93% of Strange Clots in DeathVaxxed, says Missouri Embalmer

Editor’s Note: 93% raises some questions, such as how can these clots develop in someone not DeathVaxxed? Is it a case of blood transfusions, shedding, DeathSwabs, DeathMasks? Is it the spike protein or graphene (hydr-)oxide? Or is it only bad  record keeping or data collection which produces a less than 100% reporting?  These are serious questions which need to be investigated.

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3 thoughts on “93% of Strange Clots in DeathVaxxed, says Missouri Embalmer”

  1. Perhaps he meant, of those listed as having died from ‘covid’? Maybe the spike protein is responsible.

  2. In the description at Rumble there is this:

    […] she found the unusual clots in 93% of the last 30 people who she embalmed. The clots are only associated with people who have been vaccinated. They were only observed after the vaccines rolled out.

    They talk about many things but it looks like only people after the vax are affected.
    28 out of 30 people – all injected.

    (The only other attribution from the talking …perhaps perhaps … after covid itself…perhaps perhaps).

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