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  1. Dear Brother, I was planning to write to you to point out that the Canadian Convoy is a false flag. This is an operation by the globalists to justify further oppression and discourage people from actual resistance. Hope you have no more illusions about this. You should believe me because we, Poles, have 200 years of bad experience in this type of outbursts. Thanks for today’s video. This is how we should fight, not under the flag of Canada but of Christ. If the uprising is not led by Christ but by “good people” then you can be sure that it is a false flag. We need an uprising but an uprising of Christ. Last year, the freemasons covered the 100th anniversary of the great Polish victory over communism. In the last 200 years of continual defeat, we have won one war solely because of the great national prayer before the fight. As a Nation that was completely looted during World War I, we won the death battle against the Evil Empire. Experienced in battle, communist wetboys fled from Warsaw in the midst of teenagers at a decisive moment. Then they testified to their communist commanders that the Mother of God had been chasing them. The communists never explained why they lost then near Warsaw. It was a miracle.

    1. Pan, since I grew up in the USA and am familiar with the religious pluralism of that nation, I am inclined to think that much of the Canadian Truckers’ Movement of good people is not a false flag. That those without complete dissassociation of globalist infiltrated groups and with ties to forms of Christianity which are themselves already controlled by the Masons, might act like a false flag is likely but not necessary, because the victories of their humble protest can open their eyes to these other limitations and cause them to become truly an uncontrolled opposition. However, I do concede that if such a movement arose in Poland without being explicitly Catholic and nationalist, then it probably would be a false flag. The great number of US military bases in Poland makes it highly likely that the CIA is working on such activities right now in Poland.

      1. I have never been to Canada so I only rely on a logic that asks the following questions for me: 1. Why did the convoy set off in the most enslaved country? 2. Why have there been similar trials in Australia as well? 3. Why did the convoy set off during the coldest months in Canada? 4. Why did the convoy only start after 80% of the population had been vaccinated? 5. Why is information about the convoy not blocked in the globalists’ media? 6. Why is Elon Mask supporting this convoy?

    2. The Canadian Convoy is populated by many Christians who know they are fighting the satanic globalists running our nations. Most of those refusing the death jabs in Canada are Christians. There are likely some globalist agents planted among the Convoy but the movement is largely grassroots patriots. Christian prayer has been prevalent at each stage of the Convoy and Freedom movement gatherings. When confronted by the oath breaking police (who are sworn to uphold the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and protect the public) at the border in Coutts, Alberta, the Trucker blockade participants broke out in the Our Father prayer. A number of truckers in Ottawa reported they felt called by God to join the Convoy even though they were not highly religious. God bless the truckers and Freedom Convoy 2022!

  2. This movement by truckers is authentic, you can count on it. Another thing is if they will accomplish anything at all, I highly doubt. I lived in this country for 27 years, this much I learned: whatever happened to this nation is a shame. Things didn’t go bad over there over night, it was a long process, the country got highjacked by this lunatic in charge, he’ll never give up on his powers. The biggest despot in making, there isn’t another dictator as himself anywhere in the world. Sad ending for democracy.

    1. I’m afraid you are wrong. The truck drivers are 100% authentic but the action was generated and managed by globalists. They need it to justify greater repression of people. This is sad real. Of course, this can get out of hand for globalists, but it takes a lot of prayer. It must be the Prayer of the True Catholics.

        I can tell you, also that, as a Romanian that lived during communism and got through the so-called ’89 Revolution’ where the People went in the streets and were shooted, absolutly authentic popular movement, but then we seen that was prepared and manipulated by the KGB together with CIA, that I AGREE with Pan.
        For that reason, I think, the people in Romania are doing other kind of resistance:
        we resisted to the shoots (jabs) and do prayers and fasting for our sins and for our governers.
        The less inoculated monks of the Mount Athos’monasteries are the Romanian ones…
        We put all our weak faith and trust in Our Savior Jesus Christ the Mother of God and Her Protection. The Only Who helped us during our tragic history.
        We do not expect Salvation from the men. They can bring Martial Law and c’est fini !
        Just take a look how we are, right now, surrendered !

        And we knew that from some prophecies made decades of years ago concerning the very time we are living now, with the so-called ‘vaxcines’ and the fire that we will surrender us from all parts !
        We are just the country in the middle: between NATO and Russia!!!…
        The only hope is that Our Lady listen us !

      2. Ana, thank you for your information from Romania. Keep going and God will protect you! On February 26, we pray all over Poland for a blessing for Poland through the intercession of our martyr Saint Andrzej Bobol. https://www.radiomaryja.pl/kosciol/w-bazylice-niepokalanowskiej-odbedzie-sie-noc-walki-duchowej-o-blogoslawienstwo-dla-polski/ We will win! I learned a lot from Brother Alexis, but he too should learn from our experiences in Eastern Europe.

      3. 1 What makes you think Canada is the most enslaved country? Other countries are equally enslaved: France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Malta and others.

        2 The convoy in Australia did not go on for anywhere near as long as that in Canada. if it had, they might be near toppling their dictatorship as in Canada. A lot of protests are taken up by other countries. Think Eastern Europe and the USSR. There is nothing strange in this happening.

        3 The convoy set off in winter because that was when the Canadian dictatorship set the deadline for the truckers to be death jabbed. They would hardly set the deadline for spring or summer this year after everyone has been told for the last two that the virus is not as deadly in spring and summer.

        4 How do you know 80% of the country has been death jabbed? That figure is an official one. Would you really trust any official figure these criminals have been churning out for the last two years? In some countries the figure is 94% but there’s absolutely no proof of that. Why have so many countries given away their death jabs to poorer countries if so many of their population has been double or triple jabbed? They would have used them all up! Much more likely is they know those who are un-death jabbed will never be jabbed so have ‘donated’ their murder weapons to people who don’t have the same opportunity to research alternative medical views.

        5 Information about the convoy IS blocked in the globalists media. It’s been a constant smear and propaganda campaign against it!

        6 Elon Musk as a globalist lackey is being used to infiltrate any freedom protest anywhere. He could hardly be expected to say he was against the convoy because he wouldn’t be able to find out any information and report back to his globalist bosses.


    2. Why should they not achieve what they set out to do? You seem to have bought into the idea there is no way back for the country. I don’t understand this defeatist attitude. It is exactly what the world controllers want people to think. Their aim is to demoralize people and neutralize any opposition they might attempt.

      Trudeau is simply a globalist puppet and servant like many Western leaders. He, like they, do not make any important decisions on their own. They simply follow the script their pay masters write for them. Trudeau’s party amounts to around 23% of his ‘government’, the rest are a ramshackle mix of other parties and because of this are inherently unstable politically. Not to exclude unstable in many other ways too!

      If we all believed there was nothing the truckers or anyone else could do to rid their countries of dictators, we would already be slaves of the globalists.

    1. I think all Satanists call themselves Luciferians, because Satan is the name God game him in punishment, but Lucifer was his name before he rebelled.

  3. I am from Canada. We are starting a world day of fasting and prayer on February 22 and asking all to join us. God keep our land glorious and free.

      1. I don’t have a website, but do ask that people pray for us as well as the whole world. The urgency is growing. That day was suggested as chosen, but it’s looking like we need everyone’s prayers NOW. Our PM is squirming and storming out of parliament like a child with a temper tantrum and has recently invoked martial law which needs to justified and voted on in the next 7 days. There are rumours of people in opposition doing things to try to upset the peaceful nature of these protests. Bank accounts have been frozen. Whether or not our movement here in Canada succeeds/fails, it will have ripple effects worldwide. Mandates have been lifted in many provinces (I got to take my kids to a pool today?!??!!!), but our federal leader is digging his heels in deep like the biblical pharaoh with Moses.

        In reference to another comment: the colours of our flag apparently come from Saint George’s cross and the French royal emblem. Many Christians here have adopted the idea that the red represents to them the blood of Christ and the white the forgiveness of sins. Some are relating the maple leaves flying on our flags to the verse found in Revelations 22:2. It is definitely our hope that our flags bring healing to other nations. I personally had plans to walk across the border to the USA on foot with my family, but now love my country again after joining the convoy to Ottawa. The feelings of unity and love that have been hijacked by our government are back now stronger than ever, and many are suggesting that we have already won thanks to those feelings resurfacing. It has definitely been a healing protest as our family is concerned. My husband has been off work since October and we have felt very isolated up until the last few weeks. Our constitution starts with the understanding that we are under the authority of God, and that’s what we’re struggling to preserve.

        While I don’t know the personal religious beliefs of the convoy organizers, many of the truckers are Christians with Bible verses adorning their trucks. People have been marching around our parliament in prayer, and placards with Bible verses can be see all around downtown Ottawa and elsewhere throughout the rest of the country. While people of all colours, socioeconomic statuses, religions and beliefs are there in opposition to our dictatorial government, the Christian presence is quite strong and overwhelming. Definitely brought us to tears many, many times. In many places, protestors are singing the national anthem and reciting the Lord’s Prayer. They just got finished up with singing ‘God keep our land glorious and free. O Canada we stand on guard for thee.’ when RCMP arrests came at the border towns with the USA.

        I am personally praying the akathist prayers to Our Sweetest Lord Jesus and will be walking around the parliament building in Regina, SK with icons of Christ and His most pure Mother, the Theotokos and Ever Virgin Mary in hand.

  4. Thanks for this wonderful message, brother. As Catholics, what are some top ways in which we can avoid false ecumenism in this needed movement with Protestants of good will? I know that apologetics is an important subject that we should study to prepare ourselves when interacting with non-Catholics, but what else can we do? It is not uncommon at protests to be challenged and approached by Protestants that want to convert people. I have been approached a couple of times because I had my Rosary in my hand! I don’t blame them for what they do because I, too, see these gatherings as a possible opportunity to evangelize and bring people into Christ’s True Church. I just never want to give the impression that, obejectively-speaking, people outside of the Catholic Church are saved as long as they believe in Jesus Christ. God bless you, Br. Bugnolo, and thanks again for this video.

    1. Anything, anybody that is not Apostolic in context is outside the true church,, which is the “Body of Christ and Him alone being the Head”. Col 2:18,19 God the Holy Father, nor His only Begotten Son Jesus are concerned with ‘denominational strips’
      Nor is he concerned with Class distinction ‘Clergy & Laity’ these are man made insignias of pride and the vain and glorious imagination of men.. The Word of the Apostle John is clear every baptised believer is a Priest belonging to The Kingdom of God Rev 1:6

  5. Brother Bugnolo,
    I have to say that you are the right man at the right time.
    Too many priests turned feminine and hesitant to say the truth, as if they are nuns, not shepherds of the flock.
    All clear as I am related to His Holiness Urbanus II…

  6. Christians in the Babylonian Talmud

    A Jew may pretend he is a Christian to deceive Christians (Iore Dea–175, 2 Hagah). (American Christianity is filled with crypto-Jews. James Knox is a prime example.)

    “If a Jew is able to deceive them (idolaters) [Christians] by pretending he is a worshipper of the stars [the cross], he may do so. (Iore Dea (175, 2 Hagah)

    A Jew must always try to deceive Christians (Zohar 1,160a)

    The one object of all the actions and prayers of the Jews should be to destroy the Christian religion. (Schabbath 118a).

    A Christian in danger of death must not be helped (Choschen Ham :425.5)

    Lastly, all Christians, including the best of them, are to be killed. (Abhodah Zarah, 26b. Tosephoth)

    A Jew who kills a Christian commits no sin, but offers an acceptable sacrifice to God. (Sepher Or Israel: 177b)

    Those who kill Christians shall have a high place in Heaven. (Zohar–I, 38b and 39a)

    Jews must never cease to exterminate Christians; they must never leave them in peace and never submit to them. (Hilkhoth Akum–x,1)

    No Festival, no matter how solemn, must prevent the beheading of a Christian. (Pesachim 49b)

    1. Just a very small advice…. Don’t mix all the things, because now, the ‘sinagogue’ of Satan captured the very top of the Catholic Church and transformed it in the False Church of the Antichrist.
      God used to separate always the true believers in Him from the wicked and false ones.


      We need to be more humble and pay attention at that.

      God, have mercy on all of us !

    1. … it slipped his mind that the tally boyz didn’t need such hardware. (Though he left behind millions of taxpayer dollars-worth. And silence on what those boyz were doing fully equipped – into attacking certain minorities in Tajikistan.)

  7. Very concise and true! We have authority in the name of Jesus and can recapture the world for Him! I think many Christians have forgotten that.

    Although most of my peers (and family, sadly) are living in fear, I do not, because I choose to believe God’s word and put my trust in Him, not in the government. The very middle of the bible is Psalm 118:8, which reads, “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.” (NIV). I have been doing this since this started. I tell people that I trust my own immune system, which was created for that purpose!!! Standard response, “I never thought about that.” Me (to myself): really???? and you profess to believe in God?

  8. The Crusaders murdered a lot of people on their land. I cannot possibly be behind all that murder in the name of God. God stands for life.

    1. There is no record of Crusaders murdering anyone on their own land, because by own land, you mean either their native lands in Europe, where there is no such record of such things, or their dominions in the Levant, where they had the right of self defense to take back the lands of Christians and the right of dominion to rule them against the wicked.

      1. Brother Bugnolo,

        Here is the 1% where I beg to differ. The blood of the Christians of Constantinople cries out from the ground.


  9. Thank you, Brother. If only the majority of Christians and especially Catholics, really knew and lived this message. I suppose I am even more guilty because I DO KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT A GLOBAL ROSARY CRUSADE would be the MOST EFFECTIVE peaceful protest anyone can do.. Yet I stay at home. ASKING THE HOLY MOTHER OF GOD for Her assistance would bring the power of Our Lord Jesus Christ to destroy the demons. Can you imagine if all the protests we see on social media were praying the rosary? Yet we do nothing. The church is complicit. Fulton Sheen said the laity would save the church. And only God can save the world. As a whole, society deserves all it will get for leaving God out of everything! May we be strong and willing to suffer to the point of martyrdom. May we praise the Holy Name of God in all circumstances. There are so many verifiable accounts throughout history of how praying the rosary as a community, state, or country has defeated evil. And probably many more of which we don’t know.
    Ave María Purísima

    1. Hello Kristi,

      I don’t pretend to know what goes on around the world in various protests, but I do know that at the London protests which have been happening monthly for the last eighteen months or so, there is a group from a Catholic church in Brighton, England, who walk the entire protest (it is normally a march to Downing Street where the Prime Minister lives and works) whilst carrying a statue of Our Lady and praying the rosary out loud, the whole time. I have often walked with them. One of their number holds a sign warning others about the cell line used in the Astra Zeneca jab, from the kidney of the baby aborted in 1973. Only telling you this to let you know that these things do happen. Also last August during one such protest, Catholic nuns from an enclosed order in a convent that happened to be on the route, came outside to speak to and support the people, and hugged many of the protestors. God is with us. Wishing you all the best.

  10. Brother Bugnolo-

    I agree with you about 99%, lol. This comment section focuses almost exclusively on the situation in Canada. Without trying to diminish the importance of that topic, I would like to return the focus to your actual video. I believe what you are saying here needs to be repeated, amplified, emphasized and spread throughout the community of Christians worldwide.

    I am not Catholic. I was raised an atheist, but in my formative years lived in a Catholic neighborhood and often attended church with my Catholic friends. I have a soft spot for the Catholic church, though I disagree with some of the theology and am not unaware of the many failings.

    As a born again Christian, I now recognize that whenever God begins a work on this earth, Satan immediately begins his campaign to bring it down, and infiltration is one of his favorite weapons.

    I live in the state of Missouri, USA. I have attended many different kinds of churches. I am currently attending a small, remakable Baptist church, where I am trying to figure out exactly how to deal with a long-standing member who has a demonic spirit or spirits which are working to disrupt the church. No one is immune from the influence or actions of devils in their lives. Unfortunately, most people do not recognize that fact. The smartest thing Satan ever did was create a culture where people do not believe he exists.

    You have probably heard the military adage that there are three kinds of people: sheep, wolves, and sheep dogs. In the secular world, the military and police are supposed to be the sheep dogs, protecting the sheep (the people) from the wolves (the bad guys). The sheep are often oblivious to their danger, and don’t always appreciate what the sheep dogs are doing for them. But the sheep dogs do it anyway, because they are called to it.

    There are close corollations in the spiritual realm. I am gradually realizing that God has called me to be a sheep dog. I also realize that some people are sheep. They are just not called to do battle. But it would certainly be helpful if they supported their sheep dogs in other ways, such as prayer. So they need to know what’s going on.

    Thankfully, God is beginning to wake the people up to the devils in their midst. So thank you for the work that you are doing to further that cause. You are Catholic and I am (quasi-I don’t agree with all of their theology, either, lol) Baptist, but we were called and gifted by the same God, whose name is Jesus Christ, to be sheep dogs in this spiritual war.

    In these latter days, it’s time for all true Christians to overcome the barriers that separate us and work together as the one body we were designed to be. I trust the Holy Spirit will accomplish this work according to His will, and probably as a great surprise to the forces of evil. I know many of them read the Bible, but I doubt they believe it, or they’d be trembling in their boots at the thought of spending eternity in Hell.

    Keep on keepin’ on, Brother. You have collected one more reader.

    Yours in Christ,

  11. The LORD should be consulted. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and have been told to separate from this world because the LORD is bringing about the end. I am not one to disobey the LORD or interfere with his work.

    You should ask him, it is His will we must do, not our own. You do not want to be found working against the LORD.

    Praise and Glory be to our LORD!

  12. A Bishop could exorcise his entire diocese if he wanted to. Woe to them. They know what they are doing, shutting down the sacraments as much as they have and eliminating the sacramentals. Jesus always wanted to and He said so.

    1. While a Bishop has a lot of prayer, the power of Christ’s priesthood in bishops and priests is limited to the area where the breath of their voices enters. So, no, he cannot exorcise the entire Diocese by one act, though he can pray that Christ do this, he must visit every place in person to do it.

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