Amazing Polly: Canadian Trucker Fundraiser taken over by Globalist Political operatives

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5 thoughts on “Amazing Polly: Canadian Trucker Fundraiser taken over by Globalist Political operatives”

  1. Thank you for posting. We do not want this derailed. If you were American and my age, you would have watched FBI infiltrate Black Panthers, CIA infiltrate American Indian Movement….. I am sure there are Euro equivalents. We can just look at the Church and Operation Gladio ST. Gallen group, etc….

  2. The Wally might be in their name but someone else has the info. Remember the powerful technical and monitory opponents involved here. Your wallet is to be private. By extorting an immediate registration they’re obtaining an audit trail to prosecute the truckers for money laundering when the ‘seized’ money is distributed. Betting the money goes in and pops right out again to …unknown places. But their will be enough information.… E nough for a conviction. And asset seizure. Let Polly know.

  3. GiveSendGo is a Christian organization which has said Canada has no jurisdiction over them because they are based in the U.S They have flatly refused to close down the truckers fundraising and have made this public on their various social media accounts.

    GiveSendGo also hosted Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense funding.

    The organization’s Christian status has been covered by multiple legacy media, usually with accusations of “far right” comments. They hate the fact that a Christian organization can be successful.

    I’ve seen a few of this Amazing Polly’s video in the past on various issues and to me she does not come across as quite genuine on this issue at least. . What she says about GveSendGo’s “digital wallet” makes it seem as if they are doing something sinister. A digital wallet is used by many online companies such as Pay Pal and others.

    A lot of what this woman says in her video is mainly about herself not the Canadian truckers. She is very me me me orientated. She strongly advises people not to send any more money to the Freedom Convoy. This woman has some sort of problem in that she is either very confused or has some other agenda, possibly a government one. She even finishes by promoting herself and suggesting she could be made some sort of target herself, thus bringing the spotlight again on to herself! I would not trust this woman as far as I could throw her.

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