8 thoughts on “The Globalist Agenda to steal the land of the Original People of Australia”

  1. Where is Interpol? how are these Globalist gangstas allowed to get away with this unlawful land theft from indigenous people? Also can Bro Bugnolo have any answers as to why St Michael and the angelic army appear to be asleep while satan and his cohorts rampage throughout the earth? Where is the deliverance from evil? Where is heavenly protection?

    1. Interpol does not exist to arrest criminals, it exists to arrest those who to the Globalists are criminals.

  2. Editor, Exactly WHEN did these Private Companies form into Globalist entities and is it utterly about money/power…? Is this through the WEF/CCP? Who planned this travesty?
    The exposure has manifested since Trump. For what reason is it now escalating? Why NOW?

    1. I do not know the answers to these questions. I do know that in the industrial revolution in the USA 95% of all companies which became big were founded by a gentile and jew in partership, so I suspect that the Rothschilds actually control corporate America, and maybe all major companies throughout the world. The use the illuminati lodges to control politically the rest.

    2. 1913 is a good year to look at, as a starting point.

      The UN is ‘partners’ with the WEF. Actually, the lead and Klaus is the frontman.

      Why now? Solar minimum and what’s going to happen, October, 2024 which is, a second magnetic field is going to form around Earth.

      There’s many, many things and a message reply form really isn’t the place for it. Just study, you’ll find many answers as they don’t hide their evil.

  3. According to the Book of Revelation (Apocalisse in Italian),
    there will be a “Battle in Heaven” between the formations of
    Archangel Michael and those of the Dragon, that will be
    defeated. Only after that battle Saint Michael will intervene.

    According to the Prophecies of Saint Hildegard von Bingen,
    saint Michael Archangel will intervene only at the final part
    of World War Three. When a lot of European soldiers died
    and there will be armies of young people guided by the
    Christian Monarch of France and Europe (the White Lily), protected by the “Column of Cloud” that once guided
    Israel in the founding battles of the Eretz-Yisrael Kingdom.
    In English:

    In Italian:


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