6 thoughts on “Klaus Schwab confirms Vaxx Passports are rollout of future obligatory Digital Passports”

  1. Would it be a sin to accept the digital ID, if it was just something like a card, in other words, *not* in the form of an implanted chip?

    No reasonable person wants this, and I think it would be best to avoid it but I’m not sure if it should be avoided at *all costs* including the loss of one’s children or home, for example.

    I also know that when directly threatened with such losses we can defend ourselves with deadly force if necessary. But there might not be an opportunity to do so.

    For example, if someone lives in a building the main entrance to which is accessible only by an electronic fob, which can be deactivated very easily if the tenant fails to comply with some order, there wouldn’t be a chance to defend himself from the unjust eviction.

    Thanks for any reply. 🙏

  2. Since Klaus Schwab is a yes man, its (no gender specific words allowed) digital ID must be
    25 05 19 13 01 14
    Sorry, sick joke.
    See, digital ID’s dehumanise people.

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