11 thoughts on “Dr. Jane Ruby: Cancer exploding in the DeathVaxxes & HIV proteins in the Jabs”

    1. she survived a very horrible breast cancer, I think many would be after surviving cancer or lost someone to cancer.

    2. She is not A SENSATIONALIST!!!!
      I come from a medical family! Drs???, nurses, immunologist, virologist!

      You know NOTHING!!!!!###!!!!


      1. I am aware of these people.

        Makovitz has long been a critic of Fauci and his NIH for good reason. I don’t particularly have a problem with Tenpenny but Ruby and Tenpenny sometimes take leaps that are not supported by data.

        Dr. Cole is data oriented guy and he provides data without trying to sensationalizing the matter. The ‘immune erosion’ that Israel is reporting which matches exactly what Dr. Cole is seeing in his lab. A biomedical disaster of unprecedented scale is already underway.

        Like Br. Bugnolo, I originally expected it to be ADE but now it would appear that we are dealing with a deliberately engineered destruction of the immune system of anybody who takes these shots. That is the only conclusion that fits the suppression of killer T-cells that Dr. Cole is seeing. That is very different from ADE which has always been the classic failure mode for coronavirus vaccines.

        That is of course a mere detail because the end game is still the same and Br. Bugnolo has the consequences of that correct. Most, if not all, of these people will be dead in a few years. Notice that the MSM narrative is shifting to HIV which suppressing the killer T-Cells looks like even though the mechanism is a bit different from AIDS as we have known it.

      2. MargaretMary, you get it unlike most people. I love people who listen to truth. I’ve studied this stuff for 500 hours, and my husband won’t hear any of it – getting triple jabbed so far. He gets angry with me if I say anything true about Covid stuff, walsk away and/or slams the door, so I’ve given up on him. But I do give him a bunch of supplements like NAC, quercetin, D3, C, zinc, and just before and after the jab I’d give him NAC and quercetin plus activated charcoal which I believe should help to eliminate toxins a lot – he doesn’t realize what I’m giving him and is lucky (if it does anything) but doesn’t know it.

  1. I dont know why I can only see the top left quarter of the video screen, with no control buttons.

  2. My understanding:
    My Uncle put his faith & trust in medicine. He is double jabbed & boosted. Now, his cancer has exploded in last 5 months since these injections. I can’t pray for his healing. The family will ask why. GOD is not divided.

    The vaccine is not the mark of the beast. This is just the forerunner. There is forgiveness for this sin. His schedule for surgery is February 25. Even minutes before surgery, he could reject science & Repent of his Vaccination. He could ask for prayer for healing & I would pray the prayer of faith. Amen

    My Brother is coming next week. He too is vaccinated as well. Perhaps, an open door to testify to whole family next week.

    I’m not crazy.
    I’m not possessed by satan.
    I’m not deceived.

    I am obedient even unto death. Amen

  3. ‘Build Back Better’ is about Infrastructure and HUMANS are now considered “Infrastructure” according to the ‘Build Back Better Bill’ now declined by the Congress of the United States. The ‘Clot Shots’ bioweapon is ‘Gene Therapy’ to MODIFY Human DNA to accept the Nano Particles/Graphene Oxide POISON making the Human Body into transmitters/receivers and magnetic to allow the Elites to hook us up to POISON RADIOACTIVE 5G Technology for CONSTANT Monitoring/Control of the Slaves who will own NOTHING and be HAPPY according to the Elites who will OWN EVERYTHING just as they did back in the days of Kings, Queens, Aristocracy when they STARVED those viewed as peasant/serf, refused to allow hunting, and took all the food grown as well as the minerals dug out of the ground for themselves. THIS ENDED WITH THE RISE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as imperfect as it is…How can humankind have forgotten so soon after only 250 years? The old Predators when Kings, Queens and Aristocracy DREAMED of having the CONTROL THE TECHNOLOGY NOW CAN PROVIDE over the population they desire as SLAVES.

  4. For those that understand Spanish Language…

    A former chief of the Medical Genetic Association,
    of Argentina, Dr, LUIS MARCELO MARTINEZ said
    already in the last months of 2020 (before all those Vax
    approved) “The risk of cancer in the following 5-10
    years cannot be ruled out. It’s needed time for those
    altered cells (a few) to became cancerous and metastatic”.
    And it is impossible to determine the proportional % risk
    without making long term studies in the animal models,
    and that the observation times cannot absolutly be accelerated with money. (and are needed 2-10 years)
    (We are not laboratory hamsters)


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