Br. Bugnolo’s Monthly Appeal

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

First, let me thank the great number of truth lovers who read FromRome.Info and have made it what it is today by their support. I am a Franciscan brother by profession, and journalism is something I do out of necessity. I would really prefer to live in a quiet hermitage and pray, in some solitary place. But as humanity is under the greatest satanic attack in world history, I feel out of charity obliged not to remain silent.

And this I could not have done without your support, interest and encouragement. Thank you!, which began in 2013 as a blog for theological commentary about the events of the day, has grown in recent years into a small but highly read publication, with now about 8 million readers per year. For this I thank each one of you for reading, sharing and recommending our articles to friends and relatives.

This new year I hope to bring you live daily coverage of the events in Rome, which transpire as Bergoglio leaves the scene. Thankfully, it seems that the Dictatorship here will move to soften means of manipulation in the future, and there is much talk of even abandoning the DeathVaxx Passport.  Globalists are doing a strategic withdrawl to regather their forces and hope the masses never walk up and/or, as the case may be, go back to sleep.

For this reason, 100% uncontrolled opposition media is necessary for the true liberty and security of humanity, and I hope, through FromRome.Info to contribute my part.

But to keep up FromRome.Info, I will need your help.

There are two ways of helping.

You can support me by helping me pay the expenses of rent, heat, utilities and food, at the Hermitage of the Holy Cross, where I live. And you can do this through this button, using a credit card, PayPal, or a gift card:

Or you can support this electronic journal, FromRome.Info, which aims to grow to be a news agency at Rome, reporting the unadulterated, anti-Globalist truth. And you can do this through this button, using a credit card, PayPal, or a gift card:

In advance, I thank each of you who have supported and who have just supported me. You are the silent army of the few, among my 25,000 daily readers, who make what I am doing possible!

May the Holy Angels watch over you, Our Lady care for you, and Christ Jesus Our Lord bless and keep you!

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7 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo’s Monthly Appeal”

  1. Hi Father Bugnolo,

    Someone shared one of your videos and I listened.I highly appreciate the insight views on the current events, and the truth finaly said that makes everythings clear. I now look for more of your videos on the current events.I think you bring a sharp look on things that was hidden for so long. And as a Christian, it is important to me to know the truth. I’m 54, and I and my generation was lied too much all of our lives.

  2. Excellent work Brother Alexis, I strongly approve of your recent video as to the metanoia we must achieve to successfully counter the Great Reset.

    I and I’m sure other readers would appreciate an update on the progress of the four seminarians who you are sheltering from the predations of the Bergoglian Anti-papacy.

    1. Both had to give up studying for the priesthood. I gave them canonical counsel so that they could negotiate an alternative. I advised them to seek a delay for studies, so that after Bergoglio passes away, they might live to return to them. One has returned to his native land in Africa, where if things get worse he can flee to his family. The other has fled to a convent of his order which is no Vax. Following, others have contacted me, several friars, religious and priests who have to flee or have no where to turn. It’s an on going mission, but I cannot give more details for their personal security sake.

      1. Thanks for the update. How are you using my contributions that are ring-fenced for the seminarians, as distinct from my contributions to your apostolate?

      2. Brother Alexis, that’s good to know, I would expect nothing less. However I have clearly allowed my imagination to run away and had thought you would be taking the seminarians ongoing education & preparation in hand and might even find the means of their ordination by the hand of one of the few truthful bishops.

        May I make a request that when you appeal for donations to a specific cause outside of your regular apostolate, you update your viewers (or maybe, just those who are so donating) as to progress, perhaps on a quarterly basis or more frequently if the situation is changing rapidly? As things stand, it appears that my imaginings are not what is happening in reality. Perhaps I should be redirecting those donations to your personal apostolate? I would be able to make this judgement if you were to appraise us of the evolving situation, in this instance and in future such.

      3. Well, I have replied to inquiries about the seminarians for some time. But as I am sure you understand, its a question of Divine Providence. It’s not a work I can generate.

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