Draghi attempts to calm Italians by floating proposal to end Covid-Restrictions

English Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the very first week of the new and unconstitutional presidency of Sergio Mattarella — Italian presidents cannot hold office twice — Mario Draghi has seemingly done an about face on the Scamdemic, by proposing the elimination of all Covid-Regulations by July 1, 2022.

The reason being given by members of the Government is that these regulations only were necessary because there was no vaccine, and that the DeathVaxx Passport was introduced only to convince Italians to get the triple jabs! — They had been telling us, however, for nearly 9 months, that they were to prevent the spread of disease.

It’s like the comical flip flops being doing in the USA right now, where vicious amoral advocates of a new Fascist Sanitary State, have similarly changed, arguing the science has changed.  The truth is that the mid-term elections are 9 months away, and the Biden Regime fears losing both houses of Congress.

In Italy, the motivations may be similar, since in 2023, there are supposed to be new elections for both houses of Parliament, and the current Government, which includes all the major parties except for Fratelli d’Italia (the Masonic party of the Right), will certainly be wiped out if they do not rig the vote count.

Among the proposals being aired in the press, as cited in the above article, but which are not yet promised officially or enacted, will be the end of the State of Emergency as of March 31, 2022, the end of the obligation of the Death Vaxx Passport and of being Vaccinated by June 15th, and the end of the obligation to wear the DeathMask in public enclosed spaces by April.

A major protest against the Government is being scheduled in Rome for Feb. 14th, and so, if you have grown to be cynical of these globalist psychopaths, you may suspect, as I do, that this new article was simply a balloon to fool the Covidiots into not attending, even though it is not clear if the protest is being led for the purpose of asking the fall of the Government.

However, this news (of the end of the controls) just a few days before everyone who refuses the Vaxx by Feb. 15 loses their jobs, is incensing Italians even more: because it is completely callous to cause 20-40% of the work force to lose their jobs for regulations which are to expire in just 4 months time.

Mario Draghi might be clever, perhaps is too timid to be a real Nazi, but he is certainly as callous and heartless and as cruel, as his surname reflects.  For, as an anthropologist, I have a theory that some surnames are warnings to the public, and when your Prime Minister was born into a family of dragons (Draghi in Italian dialect means dragons), you cannot not take notice.

Indeed, a leading Italian news commentator, Francesco Toscano, opines that the Constitution was recently amended to allow a Sanitary Dictatorship, because the Government realized that they are legally exposed for killing millions. If he is correct, the Draghi government needs to abolish the illegal and unconstitutional provisions enacted before the alteration of the constitution a few days ago. If he thinks that will keep him from hanging, he has not yet fathomed the pent up rage of the Italian people.

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7 thoughts on “Draghi attempts to calm Italians by floating proposal to end Covid-Restrictions”

  1. Italian President Mr. Mattarella’s second term maybe unconstitutional but not for forbidden re-election.
    Italian Constitution does not say anything about it.
    Mr. Napolitano (holding the Italian Presidency before Mattarella) was re-elected for his second term: only few law scholars said that second term is unconstitutional because it is not explicitly allowed by the Italian constitution.

    On the contrary, Mr. Mattarella’s first term was clearly unconstitutional: he was only a de facto President of the Italian Republic.
    Mattarella was elected by an unconstitutional parliament whose members had been elected according to a law later deemed unconstitutional by the Corte Costituzionale (the Italian “supreme court”).

    1. The Italian constitution only allows the election of a new president, therefore, by the very meaning of the word new, a second term is forbidden. Even the authors of the Constitution said that the re-election of the president should not be allowed.

  2. It is very strange that instead of withdrawing the illegal measures rightaway mr devil lets them drag on till JULY 1!!!

    Most likely his compatriotes will chose their own way and
    either having never collaborated to them either disgard them
    as of today!

    who does he think he is: violating our GODGIVEN FREE WILL

  3. Not knowing until today that draghi means dragons, I already called this individual ‘dragon’ since quite sometime…..

  4. Draghi even floated the other day that “he’s more than capable of finding a job on his own….” Was he inferring that he’s not going to hang on much longer after being back-stabbed in typical Italian political fashion by his supposed parliamentary and government supporters for the election as Presidente della Repubblica? It’s obvious beyond a shadow of a doubt now that Draghi’s ego has been stamped on and doesn’t want to become entangled in a war of attrition and subterfuge with political hyenas.
    One thing that I wanted to highlight however is that the State of Medical Emergency ceases on the 31st of March in Italy and according to the Italian Constitution, can’t be extended unless there is a….State of WAR emergency. With all the hype about the impending war in Ukraine and the Cabal’s need for chaos and constant oppression of the people, could this be the real reason why the Covid narrative is coming unglued?

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