Trudeau threatens to destroy Truckers if they continue to protest

Editor’s note: The psychology of a control freak merely incites his own downfall. It’s happening in Canada, because their the Truckers still have a sane emotional balance. That has been lost in many countries, but needs to be regained. And we all have a role in that…

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5 thoughts on “Trudeau threatens to destroy Truckers if they continue to protest”

  1. Maybe, just maybe this Fidel Castro look-a-like in the dictator chair of Canada, may have a financial interest in each and every Moderna and Pfizer jab done on the planet earth. As the good people have been saying, Trudeau is an evil enemy of Canada, just as Biden is an evil enemy of the USA.

  2. Our Lady of Lasalette said there would be many in our time with no love for their country. I am so proud to see groups of protesters around the country praying the Our Father and singing the Canadian national anthem. I thought such things were forgotten in this place and I was all alone.

  3. The convoy is in the puppeteer’s left hand, just as Trudeau is in the right.

    Supply chain disruption/disintegration is the next phase.

    Hence you may see convoys manifesting elsewhere.

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