More Evidence that in a Sanitary Dictatorship, Hospitals are Killing Fields

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8 thoughts on “More Evidence that in a Sanitary Dictatorship, Hospitals are Killing Fields”

  1. I raised this concern about Hospitals and blood banks not having segregated vaccinated and unvaccinated blood supplies when I had to sign a consent form for a potential blood infusion from their blood bank if required during my eye surgeries in May 2021.

    Still have not heard anyone else questioning this unsafe practice of comingling the blood supplies. Thankfully, my surgeries were pretty non-invasive but dread having to go in for any other operation requiring replacement blood. This is something everyone needs to think about in advance of any surgery if they are able to.

  2. The last place you want to go is a hospital, in Sydney Australia a woman who works at a Mortuary has spoken out at the protest at Parliament House in Canberra saying the number of bodies of young people and babies that they are picking up from the hospital’s is alarming and the cause of death on the certificate’s is” unknown” ! ( all mothers jabbed and young people jabbed. Funeral Directors buying more fridges to hold the bodies. Nothing on MSM !
    Now they are going to Mandate jabbs for 5 to 11 yr olds soon . God have mercy on us. 🙏

  3. As for hospitals killing people, this is a fact and has been happening for years. Many hospitals around the world have been using drugs such as Midazolam and Remdesivir on people in hospitals. Midazolam is actually the lethal injection drug used in executions in the U.S. Remdesivir is often given to patients when they go to hospitals with breathing difficulties who test ‘positive’ for ‘Covid’. One of the effects of Remdesivir is it makes it much harder for the lungs to take in oxygen. This is the justification for putting people on ventilators which often leads to their death. Why would such a drug be used on people who are already having breathing problems unless there was a covert agenda behind it?

    A few years ago the father of a man called Wayne Smith had a visit from a nurse in his house. Wayne was caring for his elderly father and left the room for 2 minutes while the nurse was there. When he came back the nurse told Wayne she had given his father something “to ease his suffering” and then left. Five minutes later his father stopped breathing and shortly after died. The autopsy revealed a large amount of Midazolam in his blood. The police refused to investigate and the nurse could not be traced. A wall of silence and secrecy was imposed.

    For the next few years Wayne investigated unexpected deaths in hospitals and hospices amassing a huge amount of evidence showing that elderly and vulnerable people were systematically being murdered by medical staff before their time. He tried to get every official body, including the police, to investigate the deaths but all refused to do so.

    Then last summer two of Wayne’s friends became concerned about him, not having heard from him for a few weeks. One of them checked his twitter account and found a lot of retweets which was unusual since he never retweeted comments and only tweeted about his findings. It seems his account was hacked and someone had put the retweets in his name. The friends got the police to break into his apartment where he was found dead. The autopsy labelled the cause of death as ‘Covid’. The retweets were probably made in his name to disguise the fact that he was already dead. This could only be authorized at a senior level.

    Also last year it was revealed that the British government had ordered massive supplies of Midazolam from France. The drug is used extensively in so called “end of life care” where an elderly or vulnerable person is deprived of food and water for days, given overdoses of Midazolam and Morphine (a lethal combination) and is starved and dehydrated to death. The public was led to believe this barbaric practice was allegedly stopped in 2011 but in fact the medical murders have accelerated since the scamdemic of the last two years. This is happening in many countries with the tacit approval of governments so they can save money by not having to pay pensions and social care costs. It is nothing less than outright murder by the state.

  4. Many staff people in US hospitals readily follow any and all orders. To such people no order is unreasonable. I was recently at an urgent care clinic and told to wait outside in the freezing cold weather rather than in their very spaceous and completely empty waiting room. These people brainwashed cowards.

    In Thailand scenes are silmiliar. A little girl and her father arrived one in an emergency room one morning looking for urgent help. The lower half of the girl’s leg was cut off during an auto accident. The girl died a few hours later because her wound went untreated. The government requires hospital patients to have a covid test before receiving medical treatment. The hospital administrators and medical staff issued no apology. THIS IS BRAINWASHING

    1. They have to have a covid test or the test result back before treatment? One hospital in SM California wouldn’t treat an old roommate of mine without a vaccine, period. Test didn’t matter. Later they had changed it in a few months for another friend for just a test and it came back positive but he got treatment anyway, and they can’t vaccinate a covid positive patient. In a way he lucked out and left the hospital. That was a drug overdose, diagnosed as covid. Bunch of crap on the covid. The street drugs were laced, with fentanyl both meth and heroin. I lived at Venice Beach, CA so watched the addicts often, watched a lot just die of these new creepy overdose drugs and the lockdown made these people already addicted go on drug glory days, so overdoses kept on happening…most were without realizing how deadly it was getting….many of them had no taste and smell issues out of nowhere, I think the 5G weapons were from cars driving around aiming at street people sleeping in cars and vans and possibly how many of them burnt out. People acted so crazy in so many ways but the lockdown plus the easy free drugs were spread around and they thought it was the end times anyway. People stopped caring that were already addicted….could just keep using more and more.

  5. Slight correction to the first paragraph above. The girl arrived “one morning”. I would have corrected it and resent it if possible. Sorry.

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