From J. F. K. t 9/11– Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick

Editor’s Note: This is an exposé of false flag events orchestrated by the Skull and Bones Agency, the CIA. It is 3.5 hours long, but is highly recommended.

The weaknesses of this presentation are, 1) I it is told from the Irish point of view, and fails to even mention the more dominant Irish Mafia in the USA of which Hoover was an even more avid collaborator, 2) that Russian Stalinism/Leninism was created by the Skull and Bones Lodge & Pilgrim Society, to give a boogieman which could be used to destroy Christendom and extend their power, 3) the author holds to the error that the religious wars of the Reformation were created to control people, and not because of a popular hatred of the Catholic Church promoted by protestant nobility to justify their theft of Church property, 4) At about 3 hours, the author goes completely off the rails and adopts Satanism, by claiming that monotheism was invented by men, 5) after which he shows that he is simply a cultural marxist, who hates people with money because they have money, 6) which is shown at 3:12:00 when he claims that medieval kings stole half the herds of the poor!

This documentary was made to promote the Revolution Now website, during the Obama regime.

While the motives of the film producer are clearly problematic, his research has assembled a large amount of information which should be taken into consideration in understanding the Great Reset, namely that the Scamdemic intended to genocide those weak in mind and capable of manipulation, since the ruling elites only want intelligent slaves.

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  1. Fine, but noone can compete with God, the ascended Masters/Saints in any kind of richness ………..

  2. It is amazing, if there is any dna still to be had from Officer Tibbet’s body in Arlington Cemetery and his relatives; should be done and begin the process of showing Jack isn’t buried there.

  3. I have not yet watched the video but will do so. I just wanted to comment that last year a 5 hour video was made by the Australian singer Altiyan Childs.

    In it he said he was a Freemason for a number of years and became successful in Australia because of it, and indeed this is how most people become successful due to the contacts and opportunities they are introduced to.

    Childs left Freemasonry after a near fatal car crash. He was dozing in the car unaware at first that his driver had also fallen asleep. He described a voice whispering in his ear which he believed to be that of an angel sent by God warning him the car was about to hit a wall. Childs woke up abruptly to see the wall looming in front of them and was able to grab the steering wheel and avoid the crash.

    For a while he continued being a Freemason but attended the lodge to use the library, which he said was very extensive, in order to trace the history of Freemasonry. By doing this he became convinced that Satanism was behind Freemasonry. He said most members never used the library, they only attended lodge meetings to network for career and business opportunities and have no real idea what is behind Freemasonry. He said those who become 33 degree masons do so because they have to demonstrate their understanding and allegiance to Satanism. Those who don’t merely stay at the lower degrees. According to Childs, talent alone is not enough to succeed, you have to be initiated into a lodge to become really successful. He listed literally hundreds of showbiz people who are members and gave indications like hand signals, gestures etc of how this was known.

    The video is on Youtube and is called “X Factor Winner Reveals World’s Secret Religion – by Altiyan Childs”.

  4. Hi, I highly recommend the entire +7 hours long interview with Kay Griggs found on Youtube, where she extremely credible explains everything her Special Ops Colonel husband told her when he was drunk 1000 times. I watched it 15 years ago, or something, and I remember that no interview I have ever seen had been so intimidating, due to the scale of the consequences of her revelations. This is to date the most powerful interview I know of, regardless of topic.

    1. I wont publish it, but readers can search for it if they like. I wont publish it simply because I want to keep FromRome.Info as family friendly as possible.

  5. Brother, I need to start a business to support myself. I am really wondering if it’s ok to even form a company. Is this just getting into the globalist agenda? What about banking? Do you have advice about these things?

    1. I would recommend to all to start your own business, but not incorporate, unless you are in a country which still has liberties. Do everything off books, in cash, gold, silver etc., and totally ignore all government laws and restrictions, if you are in a dictatorship.

  6. Hello Brother, just for clarification, when you said “that the religious wars of the Reformation were created to control people, and not because of a popular hatred of the Catholic Church promoted by protestant nobility to justify their theft of Church property” and I agree that the “reformation” was not due to the alleged popular hatred of the Church, that the wars were not due to the greed/justification of the nobility? I have no problem believing they were about control.

  7. A horrific but highly interesting documentary on the Kennedy assassination. It makes me wonder if his brother and wife were warned off saying anything publicly about JFK’s body not being his in the morgue. But then as the narrator says, it would have meant risking exposure of Joe Kennedy’s corrupt dealings with the mob which would have tarnished the Kennedy brand. Still, it must have been extremely surreal having to go through the pretense at his ‘funeral’.

    I see RKF Jnr has recently said Sirhan Sirhan’s bullet was not the one which killed his father but one of the other 2-3 shots fired at him. Obviously Sirhan was chosen as the fall guy for RFK’s shooting. He is up for parole very soon. I wonder if he will make it out of prison alive? It’s terrifying what the World Controllers will NOT do to keep the status quo in place.

    Regarding 9/11, the best explanation I have heard is the forensic investigation by Dr Judy Wood, i.e that energy weapons were used against the WTC which resulted in their disintegration in mid air, not a collapse or slamming to the ground. If that had happened it would have been recorded on the seismic charts and would have flooded the New York subway and the whole of Manhattan.

    Leaked emails show a wing of the military wanted to test something and were trying to decide where to test it. Someone in the email ring suggested the WTC. Around two days later 9/11 happened. It is impossible for 28 people to survive when half a million tons of concrete and steel falls on top of them. Yet 28 people DID survive because, as Wood has shown, the buildings were turned to dust in mid air after the energy weapons turned the concrete and steel to dust at the molecular level.

    1. Yes, the introduction of a more geometrical architecture in the West and the abandonment of medieval and christian forms is part of the Masonic agenda.

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