Australia: Govt. Officials say DeathVaxx injury is victim’s responsibility

Editor’s Note: This is the ultimate con. First they say there is a Virus, then a Pandemic, then that lockdowns are needed, and that only a Vaxx will save you, and then after you die from the Vaxx, they say to the family, it was not their fault. — This is degeneracy comparable to the pedophile, who after raping the boy, says, “You are responsible, because after all you wanted it”.

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5 thoughts on “Australia: Govt. Officials say DeathVaxx injury is victim’s responsibility”

  1. Scomo is a p€#0 .
    Open up the Suppression order on the court documents naming 28 prominent Australian’s , one who is a former prime minister , this man is not Human, covering up child sexual abuse and trafficking.
    He wouldn’t care if you died of the death jab a heartless ruthless evil man.

  2. Yes and the Jews wanted to be persecuted and killed.

    These people are mad. They are criminally insane. To use psychological abuse on people, to bombard them with fear porn for months on end, to force them to wear masks, to threaten their jobs and lives, even the ability to outside in the world God gave them. and make them “show papers”, is such a clear example of torture. To use brute force to inject children, and coercion.
    Informed consent, is when you are told about ALL the possible effects of a treatment. They do not give informed consent, they tell about “injection site redness, muscle aches, fatigue, slight fever, etc.”, that is not informed consent. These people are liars. Liars and psychopaths.
    I can’t imagine any mere protest removing parasites like this one.

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