On Natural Right, Self-Defense, & the Right to Revolution

In this short video, Br. Bugnolo gives an introductory talk of 11 minutes on the notion of natural right (ius naturale) and how it relates to the right to bear arms and the right to start a revolution.

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19 thoughts on “On Natural Right, Self-Defense, & the Right to Revolution”

  1. Dear brother,
    Natural law is an inner law written in our heart
    Those who abuse the world want to Revolut the world so we have the duty to take back natural law and this is couter-revolution

  2. Can you please post this for people, Brother?

    We need the world to pray for/email our Canadian Senators NOW to vote against Justin Trudeau’s excessive emergency measures act, which will allow him to forcibly remove peaceful protestors from the city of Ottawa.


    The vote will be happening on the 18th of February.

    They each must be emailed directly, as they discard anything forwarded to all members.

    I emailed them all awhile back when they were voting on euthanasia (Lord have mercy) and the odds here are stacked against us.

    If they get emails from all around the world then they might feel more accountable for their actions. We will all win out in the end, as God is watching, and He will be the final judge, but I do not want my children to grow up in a godless society that is turned against Christ and run by our current leader. Perhaps if we all pray in unison, the angels will keep them awake at night, stirring up any remnants of their consciences.

  3. I want videos about the negative effects of this shot. I believe it is deadly. I find it very difficult to love my enemy when my enemy is Trudeau.
    Please keep up the good work. I will make a donation soon.

    1. You can only love you enemy through your love to God and only as a result of your love to God. You can not love the enemy on your own. Impossible. A human/ a man is to woke, to sinful, to be able to do this. You can only love your enemy, because your love to God. We are even not abele to love anybody. Only because you love God, you can love your enemy – the enemy is also Gods creation, so this is the only way to love your enemy… only because of Gid, only because you love God,
      You can love your enemy, because it’s his creation.
      There is no other possibility. A human on his own can not love his enemy – and even his neighbor… it’s impossible. On his own the human can only love itself. Nobody else.

  4. I don’t want to be a part of revolution, I don’t want to go “back to normal” – for what kind of normal? Watching football, TV, movie? Going to restaurant? Shopping? Holiday? I have my little, personal resistance – i don’t buy the narrative, I don’t comply – just me. I am ready to die for my little, personal resistance
    “People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all.”
    … so… what kind of revolution? What kind of normal?
    I can be free – even in gulag….

  5. A very clear presentation on how the right to self defence and revolution flow from natural law. I enjoyed it very much. Could you please do a follow up if possible, or even better, a series of videos on this topic? It could be kept near the top of the page with each video following on from the first so people could watch them in chronological order. Just a suggestion.

  6. State needs to be dissolved because it is the guilty party but prior to that State must be heard and for that legal action by good citizens is needed as i had indicated in an earlier post.

  7. For anyone who has seen the footage of what is currently happening in Canada, please consider contacting the Canadian consulate in your country and the Ottawa City police: https://www.ottawapolice.ca/en/index.aspx

    They have trampled people (including one in a wheelchair) with horses, assaulted women with the butts of guns, smashed windshields, kicked and punched people in the backs of cop cars, pepper sprayed, and even damaged a motorhome with an ‘Every Child Matters’ flag and stickers for ‘Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls’. This all towards peaceful protestors with placards and prayers.

    Justin Trudeau has always projected this image of himself as a human rights advocate and humanitarian. Any prayers and international pressure would be appreciated. The narrative on mainstream news that the people in Ottawa are deranged white supremacists appears to be changing, which is very good news.

  8. Spot on presentation for our time Brother Alexis. Even Our Lord Jesus Christ stated in Matthew 10:34 “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. It is not peace that I come to bring ,but a sword. ”

    This is reminder that Christians everywhere have a right to defend themselves against psychopathic satan worshipping globalists who are beyond any morality at all, and will enslave and murder a greater proportion of humanity if they achieve The great reset.

    Jesus was not a complete pacifist , but used violence to chase out the money changers from His Fathers House. In Luke 22:36 he advised his disciples to buy swords in preference to keeping warm.

    This spiritual conflict will eventually draw blood and people need everywhere need to prepare themselves for that .The time for passive resistance is now over. Most importantly ,we cannot win this struggle without Our Lord and Our Lady.

    1. St. Hildegard of Bingen, said in the end times, Catholics will rise up, lead by Saint Michael the Archangel, and fight back against their enemies. That time is here. We should heed the call.

  9. Hello brother, thank you for all your work. How does one heed this call? I am anxious to, and also to the witnessing of a new world. God willing. Frankly I am tired of sitting around watching the world crumble and would like to participate. What avenues do you see as viable right now?

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