6 thoughts on “Truckers are terrifying Biden Regime in the USA”

  1. Thank you soo much Br Alexis for posting this video.
    Tucker is spot on. Here in Quebec things are not really getting better. The government is now permitting us to visit each other at home – but 10 people max. The churches are open – but mostly to the vaxxed. Too many nuances – to much complexity. We still cannot go to COSTCO nor Walmart nor the bookstores (Indigo/Chapters) nor to the hardware stores (Rona/Reno) because they are big box stores and the unvaxxed are unwelcome. When this is all over, I’ll remember these merchants and avoid giving them my hard earned money. Still cannot go out to eat. So the vaxxed, who are most like spreading whatever this COVID is, are allowed to be wined and dined, but the unvaxxed are still ostracized at all eateries. They are still heavily pushing the vaxxines on the population – especially the children – even the nuns at the private schools are pushing this. We do not hear from our Bishops – we have no one in authority that is standing up for any segment of the population – whether religious or secular. Until the vaxx pass and the vaxx mandates are dropped, Quebec is a very hard place to live.

  2. CNN contributors are really stupid !!!
    Doing what Juliett Kayyem proposes means…
    1) making truckers angrier,
    2) stop trucks where they are: blocking the cities,
    bridges, roads, tunnels, etc
    3) further delaying the return to “normality”.
    TRUCKERS… except in a future more or less far…
    the substitution with ROBOT-DRIVERS.


  3. …among the very best TC commentaries I’ve ever watched, which is saying something; thank you.

    A U. S. truck convoy, huh? Hopefully they’ll allow my little 20 year old F-150 in on the fun.

    It is Go Time, America.

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