Premier of Ontario caves on DeathVaxx Passports: Trudeau now isolated

But, not all is bright with this Premier:

He says he wants to protect the economy, but then he threatens to lock up every trucker and seize trucks and take away licenses, which would damage the economy for years to come! A true hypocrite!

Canadian artists are expressing their rage:

But the Truckers are standing strong, as the heroes of our age:

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5 thoughts on “Premier of Ontario caves on DeathVaxx Passports: Trudeau now isolated”

  1. I’m in Ontario and am so very excited about this! Ford, though, needs to be jailed…clearly a criminal (just like the rest of them, including Trudeau, who’ve gone along with the crimes against humanity). I hope people will not just blindly trust him and let him off the hook. He is full of empty promises and has lied to us so much in the past.

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