Archbishop Fulton Sheen: On the Antichrist, the False Prophet, and the Last Battle of Holy Mother Church

This is the talk given by the Archbishop on Jan. 26, 1947 A. D.. If he had heeded his own words, 20 years later, he would not have accepted Vatican II, which spread all the errors he condemns here.

Here, seems to be the same talk, translated into Italian:

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9 thoughts on “Archbishop Fulton Sheen: On the Antichrist, the False Prophet, and the Last Battle of Holy Mother Church”

  1. I am not Catholic but I read this mans famous book. He has great insight into the Christian Faith.

  2. If all the Bishop did questionable was accept Vat. 2; then, THANK GOD he displayed his humanity…The IMPERFECT nature of it. I LOVE Archbishop Fulton Sheen and thank God he brought so many souls to the Throne of our Lord Jesus for passionate salvation as was his ONLY obligation as a man of God.

  3. Yes, it has been very distressing and incomprehensible to me that the beloved Archbishop Fulton Sheen did not acknowledge or see the enormity of the Vatican II revolution as an essential part of the coming of the anti-Christ — not before, or not during and not even after the Council years. And he lived long enough to see the DISASTERS that V-II brought.

    How different things might have been here in the USA if Sheen, in particular, could have seen the light and would have had the courage to rally good Catholics with his great charisma – perhaps even to join with Archbishop Lefebvre to help preserve the Mass of the Ages here in the USA. Not one single prelate here understood…or saw…or acted….

    This DESTRUCTION of Holy Mass, in particular, has been among the greatest — if not THE greatest — of TRAGEDIES in the history of mankind after Adam and Eve. And this catastrophe is still descending along even darker pathways to the abyss as we speak… where lurks the eager anti-Christ…. And once again, our prelates and clergy, by and large, are totally silent….
    May we at least pray to Our Lady with Archbishop Sheen:
    “And say to her ‘mayest thou, (oh Virgin Mary,) who didst find Christ when He was lost for 3 days, find Him again for our world that has lost Him.’ ” – and especially now for our world that HAS LOST HIM IN HIS TRUE SACRIFICE OF THE MASS.

  4. Fantastico ….what a great description of the Usurper…..
    the divorce thing … fast annulments etc. Its almost
    as if he knew Brogoglio.
    Of particular interest is the ruling that a conclave need not
    be situated in Rome.

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