created

  45. PRAY and ask your viewers for prayers for GOD and the MOTHER OF GOD to lead you, guide you, and help you every step, moment, and every breath. Your Mother, THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, has provided the HOLY ROSARY as Heaven’s Weapon for our times.

    We must all pray and of course, act in the way that GOD’S WILL is accomplished, and that not our own will be done.

    GOD’S WILL is sometimes that his instruments be simple and little and satisfied with this state of life given to the individual person in which GOD has chosen to be honored and glorified.

    In this evil age in which we were created by GOD to live, the reigning motivation is insatiable avarice, conglomerate hugeness in making one’s brand bigger, along with more and more and more greatness and powerful influence; however, is this the WAY OF GOD or does GOD value the little, the humble, and the person who is doing HIS WILL no matter the size of influence and achievement according to the world’s standards?

  46. I follow daily, here in Canada the newsletter comes directly to my inbox, however some of the way the articles appear are hard to need a better link to the stories..


  47. Good day Brother Bugnolo.
    Like many others I visit your site every day. Here are some of the reasons: You are very well informed and perform a lot of researches; this way you save me a lot of precious time. In addition to be informed and up to date, you are candid and principled; I can believe you. You make mistakes like any human being but you are ready to correct yourself (e.g. L Montagnier).
    All in all you are a valuable source of information and help people develop a better understanding of the current complex situation.

  48. Dear Br Alexis,
    God Bless you for the work in the Vineyard of the Lord. Viva Cristo Rey! I am off SM for several years now as it was destructive for my peace. I read you every day, sharing through text to a small group of friends. I am not sure who appreciates your work as usually I hear no comments back. It is a lonely place. I am praying for now as I sense you might be going through a spiritual attack of some sort; please do not concern yourself with the SM numbers for it might) be a trick of the evil one. Continue to abide in Christ completely , focusing upon Him who you have rightly said is the only Way out of this mess. Do not compromise. Remain within His Sacred Heart and His blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart. I know that even if your numbers don’t “appear” to reflect much growth, you are impacting many! My favorite videos are when you talk with Dr Zev who also seems to have a deep religious understanding of what is happening. Also, your videos with AJ have been excellent and I have learned much. Please know that I am holding you daily in prayer 🙏🏻♥️💙💛🙏🏻

  49. Dear Br. Bugnolo,
    At first, I didn’t know what to make of your Blog and merely watched and listened. Then, I believe you sent an article out originating in Detroit at ‘Church Militant’ and I became involved with that outlet and far more with yours since you had proven to be trustworthy as information you had provided weeks earlier was verified as absolutely ‘on target’. Since then, I send information from you to a tight group of people and I assumed those people had subscribed or perhaps, I hoped they had since they have far more ability to provide support and funding than I do since my life was destroyed. I continue to send information out to certain folks. I AM NOT involved with Social Media…Despicable, lying propagandists and have not missed them for over 10 yrs.
    I love what you’re doing and am impressed with your fortitude, courage and apostolate or mission towards the housing of religious. With the Pachamama Prelate in the Seat of St. Peter it’s difficult to determine what or whom will remain in the Vatican and who will leave. I keep thinking the villagers of some remote area will show-up with pitchforks in hand to take care of him and the St. Gallen Mafia putting him there and they don’t. Then I must pray and go to confession resulting from having such impure, evil thoughts.
    Thank-you for continuing to keep us informed out here in the Ether.

  50. Hi, Brother Alexis,
    Among many others, I too am very grateful for your timely Catholic postings, especially since you are “boots on the ground” in the Eternal City.
    I do not participate in social media, and so rely on a couple of trusted sites for current happenings.
    Do keep up your wonderful work.
    God bless you and your undertakings.

  51. This website sparks a connection with others around the world. We don’t always have to agree, but we should try to LIVE together in truth. Keep the connection going as long as you can. Edith

  52. Br B
    Someone we can count on who has been given by God your intelligence and insights and willingness to help us grasp , not only the information, but the way to process it according to Gods will is helping many to form their conscience in a world that has no conscience . We need you to continue the battle. And we will continue as your spiritual children as long as God allows. God bless you.

  53. Br. Bugnolo,
    I love your site and enjoy getting several emails every day. I am not good with tech, so I tell friends about your website. The only social media I am on is Gab. Unfortunately I do not know how to post a link there, and I need to enlist my teenage grandkids to teach me! I love to read the comments, which is how I found your website while at Church Militant, a few years ago. I am not a fan of long videos, but I love the articles! I was enthralled with your explanation of Pope Benedict’s resignation concerning the Latin, etc. You greatly help me to understand the truth of the Catholic faith, and you handle news in other countries. Please keep up the good work that you do!

  54. Br. Bugnolo,
    Visiting everyday for real news with your deep spiritual insights since seeing your timely “when the flu season starts, the chaos will begin” video reposted on Please note I share links to your work on Lost my friends to wokery and family are willfully blind.
    I choose not to use big social media platforms because they are controlled by the system. In particular, the counters on big social media may be fake or bots; all traffic is monitored; and anyone can be easily censored at any time. Consequently, it is important that you please maintain complete because as editor you control your site. It may help to think of your own site as a back-up just in case.
    Incidentally, I bought your books and sent you a couple of modest donations. Keep up the good work!

  55. Some of your audience is the small isolated faithful Catholic “remnant” (e.g. me) not the mainstream (belonger) Catholics. Some remnants are waiting to see how things play out since there have not been hundreds of millions of vaccine deaths (yet) and none of the liars, traitors, and thugs have been arrested, tried, convicted etc. (yet). Some are looking to see what is not being reported (e.g. corporate complicity in the great reset etc) as much as what is being reported. Hope this helps.

  56. Dear Brother,
    Thanks for asking for feedback. Here is mine:
    1. Your content is superlative. You help us interpret alarming and apocolyptic events in the light of Catholicism, especially Traditional Catholicism.
    2. Perhaps out of ignorance, I thought viewing your content on your website might be costing extra money, taxing your bandwidth, etc. Therefore, I tend to view videos on YouTube, only not to burden you.
    3. When I share links to your website, I always prefer a link image that pertains to your topic rather than the Vatican/St. Peter’s Square. Many initially dismiss anything Catholic at first glance. Of course I disagree with their resistence, especially because I know how much you could help them. Take Dr. Zelenko, for example. He is wise enough to take in the Truth when you proclaim it.

  57. Brother, most of your videos will get your YouTube channel nuked so I think you post just the intro to the video there and tell people ” the link to the full video is below”

  58. Dear Brother Alexis,

    I am glad you posted this video and asked for comments. I enjoyed reading the comments above and how the From Rome website has touched so many that have taken the time to share with you.

    Yes, I do not remember how I stumbled into your website, but I am glad that God or my guardian Angel did what He did to your website. Everyday I check your emails and from it, look at every posting. I do not read them all, but I am aware of all the postings. Sometimes, I flag them so I can come back later in the day and read it in its entirety.

    I also check daily the Cross azure ( and the website that AJ moderates.

    The work and time you both spend is really appreciated. I pray for both AJ and you for your safety everyday hoping that our Lord will protect you and Our Lady will look after you both.

    As far as the feedback you ask for, I do not have a presence in other websites. I closed most of my accounts on other social media, for they did not add anything that would warrant me spending any time. As for MSM sites, they are purely propaganda of the left and the satanic agenda that I do not follow any. So from your postings, if I need to expand on a subject matter, I use search engines to find different points of view or the original article to find where the story started. As you have mentioned in many of your postings, some stories are planted by the left to deceive those that only look at headlines and the first sentence of a story. In your website, I know that you share stories so the reader can decide for themselves what is truth and what is not. I look forward to any commentaries that you might add to the posted stories, for they make me think further on other things that I need to research on the particular matter.

    Your work on the website is appreciated enormously, at least by me and I thank you for the time you spend on it. I share with my family members and I have gotten feedback on those sharing. My family (close and extended) are divided as far as the need for the death jab. By sharing the From Rome links, I have been able to convince three family members that they were wrong in giving into taking the jab originally. Since, they have stopped taking the boosters and unfortunately some have develop secondary symptoms that they are having to deal with now. But your articles and links about how to recuperate and fight those secondary effects, have given them renewed hope that they might recover. In all these cases, it has given them renewed faith in that trusting Jesus as the truth and the only thing that will get humanity to defeat Satan and the Freemasons.

    The way I share the articles is my email or my text messaging. Since I am not in the other mediums like Facebook, telegram, twitter, etc. So from that point of view, I cannot help increase the sharing.

    There is one way, I try to help your website is by donating once in a while to help with the website expenses. If anything, once a year keep us posted on how much is needed to keep the From Rome, Crossazure and the Ordomilitary websites on the net, since I know they are one of the few websites that are not controlled by the left.

    There is another aspect of the From Rome I like and it is the articles that you produce about the Saints and or Catholic history. From some of the stories that you produced, I have research on lives of saints that have lead to other articles I have shared with family members. Things that I remember hearing when I was a kid in school, but that nowadays are not longer taught in Parochial schools.

    Before running into your website, I already had doubts about the validity of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation. As you had exposed on articles you produced, I became convinced of that fact and your links help me confirm my own thoughts. I thank God for that, for now I have more faith in God about what is going on in these times. If anything, I am more convinced that the way out of this war between good and evil, is for humanity to return to the worship of the True God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    Your insight on the need for prayer in our daily lives, is something that people need to hear. I am always glad when I find articles on other links I stumble into that quote or refer to articles you have produced. Since I do not spend too much time on other social media, it is refreshing to see your viewpoints or articles quoted by others.

    So please, Brother Alexis, do not give up and you tell us. We have the truth on our side. We have Jesus Christ on out side and we have Our Blessed Virgin Mary on our side. If we can each convince one of our acquaintances to start praying daily again, we have done a little to help in the battle.

    May God continue to guide you and bless you. May Our Blessed Mother Mary protect you. You are on the right path.

  59. Good evening Brother,

    I am located in South Africa.

    I normally check what interests me on your emails, but generally across the board, I am looking at and trying to understand how the world is thinking, including in my own country.

    You do have interesting articles and myself being a Roman Catholic, I am happy to say that finding from was an accident and a blessing.

    What I thoroughly enjoy is ‘The Ordo Militaris Radio’. Then of course your personal videos like the recent one regarding our Mother. I sent that off, as I have my own sins to contend with 🤔

    Please keep up the good work

    Yours sincerely

    Ivan Stanley
    10/02/2022 @ 20:48

  60. I read “From Rome” everyday. I am a catholic. I trust the info posted by you Brother Bugnolo. Thank you very much for your service. I wish I could support you financially, but I am truly poor. I live on a very small pension. My husband left me many years ago (divorced me in civil court), to be with another woman. Because of Francis’ Amoris Laetitia he doesn’t plan to come back to his sacramental marriage (he feels excused to stay in a sinful relationship with another woman). Too bad Francis has nothing smart to say how am I (I refuse to find and be with another man) to survive in this world alone.

  61. Brother .
    1. YouTube every message in English. This platform is the most popular but is censored so temper the messages with direct links to uncensored versions.
    2. Carry the Internet Cross. Access across the board every single platform and share every message on those platforms.
    3. You, your messages, guests, and AJ are your call at this moment. Like Veronica and Simon the Cyrene, you refresh the body of Jesus Christ.

    The Righteous shall compass me about, for Thou shalt deal bountifully with

  62. Dear Br Alexis, may I add my comment to the growing long, grateful, and savvy list of readers . … Please do continue with your vital work: it’s more of your insightful videos that we need, not less.
    That we derive knowledge and direction from a rare voice of truth in these days of chaos. My local church closed its doors and kept them shut. They re-opened, but unfortunately the abandonment of the people speaks of the many years leading up to that; of the realisation that hit us. … Yourself and A J, with the scope and depth of research, are helping to keep alive that vital spiritual guidance and knowledge: to shine the light on the heaviness that so many people are feeling – church attendees and otherwise – who cannot recognise nor articulate, and who have been herded for so long in a spiritual gloom.

    The brazenness of those who think absolute victory is in the bag already. It is not a given. ‘ … And *unless those days had been shortened* no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened.’ Matthew 24:22

    .. manifested by the increasingly dark Hollywood over the last decade: with doused lighting and monochrome sets, A I alien themes. … Mainstream pop videos are similarly seeing the darkness quite literally descend: with names such as K West and L Gaga fronting kreepy but spellbinding CGI, summoned from the bowels of the netherworld, devoid of a chink of light. Blatant lyrics and references to the prince of darkness and *black goo* (mysterious sentient-substance said to be contained in the Kabaa at Mecca … and in the convid vaxsins). These videos are openly shocking if you usually don’t watch them, and snaring entertainment for those – especially the young – ignorant to the intent.
    The young especially need a counter-balance to the slew of conditioning they are under. Your demeanour and apparel is authentic and would appeal to their curiosity and their innate gravitation to honesty, even if they’re unaccustomed to words they’ve never heard before. As when Jesus drew in the curious and the hungry. … God’s supreme creation is awakened when the blinds are pulled off the window. The groundswell is happening and your message is as water in the desert.

    There are some very good suggestions in the comment section to increase viewer take-up.
    A guest-spot with those suggested established online presenters would bring access to their wider audience also.
    I picked up the link to your site via Odysee only last year, and wish it had been sooner.
    I will continue to put out links on those threads.

    Whether 500 (a substantial daily site viewing) or 30 daily views – the content and quality of your message is too important for us not to hear on your home site. Please do continue.
    Thank you for the prodding. We viewers need to do that bit more.
    Molto bene.
    God bless you and AJ. 🙏

  63. Sorry Brother, I don’t have too many friends, that know English, basically only one person (someone I know from church has a child, that knows English), so I can not share with anyone, but that person. I don’t know, if they have anybody to share with, what I send them. I hope it’s ok with you, that I can’t generate you any traffic, as I am not on social media.

  64. Hi Brother Bugnolo,
    I first watched your video ‘Truth’ on YouTube last year, then I started checking your Website regularly and I did send a donation. I repost your articles on gettr, which I suggest you join. Right now gettr is working well, so let’s take advantage before it gets corrupted. We love your content, really liked what you and AJ presented about Yuri Milner and the other Milner. Love that you are so emphatic, you don’t dither or waiver. You may enjoy the journalist John Waters (Ireland) on Substack. SGT report, Principia Scientific website, UK Column on Rumble, The Daily Expose, Interviews with undertaker John O Looney are all worth a look. You have an excellent collection, but more of that research you and AJ did about illuminati tentacles and links is very unique.

    Love from a church of England listener in the UK

  65. Hello Brother,

    I share your videos with anyone who is interested. Sadly, many of the people I meet and know are too interested in their personal lives and too brainwashed to believe any of this content.

  66. Brother please don’t change anything. You are so real to me I think we could have a beer 😂 I need a place like this to shore up my faith, because there is so much crap going on terrible things that pushes the faint of heart away from the church. I don’t want to go anywhere. Like Peter said to Jesus, “where will we go Lord? There is nowhere to go. The only thIng I need to do more of is to have more love in my heart and endless prayers for these Catholics who aren’t very Catholic anymore. Especially Bergoglio. I find myself engaging in some pretty ugly thoughts one can be righteously angry but need to be really careful about that

  67. I am more likely to share a video you yourself make from here, because I know it will not disappear. If you reference another source, I tend to track original source, unless you have edited bad language or other objectionable material out of the original. I think that on Youtube, you are getting people who just run into you when you appear on the side of a video that is maybe Catholic or on a similar subject. They are interested enough to listen once, but not to follow you here and keep up with you. I share based on whether I think video is applicable to my people, who are traditional Catholics. I do nto share your videos in other languages usually. Thank you for your work and God bless you.

  68. Sometimes a link on your site shows a video on Order Militaris ,so it’s viewed and shared from that platform.Also if your videos are shown on You Tube ,then their less likely to be censored on Twitter,and more likely to be shared.I check your site a couple of times a day ,it’s one of the first sites I visit.Its very different from other traditional sites because you give solid religious instruction,and up to date news on what’s happing in relation to covid and vaccines ,so it’s content is varied and interesting.

  69. very grateful for your video’s, I share them with my brain dead, death wish, fully vaccinated, fully catholic family. One San Francisco family member tells me he deletes my links as soon as I send them. Did I mention that my family members are fully prideful also, I forgot that!! Since I pretty much know they won’t go to any trouble to watch, i.e. more than one click, I send them your video’s that are on Rumble, bitchute and brighteon. That is my strategy.

  70. Hello from Vancouver bc.

    Someone posted a link to one of your talks , and if listened too all your talk now , I appreciate your angle because you have been so involved with spiritual and all that history. You have knowledge about .

    I’m into spirituality as well , have been 40 years , Mine is more of a realization of being one with spirit and allowing it .

    I really appreciate your trueness, you are your self .

    Thanks for all you do

  71. You’re on YouTube?!? How??
    I am not on social media, and even my family thinks my beliefs are a bit “out there.” But I do occasionally copy and paste the link to some of your information and email or text it to a select few who will look at what I send them.
    I like one person’s suggestion to participate in more interviews. Have you ever spoke with Michael Matt from He shares your views regarding Bergolio.
    Also, shares your views regarding the elite/globalists. He also says they will be running to underground cities because there is a massive earth changing event coming. (He’s been tracking earthquake and volcano data for over ten years.)
    I receive your emails and access your information from the email links. However, sometimes when I click the link, I am taken to your website, but there is no video or article there; just a blank space.
    I’m afraid that maybe there just aren’t that many of us out there willing to look at the information you present. The truth of the world’s situation beyond more than I think most people can grasp. Honestly, if a person can’t see what’s going on by now, I don’t know how to help them. The globalists have a good game going with distractions, polarization, blame, etc., and a lot of people get sucked into that.
    I, too, appreciate your work. Thank you for sharing.

  72. Although not having been a subscriber to From for long I have shared a lot of content on social media and use it for a similar purpose to what you describe. I think this site is great and has an original and unique approach to issues. I can’t add much to what others have suggested such as using other platforms like Bitchute, Odysee etc and maybe having an occasional guest to discuss important issues. If possible, maybe there are some subscribers who could add translations on other platforms of your videos for non English speakers? This might help reach a wider audience. I think as some have mentioned, it is also a good idea to use Youtube as a notice to where people can see your videos both here and on other platforms with a brief synopsis of what the video contains. That way you will not risk having your channel there closed down as they have done to so many others.

    I would like to add a observation on people’s engagement with social media or the lack of it which I think is reflected in life in general and might have a bearing on the points you raise. I have ad mined a number of groups mostly on Facebook and MeWe. What I have found is that regardless of how well researched or well written a topic is, the more serious it is the less people engage with it. It is as though they turn away from serious issues because they do not want to be unsettled by what is currently going on even while they are directly impacted by it. Yet you can see the same people strongly engaged by an issue or post which is inane by comparison.

    It is quite strange, very frustrating and makes you want to confront these people by asking, “how can you be so interested in this non issue but totally uninterested with living in a dictatorship?” Brother Bugnolo, your content is necessarily serious due to the issues you are covering and as an example, I shared your video on how to avoid the Great Reset a couple of days ago on a Facebook group. I asked members if they agreed with the suggestions you made and did they think it would likely succeed. From around a hundred members only two responded (largely agreeing) even though many more had viewed the post. This lack of response was not connected to your video but to a general reluctance to think about anything serious I believe. I find this to be overwhelmingly the case when there is the slightest whiff that something more than superficial thought is required.

    I think I have some understanding of how this type of situation has come about but unfortunately not a solution to it. I would only add that please keep doing what you are doing and try some of the suggestions people have made here. It might create a chink in the wall that can be widened into a chasm.

  73. Thanks to your good job, I read your posts everyday, like an information center. Just like I do with other independent sites. I recommend you to post in Telegram, they don’t have censorship, and are growing in popularity everyday, specially after the trucker’s convoys for freedom started to post there. Thank you.

  74. Hi Brother
    First of all please don’t stop posting on From Rome.
    I have been viewing your content for 6-8 months and I am now a daily visitor to this site.
    I have shared your content with a couple of friends who are not closed minded and who did appreciate the content I shared.
    I have also shared your content on Catholic twitter but I don’t have many followers.
    I will definitely make more of an effort from now on to share more of your work moving forward.
    Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
    One thing regarding why YouTube that might be getting more views may have something to do with push notifications. Whenever Ordo militaris Radio Tv puts out a new video, I get a notification on my phone or iPad to let me know even though I never set this feature up.
    Anyway my feedback is more of a thank you to you and A.J. too for providing thought provoking content and for shining a light on the underhand corruption at play by the globalists.
    As I say I will make more of an effort to drive traffic to
    God Bless you

  75. Brother Bugnolo,

    Greetings from The Free State of Florida, where I understand you once lived. You are a treasure and should be internationally recognized as such. The plandemic has brought me closer to God – really to re-seek God – and I know I am not alone. Certain names will stand out in history in this regard: Heilman, Altman, Ripperger, Barnhardt (and SuperNerd) and BUGNOLO. All-stars who told the truth, uncowed by anything. God bless you, sir!

    I really need to share the various pieces on this site more often. The fault is all mine.


  76. Many of those that would follow you might be older, catholic (or at least so leaning) and savvy enough to find your site directly or by podcaster mention. Like…”oh, do any of you follow Fr. Bugnolo? Well you should look up his website”. That’s how I found it from Dr. Lee Merritt’s Monday night subscription podcast.

    Also, people like me never engage any social media as we view it, or at least I do, as an evil, sinful risk. Especially, given the creepy developers who created that media and who still fashion their platforms to bring harm to the innocents, almost daily. And Brother, taking evil, sinful risks are the last things I want to do at my age. 70.

    Hey, don’t dance with the devil….or you may end up…dancing with him for eternity! I heard someone say that once.

    Last time I checked Hell was the worst place, Heaven was the best place and eternity was the longest time. So take no frivolous chances. Any of us, for any endeavor. Be careful of the devil’s wiles.

    My suggestions.

    Contact those independent platforms with many multiple contributors like Health Ranger, Brighteon TV, Bitchute, Rumble, Infowars, etc. Those that have spent big $$$ just to be independent. Ask them and their contributors to always make mention of you and your outreach. Believe me, they will do so gladly. That will drive many more to your site!

    And, when you put that head on your pillow at night you’ll know you sought the help of the good folk and not the dark side. That and prayer will get you further but you already know that.

    Don’t blow this, we can’t afford to lose you. Your insight is so frank, uplifting and warm so please don’t rush to a mistake as we’d miss you.

    Like most carpenters always say, and maybe that famous Carpenter too.

    Measure twice, cut once.

  77. Thank you for all of your information. There is so much that I am working through, studying it over time. I also share some of the information in a few groups as appropriate.

  78. Brother you have created one of the most cutting-edge news accumulator sites out there. You know the score and your editorial comments are much appreciated. I’m sending people here and sharing links. God Bless you:) It is better that you are independent of mainstream social media.

  79. I got no one I can share that kind of info with. I’ve come across this site after watching a video with you on some polish youtube channel (about 2 months ago). Ever since I vist FromRome almost daily. I’d miss that.

  80. I am not on any social media . Just YouTube . I watch your channel . Maybe you could contact and become involved with the Alex Jones site . Thank you for what you do .

  81. Thank you, Br Bugnolo, for all you do to lead people to the Truth.

    I am in Hong Kong, which is where the Bergoglian response to the scamdemic first materialised. (Or maybe de-materialised is more accurate!)

    I first came across your WordPress site in mid November 2018, specifically your article “The Validity of Pope Benedict’s resignation must be questioned”. I forwarded it to a friend as support for my position in a conversation.

    Since then I have forwarded links to articles on your site 80 more times on WhatsApp (which I have, but barely use), 10 on Telegram (which I mostly use to receive) and 184 times on my current messaging app.

    These forwards include to at least five Priests that I know reasonably well, as well as at least five groups ranging from a handful to over 150 people.

    It has been heartening to see other people in the largest group also forwarding links to your articles with increasing frequency.

    I jumped at the chance to support you by ordering a couple of your more affordable books recently and look forward to reading them.

    Please keep up your good work, in whatever ways the Lord leads you, Br Bugnolo.

    My top websites visited are (top rank first):


    Blessings and peace.

    1. I meant to add that the people I initially shared with were Catholics, on the subject of Pope Benedict’s invalid renunciation.

      When I posted to some larger groups of concerned citizens, I posted less Catholic-specific articles. I don’t recall anyone across my 275 link posts ever challenging your arguments or complaining about the Catholic content.

      The majority of friends now reposting your material are not Catholics and some are not even Christians.

      Authenticity and truth shine through your site and articles and some people are by God’s grace still drawn to the Truth.

  82. Thank you so much for sharing thisprogram. I have to tell you that I can’t unmute many of the videos. I’ve been sharing with my close friends but avoid facebook

  83. As one of your followers from the very beginning, your site is a daily go-to. Spreading your messages, however, is not always so easy. First, some of us de not have any kind of significant internet presence, and certainly no facebook, etc. Second, your content will indeed get you (or anyone posting you) kicked off anywhere mainstream.

    I share your messages in small, but significant circles. “Significant” meaning people who are informed enough to understand, and who will benefit, respond and pray. This is the real power in the world today.

    I am very happy that you have your own site, separate from unwanted oversight or intervention. It is a “safe” space to comment and amplify your messages without fear of being scorned or retaliated against.

    I, for one, am very happy being among the perhaps “small” number of people who truly benefit from all you are doing. Your seeds do not remain alone. They do bear fruit, not necessarily measured in numbers.

    Honestly, if you were in the “big league” with Taylor Marshall I would worry. Your apostolate is vital, and perhaps it is primarily an apostolate for a certain “remnant” of sorts. It seems to me that if you are focusing on God’s truth (which you are) He will draw people to your site.

    Please DO NOT become like so many other “Catholic” sites (like Taylor Marshall) who have so many interviews. Your site is unique. It is a nice blend of videos and a lot of written out articles. Written articles are extremely important, along with your videos alone or with AJ. We can find numerous interviews anywhere. Your site, as stated, is unique, with a clear, unswerving focus. And the limelight is NOT on the owner of the site, as elsewhere and everywhere “Catholic.”

    You ARE out there. People will find you. But since telling the truth is now “revolutionary” I am not sure that using all the current, standard platforms is necessarily possible or advisable. Maybe a “teaser” video on youtube, yes, with the link to your site. Anything else will be taken down.

    Please do not go “mainstream”. Ours is already pretty much an “underground” path, and there is some important protection to be had when staying as the tiniest of seeds, underground, that produces such beautiful fruit on a large tree (that cannot be measured with just numbers.)

  84. Hallo Br. Bugnolo,

    I am in Canada and reading your posts daily. Your work is important, and I wished that I had found your website earlier. You cover the spiritual side very well. I shared “” with my relatives and friends. I saw your videos on Somebody must have posted them there. I will keep sharing your posts.

    Thank you for all you do.


  85. On Twitter I’ve repeatedly retweeted your article “Six Reasons Why Pope BXVI’s Renunciation is Invalid”. Most pretend to ignore. Too bad for them. It’s correct and irrefutable. As occasion arises I post others.

  86. Dear Br. Bugnolo,
    We go to your website fairly regularly. We often tell others about you and your lessons. I hope we are doing enough to spread the word. We will try harder.

  87. Look forward to and pass on your message in as many ways as possible. Your message of truth keeps me sane.

  88. I just want, again, to thank the Holy Spirit that guided me and make me dropped on YouTube, years ago, on a video with Don Alessandro Maria Minutella with the title ‘Le sette possibili eresie di Bergoglio’. Than, I discovered you, dear Fra Alexis, in an interview with him on Radio Domina Nostra. And from then on I am following the Piccolo Resto Cattolico guided by Don Alessandro Maria Minutella.
    So I started to share all your articles about the invalid resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, with all my contacts, catholic or non-catholic friends and influencers that I knew. Because I believe That’s the MAGNA QUAESTIO for understanding the escathological time that we live now.
    And saying all this for I like to believe that your information articles on the deathwax, and not only, helped us a lot not to succomb to ‘their’ propaganda and so to remain the less innoculated european nation – Romania (yes, we have a strong resistance to the nanotechvaxx, that begun 15-20 earlier, like dott. Stefano MONTANARI discovered, also very listened within romanian conservative people).
    Maybe we still fear more GOD Judgment than the viruses and we don’t put our trust in the politicians, known as very corrupted people 😏
    Our Lady of Lourdes bless you with Her Love !

  89. I’m in the U.K. and I like to get to know what’s happening with this corona situation.
    Do not stop the video

    YAHWAH bless you.

    Great work BUGNOLO



  90. Brother Alex’s,
    The volume of reply that you have here is a testament to how well your postings are received.

    I am in England and socially quite isolated. I always come directly to your site every day for news and updates. I do not use social media and very rarely see anything on YouTube as I am trying to boycott Google. I do share some articles and videos with my dear friend who is a priest.

    What you do is very valuable to many people. Perhaps more than you may know.

    God bless you in all you do.

  91. I triangulate my “reading the signs of the times” from your blog, and two important but largely unknown / unappreciated books (especially in the USA) by contemporary Catholic authors : “Unveiling the Apocalypse” by Emmett O’Regan
    “Marian Apparitions, the Bible and the Modern World” by
    Donal Anthony Foley (forward by Aidan Nichols, OP, arguably the greatest living theologian in the English speaking world)

    I wish you would read/ review their books; then interview each of these authors separately, and then together, on your videos. They each have a website where they comment on current events from an eschatological viewpoint.

    Catholics aren’t encouraged by their pastors or Prelates to “Do” eschatology; however these two books I (a retired teacher with a degree in theology, as well as Biology and English Lit) and a lifelong interest in 1) history 2) the Book of Revelation are ALL I think the average intelligent Catholic layman needs (plus your blog) to obey the command Our Lord gave us to “read the signs of the times” so that we 1) may work out our own salvation in this era of apostasy, & 2) save as many souls of family, friends (& enemies) as possible.

  92. I’m sure you have similar links already but I thought you might like to have these: – also – “Any technology that records or interferes with brain activity is defined as Neurotechnology. Neurotechnology, especially brain-computer interfaces, has the potential to … link the brain directly to digital networks. Such innovations could challenge the very notion of what it means to be human.”
    It is not science fiction, it is here now. Here is a post about nano-components found in the vaccines. This is obviously about mind control.
    “Gr@phene is present to radiate, to multiply the gigahertz radiation coming from mobile phone antennas. That radiation allows the self-assembly structures to join up and function in your body.”
    Please study the site to learn how to protect yourself.

  93. Brother Alexis,

    I value your work very much, for which I am grateful. I assure you that your work is known, appreciated and also spread.

    YouTube has more visitors, so I think it’s normal to expect more views there than trough FromRome. With YouTube, the audience expands, because many open the videos after a search based on keywords and possibly get to her without knowing her. So it happened to me when I was looking for news from Rome.

    Together with my family, we often watch videos on the TV set, which has a YouTube menu.
    I share a relatively large number of those videos of yours, trying to limit the number per person, i.e. selecting the most interesting ones for certain people, because I prefer that they definitely get attention, rather than throwing a lot of material there that is then not watched just because too much. Sometimes you get more with less.
    I share videos almost always via WhatApp, sometimes via email, and almost always to the few people who are my active contacts. The plandemic has at least served to distinguish true friends from hypocrites … Unfortunately, with many of them it is no longer possible to communicate in normal terms.

    I almost always open FromRome from my PC which has a nice big screen – so I don’t need glasses 🙂 – and I send the links via WhatAppWeb. It is not my habit to download videos, I usually watch them online. Eventually I copy and save the URL to look at them again. pages could have an advantage if lightened. The navigation could also be divided into different menus in order to facilitate the search.
    A small photo serves as an example of the content. On the other hand, the background photo on the page is the same as the one linked to the video or article. This is confusing. Many sites use a page with thumbnails of the latest videos and a description of the contents.
    The video has a small window. It is natural to click on it to enlarge it. So instead you activate the link with the source (YouTube or other page) often without even noticing it.
    Not all of my contacts speak English. For some articles I use to send the translated link. For videos it is obviously convenient when you can choose the translations of the automatic subtitles. Subtitles are also handy when someone in the house is asleep, you don’t want to wake them up but don’t have a headset on hand. Many have time for surfing on internet only when the children are in bed.
    Finally a request. I would like to send you a little financial support as a token of appreciation for your work. But I can’t find the way because I don’t have a credit card, nor does my bank accept payments via PayPal. If you have a European bank account, I can send you money on the basis of the SWIFT / BIC and the name of the holder.
    Since this data is confidential, I would prefer to receive it via a private message on CrossAzure.

    Kind regards,
    Carla voor Vrijheid

    1. If they sell prepaid MasterCard gift cards in your country, you can use one of those to make a paypal payment

  94. One more suggestion, Brother Bugnolo-

    We would like to request that you interview Father Paul Kramer whom Father Gruner highly respected and who was a close and honest protégé and colleague of his for many fruitful years within the Fatima Center.

    Father Kramer was removed in a coup d’etat along with Coralie Graham [editor of Father Gruner’s Fatima Crusader] following the suspicious death of Father Gruner. This is just the beginning of the shenanigans by those who took over and now operate the newFatima Center.

    Father Kramer knows that bergoglio is not the pope.
    You and Father Kramer could be Catholic allies in this war if it is GOD’S WILL.

    Please let us know if you will consider interviewing Father Kramer.

    Also, many thanks for your tireless efforts to fight the good fight for the KINGDOM OF GOD on Earth against the enemies of JESUS CHRIST who are viciously battling to advance their demonic kingdom on earth on behalf of their father satan.

      1. We just sent an email to Father Kramer to request that he contact you via your contact page.

        Our hope is that both you and he will together further help the wearied souls of GOD’S children with the TRUTH that you both know and generously provide for those who seek and need this in the present evil age in which we are living .


  95. Love your content. I often share your viewpoints verbally with people at rallies and mention your website. I do the same with my friends and some of my family members.

    As you can see in my Telegram channel, anything I share related to your videos are all pinned messages.

    That being said, I don’t share ALL of your content because I’m still processing it myself, often listening to it multiple times, as it expands and challenges my own views on God, humanity and the Catholic Church.

  96. I come to your website almost every day. I live in Seattle, WA and for my mental and spiritual well being I take great comfort in knowing there are sites seeking to present the truth. Our Governor is extremely corrupt, likely cheated to get into office for a third term. We are under extreme vaccine and mask mandates, he wants to require vaccines for children to go to school, though my children will never step foot in a public school. Sending prayers and good wishes, Brother B, and please keep up this invaluable work, God bless!

  97. YOU must find other ways of expanding the places where your content will be accessible like getting your own GETTR account and post YOUR own videos … your own Rumble account … your own Telegram account … your own BitChute account … etc.

  98. “it is not I but Christ in me” The spirit gave you the knowledge, impelled you to share and made sure it reaches ONLY those that are ready. The impact should not determine if you should continue, For now it is just a seed. I share true email mostly. Majority of people do not want to know! Even those that are not jabbed wait for miracles and can not stomach bad news. They feel powerless and are not ready to suffer temporary unless there are guaranties – which nobody can give us. Important information is always reached by few. To get a hight number of followers you would have to share banal staff like: “how Chaotic priests REALLY remove their pubic hair”. That would attract large numbers. Doing interview with Clif Hugh, as somebody suggested would help, within a day after posting the number of views is mind blowing. I do not know how I came across your information might be Douglass Gabriel or Forbidden Knowledge, I am always looking forward for your conversations with dr. Zelenko, I loved video with this dr. from Argentina, you should do interview with him it will cover the whole South America, Spanish speaking world is enormous. Interview with Dr. David Martin would also be great. The more different ethnicities and groups you interact with, more your message becomes relevant. It will always be quality of people you reach that matters. “Most of the people stumble upon the truth, but quickly pick them self up and carry on like nothing happened”.

  99. Thank you for all you do publishing this site, Brother Alexis.

    I use your site and Steve Kirsch’s site almost daily for the latest world news and consider both to be my prime resources. I have 3 messenger groups that I share many of your site’s posts with each day, as well as sending postings individually to some people who are not members of my groups. I also post many of your postings on Facebook and Twitter before I was recently banned for 90 days for sharing another post from another site regarding the spike protein shedding discussion.
    I have also recommended many people come and look at your site and told them that they do not have to be Catholic to get some real value from so many of your postings and shared posts.
    So thank you for all your impressive work. I plan to keep on sharing!

  100. Dear Br. Bugnolo, I watch your videos in different free platforms, and although I understand your logic, I think your conclusions about the solution for this tyranny are not feasible. “Arrest all the criminals” sounds well, but is unreal. People are divided and then we couldn’t have the support of the armed forces, which is determinant of the success of any attempt to bring the criminals before the justice. And many people now reject to be awoken because it’s much more comfortable to continue inside the deception than to face their horrible reality when they have been inoculated. People don’t want even to see the sudden deaths and the maiming occurring around them, and the media are giving daily false-science justifications for the tragedies, most of them concealed to the public. The hypnosis has reached such a level that you can hear : “He has died, but thank God he was vaccinated”.
    Thank you for your work. I think we have to spread information, not complying, and denounce frontally the crimes and the criminals, and, above all, pray. If we soften the hypnosis in others, perhaps it will facilitate in due moment the defeat of the satanic conspirators.

  101. Hello Brother. I no longer use social media (although I still have a Facebook account). I am an American, who views your page almost everyday in search of news about the deathvax as well as Catholic Church news. You are such a great resource for international news and articles it seems. I value your knowledge and in-depth analysis of topics which are “banned” on platforms like YouTube (at least I think they are).

  102. Please please do not stop your videos. I am no longer on social media since November 2020. I go directly to websites and subscribe via email. Now that the Globalists are retreating and regrouping, I may consider rebuilding my online presence just to share your content.

  103. I watch a few times a week, i do not share videos because i dont do YouTube or facebook or anything like that. I take in info from you and bitchute , brighteon and before it’s news, so basically im a sponge but i do provide warnings to friends and family and loved ones. I will recommend your page to others though. Thank you

  104. God bless you for your reporting. Rest assured that your links are being shared. The information you share is invaluable.

  105. Now that I have found you , I check daily and share with my family that is open to truth. We are all practicing Catholics. I find you offer much truth, guidance and spiritual knowledge. I’m so amazed that we have very few church leaders to guide us. I no longer listen to main stream media. I like how you post world wide experts and true news from other nations. In America it is so difficult to find world news that’s true. Your knowledge of the globalist , deep state and elites is in line with the information I’ve believed for 20 years. Everyone thought I was off my rocker. I really would like to learn more about what you’ve gathered over the years about the masons, central banks, arms dealers etc… do you have any books? I always share what you teach. You are an excellent teacher. Thank you. Do you believe the Antichrist will be allowed to come to full power in the next few years?

    1. See Ordo Militaris Radio TV for more about central banks, the masons, and the globalist conspiracy’s origins. I think that the children of today, will be alive when the Antichrist comes, yes.

  106. I don’t use Facebook for politics but I send FromRome to those that are open to the truth. Facebook feels as if it prevents me from seeing the truth, it is only for Birthdays, anniversaries and such…. I text your web page to those that are searching within my circle which is small.

  107. Hi Brother, I have just recently started to read here regularly. I don’t have much of an audience , but I am starting to share the content with the few I do have contact with.
    God bless

  108. Dear Br. Bugnolo,
    All the comments above guide you much better than any suggestion I could offer. This Aussie found you on recommendation from my very Catholic cousin. I’ve been hooked since the video of Dr Zelenko, Lowell Gallin and you on Bitchute. Don’t change anything as this is a very unique site. Like many others above in the thread, remaining a pureblood has narrowed people in my orbit, which is a bit sad so sharing your content with the jabbed is hit and miss. Unless you are awake now, I think people are destined to be in the twilight zone of living. Please know that you are so greatly appreciated and I know I am not alone in scouring my email inbox to see what you have in store for us. God bless and keep up the valuable work you do each day for as long as it calls you. Kind regards, Kate

  109. Br. Bugnolo,

    I’ve posted a number of your videos on FB, primarily in a Fortean group called ‘Beyond Room 313’. The group is ran by the Irish author, Thomas Sheridan, his background is Pagan, but some of his perspectives on the scamdemic are spot on, he has a couple of channels on YT. I would suggest reaching out to John Waters and Gemma O’Doherty, an interview or discussion between the three of you would be quite something.

    Keep up the good work and God Bless

  110. Hi Brother Bugnolo, I came across some of your videos on Bitchute quite by chance and have been a fan ever since. Have you considered uploading your content to Bitchute?

    I recently joined Telegram so will share to as many channels as I can. The situation in Australia and New Zealand is now dire and suicides have skyrocketed. There are many people in Australia and New Zealand both Christian and non-Christian who know about you. People in the antipodes are acutely aware of how isolated they are.

    These Australian websites stream the convoy protests in Australia:

    There is an independent news channel in New Zealand which is live streaming the current protest at parliament

  111. Hola Brother Alexis. I am Juan from Spain. I must say that I am following fromrome almost daily,since I saw your interviews with Conrad stachnio about 3 months ago. I find your page extremely interesting and informative in what is going on in the world, and I find your insights, interviews and comments extremely interesting and inspiring since you profess a really clear, coherent and earnest view of what you think. I wouldn’t like you to close this portal at all. The sources of inspiration for us fighters for truth in this treacherous world we are living now are scarce and your absence from it would mean a great lack. I try to share your videos and news with as many people as I can, but indeed, here in Spain there are not so many people with a level of proficiency of the language as to understand spoken English. But I am sure if those videos were subtitled for instance, you could have a lot of following here in Spain. I am a current follower of LA quinta columna here, and they just showed that little speech of yours calling for the arrest of the wicked two days ago,just because it had subtitles. Well, la quinta columna has some 240 thousand subscribers now,just to give you an idea. Also I am a secondary/high school English teacher and I have shown a couple of news from your portal to my students. It’s a certain source of feed on what s going on. My commitment with truth has already earned me a couple of 3rd grades with the director and headmasters of the school, and who knows what else may be coming along. But that would be another story. To sum up, I just want to say that your portal is a great source of vital information. Your presence and actions here in the nets a continuous source of inspiration, and would make me very sad if you were to part from here. But I reckon the huge task that you devow to this portal must be burdensome for you, so, nobody better than you to evaluate what’s best. Sincerely, Juan C. Pace et bene.

  112. Hei!
    Roman Catholic from Norway here.
    I have no trouble understanding you but most of those I know run from any info delivered in English. I share verbally in Norwegian, and the pebble in the pond effect is very real.
    I’m up against the constant fear mongering in the media and medical sector – don’t they love being in the news spotlight every day🤨 No one gave a hoot about them before all this unless they were really sick!
    Those whom I have managed to convince with your NWO info are eager to hear more. Up here the media is totally controlled by the “other side” as are politicians and medics. Brainwashed is the only word for it.
    Also the vast majority I know have a nominal interest in God so it’s an uphill battle getting them to understand the spiritual warfare we are in. Keep sharing your videos please – anything that interest you will interest me.

    I find it easier to watch you than to read text.

    Your “how to be a Catholic “ series is an eye opener to me. I wasn’t catechised until I started to dive into the subject myself. Now I tell others too.

    You and your team can be assured of my prayers, along with and his team, all those brave truckers etc,

    In the end, I think humanity deserves what we are now getting. But eternity is something everyone should strive for.
    God bless you Brother Bungnolo

  113. Dear Br. Bugnolo, I miss the possibility to post/ to share the videos themselves directly to bitchute or telegram – without download them to my computer – but directly share the video, so that other viewers can click on them in telegram or bitchute and watch directly.
    Till now I share the article and the video is attached To the article. The viewer must then click the link, then will be provided to your site fromrome and can then watch the video. This is a little complicated.

    1. you can download all my videos with the white diwn arrow above each video but many may be too big for sharing… otherwuse click a share button at bottom if the post before the comment section

  114. BR Alexis, although not a reader of From Rome (Shinto Buddhist), I regularly watch your videos when shared to You are a beacon of hope to both myself and other viewers on that platform. God and ancestors with you.

  115. Sometimes we need to take a little break from all the craziness in this world…

    To remind ourselves that God made a beautiful Earth and many good humans contributed to making it beautiful.

    Maybe we can find gratitude in the midst of all this craziness.

    Perhaps your readers may agree…

  116. It has been a few months now since I first discovered you and I look forward to seeing your videos and reading your articles. I would love to share your videos on Twitter but unfortunately I am not the right one to get you a lot of exposure. I somehow managed to survive the great Twitter purge 1 and 2 but they now block me via their pesky algorithms so most never see me. As for Facebook, I do have many “friends” there but somehow they all drank the covid kool-aid, I spend as little time as possible there now. I can’t take the ignorance!! I will however try sharing your videos on Telegram, for some reason it had not occurred to me to do this, my apologies. Thank you for all you are doing.

  117. You do an important work, Brother. For me you are one of the “must reads”. One of the factors that make you stand out is your status as a brother. You have a unique status in that way, you’re one of us but you have a membership status that makes you a bit of an insider. But here you are, one of the people! You get it. You speak candidly, not couching things in careful terms to self-protect. You know a lot. You have good insights. I, too, am one of the “disconnected”. I only know one person I could share From Rome with, and he’s having visual problems and using the Internet is tough right now. Other than that, I’m on an island. God bless you Brother, and all here.
    (Would it make life easier for you to post the same content here AND You Tube, to cut down on the workload for you?)
    I forgot to say the other day, I hope you’re doing better with the magnetic situation. Any improvement?

  118. Dear brother Bugnolo,
    How wonderful to read your brutally honest reports.” Arrest them. ”
    You ask for feedback on why we/I dont share more. I have, on that horrible site fb, but amongst my unwoke family and friends they are all tired of my political postings and are not interested. On telegram etc there are thousands of postings, of which many are interesting, but again its alot to scroll through.
    Like you I want to grab people by the shoulders and make them move! I pray for guidance and inspiration. Go to protests. Share information from doctors and scientists. Go to meetings. But as you suggested, I believe the key action is arresting them. The media, politicians, etc etc. How do we get a brainwashed army to do this? It appears that as protests grow and evidence is being revealed more police are waking up also. We are moving to a tipping point. ( I am in New Zealand and seeing the police warming up to the protestors)
    If you have any inspiration on how to arrive at the point where we can arrest…tell it! Practical steps we can use to get to this point I would post on more places on telegram.
    Opinions are not alot of use…but your encouragement to be strong and fight is.
    Thank you.

    1. I cannot answer your question in public, since victory over globalist requires that they do not know our tactics before we deploy them.

  119. Hello Brother Bugnolo.
    In response to your question:
    I store your videos and posts in a separate file in my email when they arrive. I am not on ANY social media whatsoever. I have few friends and no children or husband.
    Lately I have received none of your postings. The last time was Wednesday, March 16. Have you stopped sending, or have your emails been blocked by big tech? Thank you for broadcasting the truth!

  120. Hello brother Alexis. It may seem irrelevant, what I will tell you, but, please, take a moment to think it through and suggest something please. Where I come from, (city of about 110 thousand of citizens), there’s a handful of people who attend traditional mass. From those few there’s maybe 3 to 4 that will talk to you about current affairs, without running away after
    few sentences. If one wants to survive this whole mess with “n?!&w(;:-o”, one needs to BUY !!!water to drink. Water coming out of tab most of times is not for drinking (it’s yellow-reddish in colour). There’s no demonstrations of any kind, no marches or protests whatsoever, never ever. Nobody’s talking about it, I mentioned it to my only sister, she doesn’t even know, where our water is coming from !!!(she thinks I am crazy, no point of communicating with her). I live with my mother (91) in rented apartment. My mother has Alzheimer’s. I have no wealth of any kind, I actually am in depth, for teeth implants, that are not finished (dept I need to pay yesterday). I relocated from neighbor of where you are coming from, in 2019. Ever since, I work sporadically, plus I have a half of minimum pension. Recently I received an offer to work in a local school (kindergarten), school aligned with “wef” recommendations (parents of those children don’t even know what it means, totally oblivious). I am supposed to start on December 1st. I need this job. I am not ready to go down without a fight (I let bastards to knock me down already too many times). If I don’t pay this dept very soon, I may go to jail, without a way out for long time (I know it). So I am going to take a chance, plus….. those children, they innocent, they vulnerable, I want to help them to grow. I know there will be problems from day one: there isn’t one thing in curriculum, agenda (however they want to call it), that I would want to comply with. It’s all 100% “in$)(doc/-:,tri@“‘nati/:;(on!”!!!!!!! with premeditation !!!!!! what are those children be forced to endure. What to do? How to proceed about this in a context of what you pointed out in your Manifesto? By the way, I am on your side, I (totally!!!!) agree with all you’re saying and your point of view.

    1. Not every one can react. A lot of folks in dire predicaments financially, as yourself, have to wait it out and hope the others do do something. Take the job and do not speak to everyone about the truth, but wait for the right moment and measure it out like strong medicine, by droplets.

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