It’s not a hoax, Dr. Luc Montagnier has passed away, at 89

Editor’s Note: While FromRome.Info reported yesterday, correctly, that Dr. Montagnier had died, I corrected the report mistakenly on the advice of several French contacts. However, it turned out they were wrong, not I. The problem of confusion arose from the decision of the family to refuse to confirm the death to any other news outlet but France Soir. — So I have pulled the erroneous correction and now publish the authoritative report.

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7 thoughts on “It’s not a hoax, Dr. Luc Montagnier has passed away, at 89”

  1. I’m sad at his death, but he discovered a virus that did not exist and still does not exist. It was the first Fauci fraud, designed to kill gay men with AZT. The PCR test does not pick up an “HIV virus”, it picks up antibodies, but they can be any kind of antibodies as the virus has never been isolated. Same thing with “Covid” as per Dr Campra’s work (which you introduced me to, thank you!).

  2. The closest I ever saw him recant his major role in the HIV/AIDS hoax was to say something akin to that there was no money in ‘nutrition’, apparently if there had been money in ‘nutrition’, ‘HIV’ wouldn’t have happened.

  3. RIP DR. LUC MONTAGNIER! He was such a brave and intelligent man. He was the first contact I had to help prove the info I had been given, that the covid virus was engineered! No one else was willing to speak out against the government and science lies at the time in early 2020. Facebook removed all my posts of this major scientist and his beliefs that the virus was not natural, saying it was a conspiracy theory. He definitely deserves credit for going against the mainstream science community with his true beliefs!

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