6 thoughts on “USA: 38 Congressmen ask that Biden undergo cognitive tests”

  1. Biden’s body-double will probably pass the test…
    ( But He usually puts black eyeglasses, I don’t know
    if He would pass a retinal-scan for identification or
    even a simple iris-color identification )

    There is also a replica of the white house in Atlanta,
    and it seems several appearances of “The President”
    happened there, since there were seen views from those windows not compatible with the real White House
    (a parking lot in the rear with a mess of cut trees).


    After an awful result in mid-term elections, J. Biden
    will be declared “ill” and changed with Kamala Harris.


    1. Biden has been a Senator for decades, so I do not think that a double could fake him in front of the entire political establishment unless there were all in on it. He is obviously brain dead, and so I think if they are using a double, they chose the wrong man.

  2. Thirty-eight (38) Congresscreaps are in in the scam plan. 1. Put (move) unConstitutional Harris into the US Supreme Court.
    2. Select Hillary Rotten Clinton as the replacement vPOtuS.
    3. Dump the unConstitutional brain-dead Biden according to the Constitutional rules.
    4. Walla: The witch becomes the POtuS.

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