Total Resistance to Globalism & the Mindset that requires

In this video, Br. Bugnolo explains how we have to intellectually and psychologically pivot 180 degrees from our pre-pandemic mindset of trusting the global elite (if we had such a view) to doubting in principle what they say and inclining to believe their critics on all points.

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20 thoughts on “Total Resistance to Globalism & the Mindset that requires”

  1. Yes I agree people need to take a 180 degree turn and distrust on principal the globalists claims if the Great Reset is to be defeated. That is the safest position to take especially for people who are used to just believing everything they read and hear on the legacy media. It is going to take a lot of effort on their part to do that but they will realize how much they have gained in the end.

  2. Dear Br. Bugnolo,
    Thank you for this profound video. On a rational level, we surely need to make a U-turn. But what about the spiritual level? How can we make our souls more resistant against the lies, the seduction and the threats of the powers of darkness?

  3. I would not generally impose, but I feel a need to contribute to the struggle, and the following is worthy of the imposition. T.S. Eliot summarized things beautifully with the words:

    we shall not cease from exploration
    and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started
    and know the place for the first time

    I too am engaged in an exploration of why things are as they are, and the video below crossed my path. It details at some length how we are all participants in a war for the spirit of mankind. A spiritual war, of which you are intimately aware, Br. Bugnolo. But contrary to what might be termed ‘wishful and naïve thinking and endeavor’, the conflict is apparently lost. I sincerely believe you will find the content worthy of your time. Perhaps in your wisdom you will deem the effort and insight involved in the production of this video worthy of note, and just maybe worthy enough to forward to the people in your world who may be sitting on the fence with respect to the seriousness of our global situation.

    Insider Exposes Freemasonry as the World’s Oldest Secret Religion and the Luciferian Plans for The New World Order (

    My thoughts are with you, Br. Bugnolo, and with my warm regards,

    Kenneth David Peaker
    Vancouver, B.C.

    1. Insider Exposes Freemasonry as the World’s Oldest Secret Religion and the Luciferian Plans for The New World Order (

      The link there to the ”Should you read the Bible Is the Bible Accurate or Corrupt” brings the reader to an article that is leading the reader astray with misinformation.

      For starters this is corrupt information-
      ”The Bible is a collection of 66 books”

      A book that teaches the TRUTH about the Bible is titled

      Where We Got The Bible, by RT. Rev. Henry G. Graham, 1st printing 1911.

      The book can be purchased from

      We learned the TRUTH about the Bible the hard way, and it is VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BIBLE.

  4. I got my lessons years ago when I believed in the official 9/11 story. When I researched in my own with an open mind I simply was just shocked. This event was a game changer but for the worst. It was the proof that they can tell the public whatever they want and the public will believe it.

    Virology is a science that is on a lower level than nutritional science. “Nutritional scientists” are simply stupid whereas virologists are crooks and frauds.

  5. Thank-you Br. Bugnolo. There must be a lot of push-back to the REALITY OF THE CURRENT WORLD. So many must really choose those FAKE “Rose-Colored-Glasses” to view the world and the evil Predators in it. Your courage to STAND in the face of DENIAL is so commendable and extraordinary…SO necessary if Jesus and all good, honorable, decent of integrity, hope, faith, love is to remain…IF TRUTH, itself is to remain.
    “The Church of the Nice” is weak, and demonic…The CATHOLIC CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST IS MILITANT, and we are to STAND and FIGHT FOR RIGHT ACCORDING to RIGHT DEFINED BY JESUS CHRIST. Conspiracy is as association and organization…Humans are ‘Social’ and gather to achieve common goals. THAT is what a ‘conspiracy’ is; yet, it happens in secret and has negative goals. Since humans are sinners and there are some who are EVIL; how is it so impossible to believe conspiracies to exist? Did Judas and the Pharisees/Sanhedrin CONSPIRE to murder Jesus Christ? Has human nature changed since Jesus?

  6. Terrain theory vs. germ theory must be studied in order oppose the globalists.

    I am trying to rid myself of all the brainwashing. In 1976, I had the ‘chicken pox’ complete with skin blisters which horrified me as a 6 yr old. Should I understand that this came from a vaccine? I was given a flu shot around that time period, but I do not recall if it came before this episode or later.

    What about parents who expose their children intentionally to ‘chicken pox’ in order to avoid a more severe outbreak later on? Is this foolish?

    Last week I wrote a letter to my dentist to cancel my upcoming appointment until masks are no longer required.

    Thank you, Brother Alexis.

  7. Brother
    In order to fight the lie, one needs to understand the whole truth.
    Couldnt agree more.

  8. Br. Bugnolo, I agree that there are no such things as viruses and that cv19 is a name tool to spread fear of a made up pathogen. However, there is something of a strong bacterial being sprayed on us via chemtrails, something i have no doubt that has been going on for a long time which depending on time/place, it had a different name and used to escalate the fear and enforce belief in the media lies. When and where they spray is the question as they also spray for weather modification.

    Thank you and may God bless you

  9. I was taught by my father to question everything, though he didn’t much like it when, at 25, I began to question the atheism he had taught me, lol.

    I threw my television out when it switched to digital, some 15-20 years ago. The programs I liked had all turned dark, the news was all bad, and the weather report was always wrong. So I tossed it.

    Now my son tells me the digital signal allows more powerful brainwashing than the old TV signal. So I imagine the Lord was behind my disgust with television.

    I have councelled many people over the years to get rid of their TV’s, but they don’t do it, even Christians and those who understand what the elites are doing. So many are addicted to social media, and I myself, who knows better, have allowed myself to become addicted to my cell phone over the last couple of years. I’m going to have a monumental battle with this, because I can’t just throw it away. I’m an older woman, living alone in the woods.

    It’s hard telling what these devices and sites are doing to our minds, but I’ve noticed that the sanest people I’ve seen are outdoors people, hunters and the like. Connecting with God’s world may be an antidote to device addiction. I’ll find out when spring comes.

    I believe that a lot of people who cling to the globalists’ narratives, no matter how illogical they are proved to be, have been well and truly brainwashed by their technology, depending on how many hours they indulge, how susceptible to suggestion they are and so on. Many of them resemble cult members in their fanatacism. Mere facts have no effect on their deeply held and often ridiculous beliefs.

  10. Total resistance yes. For it to work, we have to go few years back to what E&@d;:wa?,rd :&S$)(now&!d”en warned all of us about: those who rule know all about us, who we are, what are we doing any given moment of the day, we are spied on, we are being recorded. When you talk at home about resistance, or when you talk to your friend about what you will do next to resist, big brother knows all about it, and before you start doing, what you said you will, decisions are made and a wheel goes to motion right away, to prevent your actions. big brother is always a step ahead of you, that’s why nothing works so far. When you plan your actions, instead of saying it out loud, to your spouse or other family member, or friend, you rather show it in writing, than use your words, that can be heard by big brother, and used against you, before you do anything. DO NOT DISCUSS anything out loud, if you want accomplish anything. Everything has to be done in total silence. Remember it is a serpent we are dealing with, observe it, and do it the same way, quietly. Learn from your enemy. Remember, it’s criminals we are dealing with, they will use criminal ways to disarm you, to block your actions. How can you stop them, when they know, what you’re up to? They will arrest the leaders as soon as they will surface. They will use every criminal action against them, including force, torture, family separation. We are way after they stopped being nice to us, don’t forget, what the fight is about, and what they’d done so far, many people out of jobs, no income, bank accounts seized, serious stuff. If we don’t deal with them using smart measures no resistance is going to work.

  11. The Great Reset agenda is also corporate. We have to also avoid giving money to the corporations that are lined up to profit from the Great Reset and who are also driving this. Don’t buy from Amazon, don’t buy things from big box stores, or chain restaurants. Don’t buy stuff made in China. Pull your retirement investments out of Google, Facebook, etc. Pull the plug on your TV; you don’t need to watch it. Cancel Netflix and equivalents. Refuse to bank online. Reduce or better eliminate your use of credit cards. Buy local. Buy used, handmade, or do-it-yourself. Write cheques to pay utilities; don’t have auto-withdrawal. Yes, its inconvenient — they’ve made it difficult to live without them. But every little bit of NOT doing things their way is going to help.

    1. I always add take your cash out of the bank, convert 20% to gold, silver or palladium ingots in 2mg or larger sizes and strive to begin to use them where possible in all financial transactions. Completely do away with digital transactions — and I will add that though I live by alms, 90% of which are digital transactions, I still advocate the former.

    2. please, look up Katherine Austin Fitts……….. she is pushing Cash Friday. An easy slogan that should be followed.

  12. I fully agree with Br. Bugnolo and this is why: Many of the so-called critics attack the “quality” of the vaccines but say that are not antivaxxers, i.e. they believe that a virus exists which kills people. This, of course, is absurd. Viruses are neither alive nor contagious/infectious. They are benign genetic expressions triggered by environmental toxins and have the purpose to upgrade our immune system, i.e. they are our last line of defence. The currently most brilliant scientist on the planet, Dr. Zach Bush, explained origin and nature of Covid two years ago, i.e. at the very beginning of the “pandemic”, and he has since been proved correct in every way. Zach Bush explained that environmental toxins had reached a highly dangerous level in certain parts of the world (e.g. Wuhan, Northern Italy, New York and many others) which forced our immune system to respond. These toxins, to a high degree, contained the carbon particulate PM 2.5, which contains cyanide. In some cases the upgrading process caused the cyanide to enter the bloodstream of people who then suffered hypoxia and cyanide poisoning and turned blue. Dr. Bush at the time said that the use of cyanide antidotes, which are virtually always successful, would deal with this problem. This, obviously, was never done because of the censorship that had been imposed and undoubtedly cost the lives of thousands of people. This, however, means that there was never a pandemic caused by a virus but “only” widespread poisoning caused by environmental toxins (not merely car emissions, but also chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, plastics, sanitizers, crop sprays, especially glyphosate and similar products as well as many others) (our atmosphere contains 80,000 toxins). Please visit Dr. Bush’s website for detailed information. I can also provide an excellent paper written by David Skripac, which is based on Zach Bush’s findings.

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