7 Pieces of Evidence that demonstrate that Bergoglio is an Anti-Pope

Patrick Coffin’s argument is a must listen, though it is his own presentation, because it is persuasive and eloquent, and sincere in confronting the problems in the Catholic Church today.

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18 thoughts on “7 Pieces of Evidence that demonstrate that Bergoglio is an Anti-Pope”

    1. Burke has been accused for mishandling cases of pedophilia, so perhaps he judges that his defense would not be helpful.

    2. Bro Alexis Bugnolo addresses the silence of Cardinal Burke (and other cardinals) in part 7 (the last) of his long documentary –meant principally for priests, ( though I found it gripping) on “The facts, the law and the consequences” dealing with Canon Law and the invalid “resignation” of B16.

  1. Nevertheless. 16:40 Unfortunately he wrongly claims that during the Avignon crisis the true pope was Urban in Rome not Clemens in Avignon. Catherina of Siena urged the true pope to come back to Rome from Avigon.

    1. Alas, you have mixed up the chronology. Catherine of Sienna urged the true pope to return from Avignon, but that was before the great Schism. In her days, there was no pope at Rome.

  2. Thanks for placing all of the dots in a row. Anna CEmmerick prophesied this, as did many other Catholic theologians from long ago Its difficult to process and sad to think about, but, evidence is evidence even if it’s hard to accept.
    What would be interesting is for someone to do a video of Francis being tried by jury.

  3. Dear Patrick,

    Peace Be With You

    Bergoglio has been destroying so many of the Sacred and Holy aspects of Holy Mother Church since 2013, that your declaring Bergoglio as an anti-pope seems rather tame and quite late in the game.

    All that the Faithful can do now is find a Holy Priest that celebrates The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass in Latin… and follow him, and support him with our Time, Talents, and Treasures.

    The Catholic Church that Our Lord founded is now so corrupt and infiltrated, the best we can do is that whatever Bergoglio says… just do the opposite, and you’ll know you’re on the right path to Our Lord.

    Blessings & Protection, John

  4. I am a huge fan of Patrick Coffin he has a wonderful podcast. One episode to listen to is when he had Dr Mazza on to lay out the case for how Pope Benedict is still the Pope. But we need to pray for Patrick Coffin, he is staunchly anti vax and has also hosted two “truth over fear” conferences to talk about the actual science and bringing canceled voices together to talk about the mass injections.

  5. He makes that consecration of Russia and if as I believe, it’s quickly evident that it was authentic, sedevantism implodes that moment. Yes, we’ll have much more than sedes to be concerned with at that point but I’m looking forward to the sedes with all their vitriol spewed at Pope Benedict, instantly getting their come uppance.

  6. Br. Bugnolo, have you ever hear of Michael Lofton and his YouTube channel “Reason & Theology”?

    If I were to convince him to have you on to make a case for Benedict being Pope with some pushback and questioning on his part, would you be willing to go on his show?

      1. Great. I will get on his case, because he is so certain that we are wrong, but he is willing to have civil discussions with those who hold different views, and he’s pretty knowledgable on related matters but I don’t think he has ever really been confronted with our actual arguments and limits his thinking on the matter to things like “but Benedict supports Francis”. And I’ve told him that this circumvents our actual arguments and that even that statement isn’t beyond doubt. Anyhow, if you could get on his show, although it doesn’t have the biggest of all audiences, it would do some good as it’s a fairly “high brow” show and doesn’t spend time in the “kiddie pool” and likes to get deep into the matters and thus the audience are generally well informed about the faith and is an audience which, if convinced, would then be a strong contingency on our team to spread the truth of the matter.

  7. Excellent presentation. Bombshell what that professor said re the obvious errors in the Latin text of the “resignation.” Please pray for our Church.

    1. I attend the Latin Mass and was shocked when the priest said that a local Bishop under the Pope wants the Latin mass eliminated (not his words but my summation). 2 or 3 years it will be gone if things keep going like this. I love the Latin Mass. Even just attending you can’t help but notice how people are more respectful and reverent to our Lord. Not like the New Mass where it is more like a meeting hall or a concert where people actually turn their backs on God and will face the choir and clap their hands. They show more enthusiasm for the Choir than for Jesus. And even the Catholic schools are not teaching kids properly. My niece when she went for her first Holy Communion did not know what to do when the Priest offered her the Eucharist and she took it from his hand as if it was a cookie and shoved it in her mouth without any Sign of the Cross, Amen or anything. Pray for our Youth. They are the ones who are suffering the most in this Modern Age.

  8. Thank you for this validating presentation. I was one who discerned something terribly wrong the first time I saw Bergoglio on the balcony. Your #7 was mind blowing. It is the means to bring down this deplorable papacy. But there is no one in the Church who will enforce it.
    God bless you, Patrick.

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