Australian Gestapo use sonic weapons against women and children
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6 thoughts on “Australian Gestapo use sonic weapons against women and children”

  1. Absolutely shocking. Australia, you are evil. Evil!
    All travel needs to stop, going to Australia. Why visit such a hellhole that does this to their own people.
    Protests are going to have zero effect on these people.
    That has become clear.

  2. I am in Australia and I can tell you all that this nation is in the hand’s of the evil one. We need deliverance most certainly. Our Prime Minister is a paedophile and information leaks this past fortnight seem to reveal his direct involvement in child trafficking. I had always suspected that this country was corrupted and compromised at just about every level. It turns out it is rotten to the very core.

    1. Yes Jayne, I am also an Aussie. The NWO has it’s head in Canberra. Our land is rich in minerals and precious metals. That’s why the climate change movement has required us to move to renewables, so the NWO can have all the riches for their own use. We also have Uluru which is the spiritual centre for the 1st nations people. Once Australia falls, the other countries fall like dominoes. N.Z is another easy country to topple, Canada next. We need prayers to help us overcome the evil. Please, to all the people around the world. Help us with your prayers, in Jesus name.

      1. Bravo Jayne and Kate. I am also an Australian. Understand that Gods judgement is in motion and it will culminate in the three days of darkness for all those who are Gods enemies, and side with Satan ie; the Freemasons ,the globalists etc. They will be executed.

        All of the wicked will receive their just punishment very soon when, unless they repent, they will die in their sins and be taken to hell or be executed by the divine justice of the unleashed demons from hell during the three days of darkness.

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