10 thoughts on “Dr. Zelenko: The Transhumanist goals of the Globalists behind the Scamdemic”

  1. Dr Zelenko says everything other than the agenda is preparing for The Antichrist. The mask is an initiation to Lucifer and The New World Order.

  2. Is Trudeau’s family recorded or known as Nazi Sympathizers? Already KNOW of connection with Fidel Castro…Gossip by word of mouth.

  3. Have admired Dr. zelenko since he shared his first postings with the ways to stop and prevent covid 19 infections. He is truly a brilliant man and close to God.
    This latest interview needs to be shared widely. He succinctly explains what the covid-19 and the vaccinations are all about and their plans for the humans of our earth. He brings in all the research I and many others had done and shared previously, regarding the Fauci grants to an intermediary company to allow China to use gain of function research to develop the covid virus plus the early stages of a vaccination, that had been banned in the US. He explains the connections between Fauci patents on the covid virus and microsoft patents on the human tracking and future gene editing via trackers in the vaccines and the 2030 UN agenda where I found the Deagle reduced worldwide populations forecasts. People cannot ignore all these findings, though the Facebooks and Twitter, etc constantly removed my and many other people’s early posts warning everyone about the sinister background of all we were seeing. We all need to keep praying for help and guidance from our Lord!

    Together, we are all stronger and we can win this war against evil! Please share this interview everywhere! More people should be willing to listen now! We need to reach all we can!

  4. What Zulenko says is very persuasive but then what other scientists say is very persuasive too despite there being a big contradiction in both.

    How is it possible for some scientists to say, like Zulenko does, that Covid exists while others like La Quinta Columna and others that it doesn’t? It’s extremely confusing. Zulenko says in this video that Covid causes blood clots on the lungs while others say blood clots are caused by graphene oxide. How is anyone expected to know who is correct???

    Then there’s Dr Peter McCullough who has been suspected of working for the globalists. But if so, why has he said several times there is no doubt that the death jabs have caused thousands of deaths? And if he is not a globalist what actual evidence is there that Dr Malone is? All of these eminent doctors and scientists holding contradictory views cannot all be right or all be wrong.

    What I find very strange is how none of them are openly critical of each others views. Why, when there is so much at stake? It’s weird.

    1. Covid is a syndrome. That some people are dying of some strange cause is not denied. Some think its 5g or 4g, some think the cause is graphene oxide, some vaccines, some toxins sprayed in the air or atmosphere. So to say covid exists is not to say that there is a virus. No one has examined this yet, and this is the most needed thing right now.

      1. Yes it’s true to say that because covid exists it is not necessarily a virus and that scientists should be looking into this. But Zulenko says here that it is a virus which was made more dangerous due to gain of function. He also says here that causing global psychosis as a means of control was deliberate. This is very close to what Dr Malone said in his interview with Joe Rogan. So why is Malone and McCullough not to be trusted but Zulenko is? He himself refers to them in this video as “freedom fighters”. Does it have something to do with the fact that Zulenko talks a lot about his religious faith while Malone and McCullough do not?

        What he says about transhumanism and moral degradation is completely correct, and in my view it is caused by wanting the power of God. It is not enough for them to be human because they are seriously psychotic and degraded.

      2. Dr. Zelenko has given vaccines for years to his patients. To accept that viruses do not exist, might be hard for him…

    2. Excellent question……..I hope someone will answer it. The common agrerment seems that the vaxx is dangerous and there is a dark agenda.

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