5 thoughts on “USA: “Catholic Charities” is a marxist agit-prop human-trafficing organization”

  1. Catholicism, “lost me at” : Pope indulging in too much politics, & expressing ultra-liberal tendencies! it “seems”…that the Catholic Church, is nothing more than a business in these modern times…& in “times past”…leadership proved to be decadent, evil, & anything but true Godliness! { Now, I am a Lutheran}

  2. Imagine “loving your neighbor” by taking from your actual taxpaying neighbor…to assist an army of unskilled peasant Invaders, who covet your lifestyle, in replacing your actual neighbors.

    Taking from your actual neighbors…their country, their finances, their social cohesion, their physical safety, their form of government, their infrastructure, their schools and hospitals, etc.

    Doing this without seeking the permission of those from whom you steal. Using government and NGOs to facilitate this colonization, without the permission of your neighbor.

    And then imagine to possess some moral superiority due to a false, self-serving application of the Beatitudes.

    “Thou shalt not covet”
    “Thou shalt not steal”
    “Thou shalt not bear false witness”

  3. It’s true that Catholic Charities is a Marxist human trafficking organization. They have done a lot of damage to the reputation of Catholicism all over the world because they operate in Europe too through their Marxist NGOs.

    I read a few years ago the Catholic Church had publicly disassociated itself from Catholic Charities, but a lot of resentment towards Catholicism had been built up by then, especially in Europe. But then also the Protestant church has been very infiltrated by these Marxist NGOs. It would appear this is an attack on Christianity as a whole, Catholicism in particular. Having said that, Buddhism has not totally escaped either since many Buddhists have also bought into the idea that countries do not need borders, an idea which formerly was never a Buddhist one.

    It seems likely that Soros or Freemasons (one and the same thing?) are funding them. For a long time people have questioned why these ‘refugees’ are single men of fighting age, with fully credited data on their phones so they can phone home thousands of miles away to tell relatives they have arrived, top of the range phone models, branded jeans and sneakers which many indigenous people can’t afford and why they look so clean and well fed after escaping torture, persecution and fleeing a war zone as well as paying $thousands to break into other people’s countries. How are these things possible if what they say is true?! There have even been several instances in European countries of handbooks being washed ashore detailing what the ‘refugees’ should say to the authorities in several different languages, along with what benefits they are able to get and how to apply for them!

  4. Sad fact of the matter is Lutheran Ministries is as involved as the Catholic Charities. It’s all wrapped-up in the Globalist WEF/CCP Communist Cabal’s agenda. The PLAN is to ESPECIALLY overwhelm the Economy of America which is also to undermine the culture which is further diluted with too many Insurgents to assimilate. America is the ‘Wild Card’ the Globalists KNOW they MUST OVERCOME AND CONTROL to allow their Take Over of the World. Currently, those fraudulently installed into positions of influence are of the Globalist agenda for decades and they are currently CONTINUING to SELL OUT AMERICA to China and the Corporatist Oligarchs like Blackrock and Vangard. Pretty challenging time to live in the U.S.A.

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