New Zealand Dictatorship attempts to arrest every Freedom Convoy Protester

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10 thoughts on “New Zealand Dictatorship attempts to arrest every Freedom Convoy Protester”

  1. depopulist/devil ardern said elsewhere: the side-effects of vaccines show that the vaccines do their work…………
    Indeed: they do what she wants them to do.

  2. Tyranny will not be defeated by whining about how brutally it is oppressing you.
    It will not be defeated by publicly shaming it, and being pathetically compliant as it assaults you. It will not.

  3. We have the most evil group of politicians in NEW ZEALAND. They are NOT working for our people. They are working for the UN, WEF, WHO, CDD, Gates, Soros, Fauci, Schwab and cohorts and Satan. They are wanting the OWO. Arden wants to showcase the NZ Human AI development and hook us onto the social credit digital system, total CONTROL. She’s always wanting to get brownie points from her idol Klaus Schwab Total loss of freedom and Humanity is their aim. She must just LOVE the transhumanism movement. She is extremely evil, as are the other party leaders here in NZ. This is a PEACEFUL protest against the mandates enforced by the Government. The cops have shown themselves to be the lowest of scum.

  4. The guy (Brett Power) who made a police complaint against the health minister, Andrew Little, on charges of manslaughter for the vaccine deaths was also arrested by the police for trying to perform a citizen’s arrest.

  5. Schwab acolytes merely slow-witted puppets and it’s TIME THE WHOLE FREE WORLD STANDS. The Globalist WEF/CCP Nazi Communist Cabal must be indicted, held and TRIED for TREASON in their own Countries. Then, they must ALL be indicted, held and TRIED ‘Live Stream’ by Nuremberg 2.0 World Court with those they despise and believe PEASANTS/SERFS to determine the punishment for their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY…For poisoning through the engineered bioweapons conducting Bio Warfare and MURDER in all the ways they perpetrate it to meet their ‘Depopulation Plans’ as outlined by Dr. Z. Emanuel as advisor to the senile, TREASONOUS pedophile fraudulently installed into the Oval Office of the White House.

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