EU Commission seeks public comment regarding extension of Covid Passports

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4 thoughts on “EU Commission seeks public comment regarding extension of Covid Passports”

  1. Maybe someone here can confirm the following, but there is news today of a couple in Italy who were stripped of their parental rights for not allowing their child to receive blood from the Vaxxed during an upcoming surgery. The parents had cited ‘religous reasons’ allegedly and there were by some accounts up to 40 available non-vaxxed blood donor options as well. The parents apparently lost their appeal and their parental rights were stripped with the child placed in the hands of social workers in order that the child might be forced to recieve the DeathVaxxed blood as per the hospitals wish.

    The following link doesn’t contain all the information that I found on other links in Czech-

    1. ANSA is a private left-wing news source, but not so left that they invent facts or insert themselves overtly into their articles. So yes, this is real news and a real tragedy.

  2. The medical profession have always been a bunch of low life murderers so why should they stop now? They have the power they have always had and it’s even stronger now. They are Nazi operatives and most who work don’t realise it but a select few do. It’s a complex system set up long time ago by Nazi escapees which includes Soros who I heard say he intends to kill 99% of the people on the planet to continue his work under Nazi rule. Problem is that by killing off the elderly they now can control the young who on the whole do not know the true history of this on going world war which has never ended only took other forms. The Agenda is continuing. Agenda 21 is now complete but to not as they had hoped so now they push on to plan B Agenda 30 Which is only 8 years. The life we knew will never return as long as we believe that medicine is for healing. Only herbalism is the true way as God intended. No need for blood transfusions if you know what your doing with herbs. If they try to put me in prison for telling this truth then they are in for a sticky ride. My father was a soldier and a champion wrestler and boxer in his youth. He was also a gun smith in the army and was on the right side of history always.

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