3 thoughts on “Official UK Lab: Graphene Oxide is in the DeathVaxxes”

  1. It feels weird when “conspiracy theories” turns out to be true.

    They labeled Alex Jones and many others as quacks and that they were spreading lies and all that. Tin foiled hats.

    Alex Jones, as an example, used to say that the NWO wanted to depopulate the planet and Gates was one of the key players.
    He got it from their own documents. Many people just ridiculed and laughed at him.

    Well, I guess those people are not laughing now.

    God bless

    1. The elites understand the power of shame and ridicule over the masses. Many don’t really believe it when they tell their kids “If all you friends jumped of a cliff, would you do it too?” Genocide as okay with them as long as it is socially popular.

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