Canadian Government lists Crowdfunding as potential Terrorist Funding Sources

Editor’s Note: One cannot help but notice the insult and irony contained in this woman’s full name.

Who is this woman? Well, here she is seen meeting with one of the greatest financial criminals of our age:

And this comment, pretty much sums up what Canadians on Twitter are saying today:

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5 thoughts on “Canadian Government lists Crowdfunding as potential Terrorist Funding Sources”

  1. And if You wish the real history of this Freeland woman, yes a Banderite Nazi from the Ukraine! Fully indoctrinated from birth. Canada has more like her and she was well chosen by the globalists. Her blood line tells all.

  2. Pfizer-Biontech “vaccines” use lipid nanoparticle technology developed by a British Columbia, Canada-based company called Acuitas. The Trudeau Foundation owns 40% of the company’s shares, all hidden behind shell companies.

  3. How long will it be possible for you to continue, Br. Bugnolo? Information is continuously more damning of the players involved in the current ‘darkness’ RISING FROM HELL OF WW2. I wasn’t aware of any documentation existing from the Eastern Bloc to verify and validate the background of the War Machine Players since all past teaching included instruction of Russians taking all from the Eastern EU theater of war.
    All of the highest hierarchy in the WEF membership appears oriented to the Hitler Fascists in Germany and Nazi Sympathizers. These people have maintained their old eugenics philosophy and organized until they with their ally CCP/China appear ready for the TAKE OVER OF THE WORLD like some Superhero Villian Psychopath.
    The recent rise of ‘Gender Confusion’ associated with the Perversion/Abortion/Family Degradation/Divorce, etc. all seems a PLAN FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF MOST OF THE WORLD. Even the Nazis murdered the Homosexuals once their usefulness to the beginning of Hitler was accomplished. This current darkness appears FAR MORE dangerous and all-encompassing of the world. And there’s also no doubt they identify the U.S. as the primary enemy; thus, the most extreme attack against a well-armed civilian population.

  4. A teacher friend of mine told me about 35 years ago that Canada was more communist than Russia. For some reason it struck me as true, even though I was not politically minded at the time.
    It became very interesting to me that the people in Canada couldn’t be bothered to protest, other than to grumble periodically about our oppression. Then I remembered that we were taught in grade school, that Canada was a “melting pot” of cultures, and that was certainly true.
    Many peoples came to Canada to escape what ever trouble they had in their home land.
    I’m sure our ancestors never imagined that this melting pot would become so blended that it would become vulnerable to special interests. This diversity would eventually spawn divisiveness. And that would make it easier for a communist take over.
    I believe that Canada was used for years like an experiment by rich elite eugenic minded globalists. Why ? because we were also told in grade school that the melting pot was a “grand experiment” and it was our diversity that made us great. As children we were proud of this because in the 1960s there were race riots in the USA and we canadiens were not racist. We were indoctrinated with nationalistic pride, a very useful tool for a communist regime.
    So Trudeau having been brought up by a new age elites communist ideology, really believed the systems were all in place and this would be cake walk. I guess Trudeau and his handlers didn’t think Canadians could be motivated enough to take our communist ideology and make it into a love fest.

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