4 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA: Citizens mass at Canberra demanding dissolution of Parliament”

  1. It seems at long last Australians are beginning to recognize that the so called federal government simply does not represent them at all in any way. The covid scamdemic and the repression used by the Federal and state governments in Australia against the people have obviously been the catalyst for this.

    The brutal reality is that the current Australian government is in fact a corporation registered on the U.S Securities Exchange. It is not based on the original constitution of 1901, and as such it is entirely unlawful. Likewise, the federal masonic designed parliament is a sham. It cant make any laws because it does not represent the Commonwealth ie: the people.

    This is why we have seen such total disregard by Australian politicians of the constitution resulting in many human rights abuses during the last two years . When enough Aussies become aware of what is going on, it will be game over for the political criminals.

  2. Go A1 Party change awaits!
    Well summarised David Ayers, I will add that the RBA quoted, known as Reserve Bank Australia, is actually Rothschild and not Reserve!

  3. David and Benedetto, if you are Australian Catholic men, will you and your Catholic friends please rise up and clean up our nation in the name of Jesus? I would do so myself but being a woman it’s not my place, but I can certainly support you.

    1. Louise, true catholic men and women are working as hard as possible to explain the nature of our corrupt anti Christ government in Australia to the majority of the people.

      Unfortunately, the Australian people have been totally brainwashed and traumatized by the Murdoch media and it will take some time before Gods truth is accepted; ie; the covid scamdemic is a lie, lie ,lie, from the devil.

      I think that when large numbers of children die or are incapacitated by the death vaxx that will be the breaking point for many. Also the long prophesized warning is due very soon and that in itself may awaken many who living in darkness of sin and deception.

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