Ontario Premier ignites Uprising of Civil Disobedience after declaring State of Emergency


Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Canadians are my kind of people! When they are threatened, they respond with greater determination.

And so my heart rejoices, when I see these Canadians, threatened with a new State of Emergency by the Premier of Ontario, rise up in utter disgust with his abuse of power.

It is no longer Truckers against the Sanitary Dictatorship of Trudeau. It is now all freedom loving honest citizens against a corrupt political class which thinks it has the right to run a democracy as a dictatorship!

Here is the scene from the Wellington Bridge, just 2 hours ago:


I practiced this kind of resistance at Rome, and terrified the police of the city after I criminally denounced 28 of them for writing me tickets for non-Sanitary compliance. They now leave me alone. But I cannot compare myself with this type of determined resistance, for these Canadian Truckers are frontiers men of a different breed, than once populated Christendom in all its quarters.

And if we all, in our own countries, begin to react with the same righteous anger inspired kick-back, we will soon have our former liberty back and more!

Truckers are men of integrity beyond what in modern times most of us have imagined. So the Canadian Truckers are appealing to the Armed Forces of Canada to come to the defense of Democracy!

But the Ontario Premier seems hell bent on doing everything he can to remind everyone, even those who comment on FaceBook that he is in charge and they better know that he is watching them.  Yes, 1984 has come to Canada: